Cuts and bruises

Brit has been hurt and abandon, but she recently left Colorado and went to England to get away from her abusive parents who recently just found her again 2 years after she left the first time. Brit is scared and shy afraid of getting hurt. But when she meet a young cheeky boy on the bus who takes her in to live with him and his 4 best friends until shes back on her feet. Will she love for the firt time or get hurt again. Brit faces tough times and trying to get away from abusive parents and trying to get her best friend sydney out there too. Brit has the boys to protected her from her parents. Read to find out! Comment what u think!!


3. Memories

Brit's POV
"Welcome to Nando's the biggest known restaurant in London" harry said. His curly locks being shaken back in to place. I giggled as i watched harry do his hair flip. We stepped in feeling the cool air conditioned room hit my face as we left the hot breeze from outside and into the building. In side was huge. Tables everywhere and hardwood.
There was a bar a distance away, every chair taken by drunk or soon to be drunk kids and adults. I watched as a group of 18s cheered on a friend to chug. I was interrupted when harry took my hand into his much larger one. "Are you ok love? With all these people?" He asked his eyes meeting mine and his voice sounding sweet and safe. I nodded my hair bobbing up and down. He smiled letting his dimples show. "Well, we are going to have dinner with my four best buds and also my room mates. I mean our room mates. They dont know that you will be here or staying with us so just follow me" harry instructed. I nodded and followed behind harry as he guided us through the restaurant and to a large table. I stood a few feet behind harry as i watched harry talk to the four boys. I turned my gaze to the boys at the table. The same four boys in almost every picture. Harry still making conversation with a brown head kid who was wearing a strip shirt and colorful pants. I giggled to my self as the kid ruffled harrys curls making harry do another hair flip. "Whos the girl?" A dark headed boy with a varsity jacket on said making all the boys heads turn to me. I felt my cheeks begin to burn with red as a blush crept up my cheeks. "Oh this is brit. She is our new room mate for a while" harry said wrapping an arm around my shoulder and bringing me closer to the table and to him. The four boys stared at me and raising an eyebrow in confusion. I say down next to harry at the end of the booth. "Brit just came here from America and has no place to stay or go so i offered her to stay with us until she is back on her feet." Harry explained. Having all their attention focused on me i could feel the large room get smaller and smaller with each gaze and glare. The cool air slowly becoming hot and humid. I started to tense up. I jumped as harry's hand was placed on my left thigh. "Its alright im here i wont let anyone hurt you" harry whispered into my ear. I slowly relaxed, closing my eyes so i could not see the eyes of the ones who judge me, breathing in and out to calm my self and gather it all back. I placed a hand on my wrist making the memories come flooding back and wanting to be safe and let go. I took one last breath before fluttering my eyes open. The eyes of the boys now focused on harry as harry rubbed my back. The blond one eyeing me in confusion. I let my head drop now looking at my small hands which where in tangled together. "Brit... Its ok im here" i heard harry whisper once again into my ear. "Im going to the bathroom... Ill be right back" i softly spoke. I slide out from the table and headed down the hall. I looked back at the table to see the other brown hair kid with a buzz cut play fully punch harry in the shoulder before turning back around and pushing the brown door to the lady's room open. No one was in there which was good. I stood in front of the mirror staring at my self. My hair was pulled to the side and my face looked pale and scared. My blue eyes beginning to water before letting them fall. With each tear came a memory that had haunted my mind moments before. Wiping away the remains of the tears i pushed the memories out letting my mind relax and open up. These are the boys that i would soon be living with i cant have it be awkward. I took one last glance at my self, and saying to my self that i was strong enough i can handle this. I soon was making my way back to the table.
Harry's POV- i watched as brit made her way to the restroom. Her head low and full of scared and doubt. Liam punched me in the arm making my take my gaze off brit. "What the hell was that for!" My voice full of anger and hurt. They are pushing away brit they are making her scared and tense. I hated to see her in such a state. "Why would you offer her to stay with us! We dont know her! Plus we have school on monday what is she going to do when we are gone?" Niall said his eyes focused on me. " i offered her to stay because she is scared and has no place to go, she has been hurt and i can tell. Get to know her make her feel safe, im sure she has been through a lot to come here with out any money, has no clue where she is going, and scared! Give her a chance. And plus she is our age she will come to school with us" i exclaimed. Making eye contact with each of the boys. "Harry be realistic here. She could be a criminal for all you know!" Louis protested. "Well then she can be a criminal for all i care but im not just letting her stay on the streets" i said anger filled my voice. "I like her, im going to give her a chance... C'mon