Trying something positive for a change. -I don't like the woman in my cover. Her smile creeps me out o.o -


1. Happiness.

Curling up by the fire with a brilliant book, 
Re-watching a film that suddenly took over your life. 
Crying over a series finale when a character dies. 
Listening to a song that raises your soul, 
Or brings back amazing memories of this night or that.
Sitting quietly with a friend, watching show after show,
Or chattering loudly with a long lost one. 
The sudden shock of a pleasant surprise
That brings a huge, needed smile to your pallid face. 
When someone you love cooks you your favourite meal 
And sits with you, eyes lighting up as you tell them you love it. 
Positive feedback on something you worked hard on. 
A goodnight kiss from that only one 
That makes your stomach flutter and cheeks blush. 
Holding a physical copy of a brand new book, 
Or opening up a birthday present, the suspense, the joys. 
Family dinners on a chilled Sunday evening. 
The feeling of knowing you've worked hard and done it, 
Or relaxing comfortably at home, sleeping, talking. 
Pouring your heart into a story or work of art, 
Or gaining a new friend with the same ideas. 
Knowing there's someone out there who knows and likes
Everything you are and will finally become. 
These are things that bring along happiness. 

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