It Was A Dare

Justin became a vampire, he finds the one he wants and turns her! He loves he so much! She dose too, but will evil Emmy get in there way of making love?! (Not like that) have fu reading!!!


2. Come on in!!!

I blushed and followed everybody inside.

"Ok let's go on!!!!!" Jenni said.

"Kk!" Everybody said and sat back down.

The bottle landed on...................... ME!

Oh no

"Kk what is my dare?" I said calmly.

"I dare you to go to Justin's house and stay the whole night! And if he ask why u can't come back tell him that u got into an argument with us and we kicked you out!" Jenni said smirking.

"O-o-k-k." I said stuttering. I always stutter when I'm nerves.

I packed up everything and said bye and walked out on the street.

I walked over to Justin's house and rang the door bell. He came and opened the door seconds after.

"Hey." He said.

"Hi..." I said. There was a awkward silence.

"Umm you want to come inside?" He said.

"O-k yeah sure.." I said and walked inside his house.

"So umm-" he said then I cut him off.

"Can we talk please?" I said.

"S-sure." He stuttered. We walked to the couch.

"So........" He said stretching out the o.

"Umm so, uhh I like your hair." I said and played with his hair. His muscles tensed. Why? Wait, oh shit! I found his weak spot! Yes! *mental happy dance!!!*

*he coughed awkwardly and I removed my hand.

"Umm you have pretty eyes..." He said. I blushed and look down.

This went on for a good 2 hours.

"Oh look at the time!" He said motioning for the clock.

"Oh yeah I forgot to ask you, can I sleep over? I said winking and touched his thigh. Did I mention this was part of the dare?

"Uhh yeah sure. I only have one bedroom though, so I'll sleep on the couch." He said sadly.

"NO! You are not sleeping on the couch!!"
I said. Maybe he'll get the picture.

His eyes widened. He smirked and said, "oh."

"Yep...." I said.

"Let's go." He said and winked and went up the stairs.

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