boys she cant be that bad" liam said his voice sounding reassuring and trusting. "Fine" zayn said, "ill see." The others nodding in agreement. I turned to watched the door again and not soon later brit comes out with her head still low. Her hair to the left and her face had a small smile planted on it. She soon slide back under the table filling the empty spot next to me. "You better?" I softly asked. Her turned to face me her soft blue eyes meeting mine. A smile becoming more visible, letting the small dimple show. "Yea" she softly spoke her voice so soft. "So brit where are you from?" Zayn asked. I watched as brit looked at me before answering. "Colorado" she softly spoke. I could tell she was not so sure about trust. I made sure she was ok as she answered a few more questions from the boys. She seems calm till the question "why did you come here all alone?" From liam came up. Brit tensed, her body freezing up. Her soft blue eyes now filled with fright. I could tell something was on her mind, something made her this way, so scared all the time, something hurt her and haunted her mind with each encounter. She was afraid of attention she was afraid of being hurt. I had to be the one to comfort her. I rubbed her back soft slow strokes which seemed to calm her. Liam looked at me questionably. I shook my head indicating that is was not the right time to talk about this. "Im here" i whispered into her ear. She looked at me her eyes filled with hurt. Her face pale and scared. "Guys im going to take brit home, see you guys later ok" i said focusing on the boys. They nodded in response understanding why the sudden exit. Brit slowly slid out, i followed behind her. I placed my arm around brit's waist as we walked to the car i let go and unlocked the car and opened the door for brit. I softly shut it before going to the drivers seat. The car ride home was quiet. Brit stared out the window her hands gently laid on her lap. She was still. I let my mind wonder on thoughts on to why she is so scared. Thoughts flooded my mind. The horror of someone hurting brit make me sick. We reached the house and i help brit out of the car he feet gently getting placed back down on to the concrete. We walked up the few steps of the house my white converse making a small thump each time my foot hit the ground. I unlocked the door and let brit go in first. I stepped into the abandon house and locked the door back up before walking in more. I found brit sitting on the couch with her knees tucked close to her chest with her arms around her legs and head snuggled between her legs. Her brown hair falling on to her back. I sat down next to her rubbing her back once more. She lifted her head, tears of hurt streaming down her soft face. Her blue eyes scared and hurt. My mind went blank. I did not want to think of reason of what or who could make such a sweet girl like brit so scared and hurt all i wanted was to make her better. "Brit... Will you tell me what happened... I want to help" i softly spoke. She let out a soft sigh before beginning to speak. 
Brit's POV- my body weak and my mind full of the events that have haunted me my whole life. Harry only want to help, so i had to tell him. I sighed gathering my self to speak. I didnt need to remember anything because it was always on replay in my mind i wasn't in control of it. It would not stop. The endless nightmares of them coming back to hurt me. I began to let the events play out this time in words. "I was 14 when i ran way the first time... My parents hated me, did not want me. Endless tries to hurt me or kill me when i was younger still replay in my mind." I sighed once more. The images of them trying to kill me coming back. "They hurt me countless times. I dont know how i survived but sometimes i wish i didnt." I forced the tears back and continued. "When i ran away i went to a park that my grandma use to take me to when she was alive, she was the only one who loved me. I spent three night there. I was only 14 and had not idea what to do but one day on the forth day a young couple found me weak and scared behind the bathroom stales. They took me in, fead me, cared for me, loved me... They were the best i had ever had. They made me forget the times of hurt and times that i would scream and cry. They loved me. But then two years later they found me again they killed the ones who loved me they killed them right then and there all because they wanted to get back at me for leaving when they didnt even want me." I was beginning to get louder and louder. " they took me back and beat me and hurt me. I wanted to scream i wanted my family back. I wanted the ones who loves me. They never fead me they stuck my down in the basement alone hungry and thirsty. Then they went out. Out to get wasted, out to get more drunk and then come home and beat me worse. So i packed up and ran. I got my ticket and i boarded the plane. I-I was so scared they would find me they would hurt me so i need to get far away. Im scared that they will be around the corner to get me and bring me back." Tears streamed down my face. I avoided eye contact with harry. My memories replaying faster in my mind the days of hurt and alone clouded my memories of the good times with the ones i loved the ones who care. Those memories were gone and would never come back the dark filled the light and i was now who i am today. I look up at harry to see what he had to say but he was speechless no words could come out. I could tell he was scared for me hurt. I saw this coming. 
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