Cuts and bruises

Brit has been hurt and abandon, but she recently left Colorado and went to England to get away from her abusive parents who recently just found her again 2 years after she left the first time. Brit is scared and shy afraid of getting hurt. But when she meet a young cheeky boy on the bus who takes her in to live with him and his 4 best friends until shes back on her feet. Will she love for the firt time or get hurt again. Brit faces tough times and trying to get away from abusive parents and trying to get her best friend sydney out there too. Brit has the boys to protected her from her parents. Read to find out! Comment what u think!!


2. Home

Brit's POV
Harry lead me into the small blue home. I walked in, my vans making a small thump against the hard wood. Harry had taken my suitcase into his large hands and continued to walked into the home. It was not what i was expecting. There were pictures of 5 boys one of them being the cheeky boy that had taken me in and the other i had no clue who they were or how they knew harry. The front room was white with photos and a couch the whole house was hard wood and every wall was white with pictures of harry and the same 4 boys. I watched as harry walked passed the wall that divided the front room from the kitchen. "You can come in, you are staying here" harry laughed. His voice raspy and echoed through the home. I slowly walked in a little more my vans making a sound with each contact until i reached the island in the kitchen. The kitchen was a lot bigger than i imagined it had dark wood cabinets and garnet counter tops. "Ill show you to your room" harry smiled and grabbed my bag and lead me passed the living room with 2 couches a table a fireplace and a tv that hung on the wall. Then down a hall to a door. "Well i live with four other guys so there is no room up stairs but there is a room in the base ment that is a guest but you can have it for now" harry shyly spoke. I nodded before we walked down the stairs. The basement was different than the rest of the house. It had white carpet and baby blue walls. It had a bar and some equipment and a coach and a table and a two stacks of video games. We walked to the double doors just left of the stairs. Harry pulled them open revealing a queen bed with a dresser and a television hung on the wall in front of the bed. "So here it is... Its not much but its better than the streets.. Anyway um the bed, the wardrobe, and you have your own bathroom!" Harry joked. I giggled at Harry's presentation. He set the suit case on the bed before walking toward the doors. "Ill let you get settled, ill be up stairs ok" harry said. I gave him a small smile and then he left. I scanned the room. Yellow walls, white carpet, white sheets. I un zipped my bag revealing my whole wardrobe. A few shirts, pants, undergarments, socks, shorts, dresses, pjs, and my other pair of vans. I pulled open the dresser and stuffed all my clothes in side. I dropped my vans in front of the dresser than took everything that else and headed to the bathroom. One sink a large mirror to see my cuts and bruises and a shower and a toilet. I set everything out, my hair brush, tooth brush, makeup, and my razor. I sighed and slide the sleeves of my gray shirt up revealing the scars of my past. I watched as a tear slid down my face and picking up speed until it hit the counter top. I wiped away the remains of the dead tear and gathered my self before making my way up the stairs. I pulled my sleeves back down hiding my past hurts and memories. I turned the corner to see harry sitting on the coach scrolling through channels on the television. I watched for a few seconds until i saw the cheeky grin creep on to harry's face and his dimples pop out. His green eyes meeting my own. "Your done?" He asked smiling. I nodded softly, my hair moving with each movement. "Ok well then we have to go out" he said turning the tv off and pushing him self up and off the coach. He made his way over to me. I stood frozen, we have to go out, we have to go out and face people judging, hurting me. "I-I cant h-harry" i said lowering my head. "Why love?" He ask i could tell by the way he said it he was worried. I shook my head. I could not tell him i barely know him. "Brit its ok im here i wont let anyone hurt you i promise" harry softly spoke. I jumped when his cold hand took mine into his. I sighed then let him guide me out of the house and into a range rover. He opened the door and i climbed in. I jumped when harry slammed the door shut. "Im sorry" i watched him mouth on the other side of the window. He jugged over the drivers seat and climbed in and shut the door this time more softly. "You are really skittish arnt you love?" His accent deep and raspy. I looked at my hands my hair to the left of my shoulder covering half my face. Harry's large hand carefully pushing the hair to the back of my ear. I saw in the corner of my eye that he had a sad smile on his face this time no dimples. He turned the key and the engine roared to life. We backed up and headed down the street. Ed sheeran cold coffee was playing on the radio as we drove down the highway. I stared out the window watching the small shops and cars pass by on the opposite side of the road. I let my mind wander thinking of how i got here, and how i ended up with harry. I was deep in thought when i heard harry sing the lyrics to cold coffee. "She's like cold coffee in the morning," he sang his british accent disappearing when he sang. It was beautiful, deep, raspy, but perfect. I didnt look at him only because i wanted it to continue. We reached a small downtown area and parked on the street. I climbed out scared for people watching but as harry took my hand i felt safe.
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