Cuts and bruises

Brit has been hurt and abandon, but she recently left Colorado and went to England to get away from her abusive parents who recently just found her again 2 years after she left the first time. Brit is scared and shy afraid of getting hurt. But when she meet a young cheeky boy on the bus who takes her in to live with him and his 4 best friends until shes back on her feet. Will she love for the firt time or get hurt again. Brit faces tough times and trying to get away from abusive parents and trying to get her best friend sydney out there too. Brit has the boys to protected her from her parents. Read to find out! Comment what u think!!


1. Steps

Brit's POV
Just a few more steps. I was almost there, almost out of the dark and into a new life. I left my life, my school, my "family", i left my best friend to fend for herself, all because of a few people. It killed me to leave her alone with abusive parents it hurt me but i knew one day we would be safe together, starting over together.~*~ i stepped off of the plane and on to carpet of the airport. A small suit cases followed behind me, the small wheels rolling forward with each step a took. I quickly walked out if the airport afraid they would be coming out of the plane waiting for me, waiting to take me back. I pushed the glass doors open, my long wavy hair flowing behind me. My vans making contact with the side walk out side of the large building. People everywhere. Everyone was staring, they are judging me, i need out! I dashed off weaving through people. Their eyes following me as i ran. There was no escape, i was trapped, they were coming they are after me they know my story when i dont know theirs. I ran down the street a ways to a bus stop about a block away. I could hear the bus coming down the street. It was coming so slow and i could hear the airport coming closer with each second coming to hurt me. The bus finally reaching the stop. I jumped on with my suit case behind me. "Welcome to England" the bus drive said to me as i handed him 5 american dollars. I shyly smiled before taking a seat toward the back of the bus. There was only a few people in the bus. Most were in the front. I sat down in the second to last seat next to the window. It was summer which meant school just started here. I had no clue where i was going all i knew was that i need to get as far away as i can from them. I pulled out my ipod and stuck my head phones in my ears and pressed play. Ed sheeran little bird came on. I let my mind relax and i watched the cars pass by. We passes many towns before we stopped. I turned my gaze to the door to see a young man come in he seem 16-17 around my age. I watched as he handed the man money before making his way down the aisle his white converse making a soft sound against the rubber mate on the ground. I was to busy looking at his shoes to notice that he sat down next to me. I was puzzled, i looked down my brown wavy hair falling with my head. "Are you ok love?" He said. His british accent deep and thick. I looked up to see his face. He had a cheeky grin on his face revealing dimples that were deep and his curly brown locks perfectly in place. His deep green eyes making contact with my blue. "Oh um yea just a little shocked" i quietly spoke. "Oh your not from here are you? And why" his deep accent calming me. I shook my head. "And well there are all these seats and you chose to sit by me" i spoke a little more relaxed. "Well i cant have a beautiful girl like you be sitting alone now can i?" He smiled at me. I shyly smiled back. "Now where are you heading to?" He asked. His eyes sparkling as we passed a patch of sun. "I dont know"
I spoke softly avoiding eye contact. Holding back the tears of the memories that haunted my mind. "What do you mean?" He said his voice suddenly filled with concern . "I dont know where im going... I dont know where ill stay or how ill eat.." I tried to continue but tears started to flow out of me eyes. I turned away so he could not see. I jumped when i felt his hand softly touch my bare thigh. "You can come with me" he said. I froze as his hand slide down to me knee. "You ok love? You seem tense" he spoke. I let a tear fall before carefully took my hand and push his away. I slide as close to the widow as i could trying to create space between us. "Im not going to hurt you i promise" his voice sounding sweet and trusting. I slowly relax and slide back into the seat. "Why are you so scared?" He asked raising his eyebrow. I shook my head. Indicating that i cant talk about it now. He nodded at me giving me a reassuring smile. "So what do you say you can come stay with me for a little bit until u are on you feet?" He asked. I smiled letting my left dimple show. He giggled as he saw that i too had a dimple. He would talk to me and i would nod or add little things here and there until we came to a stop. "Welcome to my town in London" he said. "Oh wait i almost forgot! How could i be so stupid, it must be you beauty that detracted me, but im harry, harry styles" he said as i watched as the bus drove away. "Brit" i said back to him. We started walking down the street. There was tons of people, everywhere but this time it didnt feel like they were watching it felt different. I walked behind harry until he stopped. "I cant have you look like your stocking me." He laughed. His dimples coming out. He softly grabbed my hand before continuing. I was tense and he noticed. "Its ok... Im not going to hurt you i promise" he said concern filled his voice and flooded his eyes. I sighed. Then relaxed. We eventually reached a small house with 2 cars out side of it." Welcome to my home." He said.
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