Cuts and bruises

Brit has been hurt and abandon, but she recently left Colorado and went to England to get away from her abusive parents who recently just found her again 2 years after she left the first time. Brit is scared and shy afraid of getting hurt. But when she meet a young cheeky boy on the bus who takes her in to live with him and his 4 best friends until shes back on her feet. Will she love for the firt time or get hurt again. Brit faces tough times and trying to get away from abusive parents and trying to get her best friend sydney out there too. Brit has the boys to protected her from her parents. Read to find out! Comment what u think!!


4. long night

Harry's POV
I was shocked. My body still almost frozen in place. Thoughts racing through my head. Unable to finish a thought before another came rushing in. I sat on the coach unable to speak. The images playing in my head. My heart aching for brit. How could someone do this to someone so sweet as brit. What brit told me was sad, scary, and made me want to protect her. I could feel brit's eyes examining me questioning whether to say something or just let me sit. The thoughts of what she had been through stabbed my brain. Making my heart hurt worse. I turned my head looking at brit who was back in the position she was in when we first got home. I could hear the soft sobs coming from the small fragile girl next to me. I wanted to comfort her but i just couldnt move. My whole body in shock and still. I want to say something to her make her feel safe but i couldnt get the words to come out. I heard the front door open and feet shuffling inside before the door shutting again. The conversations getting louder and louder and the feet moved farther in to the house and toward where we had sat. Not soon later liam, louis, niall, and zayn appeared in front of us. Brit's head shooting up to see the figures in front of her. "Hey guys... What happened?" Louis said confused as to why we were sitting there quiet and puffy red eyed. "Im going for a walk" i spoke lifting my self off the couch and out the front door. 
Brit's POV
I watched as harry got up and left only say a few words as to what he was doing. He never said where he was going or when he will be back but he left me alone with four boys that i had no clue who they were. I let my legs fall. Hitting the ground my arms relax to my side. I kept my head down avoiding all eye contact. I tensed up as i felt a body appear next to me sitting a foot away. I looked up afraid of who sat next to me. It was the boy with brown hair who went by the name of louis. The other boys sat on the other couch. My breath heavy and warm. "We arnt going to hurt you brit" louis said scooting closer. I was frozen when a hand touched mine. "I promise" he softly spoke. "What happened?" Liam asked. I turned my head to look at him. His eyes meeting mine. "Will you tell us?" Louis asked. I sighed. Think of whether or not to tell them. After thinking for a minute i sighed once more before letting the events replay in my head. Letting the words come out as they did a moment ago. When i finished tears where streaming down my face once more. I looked at each of the boys faces to see their reaction to my story. Niall had tears down his face while looking down at his hands, zayn stared blankly at the wall in front, liam had his hands over his face most likely crying, and louis, louis looking into my eyes he was concerned hurt scared. I let out one more tear before louis scooted closer to me. I didnt jump, tense up , or anything. I sat the tears drying on my face. I felt his arm wrap around my shoulder pulling my closer. "Its ok you have us now. We wont let anyone hurt you" he whispered into my ear. I looked up at him giving him a small smile. I look back at niall, zayn, and liam. They were all looking at us. I sniffled before looking back at louis. His eyes locked to mine. A smile softy appeared on his face giving me a small bit of relaxation. I could tell he cared, they all did. We sat in silences for a bit, wrapped in louis's arms, i felt safe. I jumped a little when i saw the tele turn on. Louis rubbing my arm to calm me down. "Sorry brit its just me." I could tell by the deep Bradford voice that it was Zayn. "I-its ok" i softly spoke. We watched tv for a bit, my eyes beginning to become heavy. I let my head fall on to louis's shoulder and my eyes began to slid down till they were fully shut. I just hear the soft mumble of the tele before i fell a sleep. ~*~ my eyes shot open. I looked around the dark room. I could barley see a thing. I started to lift my self up but was stuck under a large arm that was wrapped around my torso. I looked up to see a sleeping louis. I smiled o my self as i watched. His chest moving up and down slowly, he stayed with me this whole time. It shocked me to see that he didnt go to bed or lay me down on the couch. I slowly pulled the arm off me and started to sit up when the hand wrapped around my torso once more. Letting out a small yelp, louis's eyes met mine. I could see a faint smile on his face through the dark. "Hey, sorry to wake you" i whispered. 
"Its fine" he whispered back. "What time is it?" I asked. "2 am" he replied. "Did harry come home?" 
"Yea around 10"
"Ok good well i better let you go to you bed"
" haha ok ill see you in the morning" 
We both got up and i started to walk away when he pulled me back into his arms. "No goodnight for me" he said
"Goodnight louis" i softly spoke. He hugged me and planted a small kiss on top of my head before saying good night and heading back up stairs. I stood still for a moment taking in what just happened before heading back down stairs and in to my bed. I sat in my bed for a bit staring at the ceiling. Thinking of louis. I couldnt get him out of my head, when i tried to change my thoughts he jumped right back in. I soon gave up trying to avoid my thoughts of louis and just let my mind wonder. I soon fell back a sleep having louis on my mind.


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