It Was A Dare

Justin became a vampire, he finds the one he wants and turns her! He loves he so much! She dose too, but will evil Emmy get in there way of making love?! (Not like that) have fu reading!!!


1. Dare date

I pulled up in front of Jennitalla's (pronounced Jenny-tall-a it's Spanish) house. It was a sleepover and all the girls were there... Something told me not to come but I came anyway...

I knocked on the front door.

"Oh look who decided to show up!" Emmy said. Emmy is "the most popular girl in school". She is a blond also.

"Ugh. Look who decided to be born." I said under my breath as I made my way passed her.

"Ahh hello nena." Jennitalla said. Nena means girl in Spanish. I'm the only one she calls that.

"Hey Jenni." I said.

"Ok umm we are going to play truth or dare everybody sit in a circle!!" Jenni announced. After everybody sat in a circle Jenni grabbed a bottle and spind it. It landed on a girl named Toti. I didn't really know her real name cause every one calls her that.

"Truth or dare mama?" Jenni asked her.

"Dare." She said proudly.

"Ooooooooooo" wash softly around the room.

"Hmm I dare you to run outside only in a bra and underwear! And screaming "oh my god I am SOOO sexy!!!"" Jenni said with a smirk.

"Uhh o-ok" she said. It was summer so no harm done. She stripped down to her bra and underwear.

"I am so recording this!!" Emmy said. She pulled out her iPhone and we all followed her outside.

"LOOK AT ME I AM SOOOO SEXY!!!" She said running around the streets. Every time she past one or two houses lights came on. Good thing we lived around collage so no adults. Well you know what I mean.

Then a very cute boy came out of his apartment. He was muscular and he had brown hair and brown eyes. Oh how I liked him.

"His name is Justin. He is single too, have fun." Jenni whispered into my ear. I blushed.

He saw me looking at him. He winked and walked back into his house.

Sorry for the short chapter!!!! Hope you like!!! You can check out my other story's too!!! One is called: love. The other one is called: it can't be. Please read!!! Some of the writers work I read they gave there readers nicknames. What do you want to be called? :)

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