Cuts and bruises

Brit has been hurt and abandon, but she recently left Colorado and went to England to get away from her abusive parents who recently just found her again 2 years after she left the first time. Brit is scared and shy afraid of getting hurt. But when she meet a young cheeky boy on the bus who takes her in to live with him and his 4 best friends until shes back on her feet. Will she love for the firt time or get hurt again. Brit faces tough times and trying to get away from abusive parents and trying to get her best friend sydney out there too. Brit has the boys to protected her from her parents. Read to find out! Comment what u think!!


5. Cuts

Brit's POV
I woke up the next morning to sound of my phone ringing. I slowly grabbed my phone not bothering to look at the caller ID. 
"Hello?" I said my voice low and soft
"Sydney?" My eyes shot open and i quickly sat up.
"Syd where are you? You said that you would be here soon"
" they caught me! Brit they found me!!" Panic filled her voice.
"Your parents! They are looking for you!!"
"No no no!" Tears stared to well up in my eyes.
"I told them you took a plane to china"
"China?" A small giggle came out.
"What? I panicked ok"
"So now what?"
"I dont know... Oh but im leaving tomorrow"
"Good i just hope they dont find me"
"Me too"
I took a deep breath before say good bye.
Once i hung up tears streamed down my face. After a bit of arguing to my self. The voices in my head won. I ran to the bath room and shut the door and locked it behind me. I looked at my self in the mirror. "Ugly" i spoke to myself. "Fat" "worthless" "not good enough" all these things i was told for a long time and soon i started to believed it. Tears burned in my eyes. I soon went to box on the counter. I looked into the box staring at the 4 different blades that sat quietly in the small box. I carefully selected my blade oddly delighted with my choice. I rolled up my sleeve of my sweatshirt. Then i took the blade to my wrists waiting for the blood to come pouring out. I watched as the blood ran down my arm before washing the blood away and pulling my sleeve back down. I unlocked the door and stepped out. I took a few more breaths before finally making my way up stairs. My arms stung at the 10 cuts i just made on my left arm. Some times i wonder why me or how depression could become such a big part of me. When i reached up stairs i saw harry sitting on the couch and the others in the kitchen. I slowing walked in. Harry saw me and quickly walked up to me. 
"Brit im so sorry for leaving you yesterday i should have never done that im sorry i was in shock.."
I nodded. Not saying anything as
I tried to keep to signs of pain in my eyes from my arm. He opened his arms and wrapped them a round me. I whinsted at the pain. Harry let go of me and looked at me concerned.
"You ok?"
I nodded. I walked over to the kitchen where i was greeted by the other four boys. 
"Hey brit" louis said his small smile coming out.
"Hi" i softly smiled back.
I felt every pair of eyes on me. Making my anxiety come out. I started at my feet not wanting to make eye contact with anyone. 
"Did you sleep okay?" I heard Zayn's voice say. I looked up and nodded softly. As i looked around everyone was doing their own thing not paying much attention to me as i though they all were. 
"We made you breakfast" harry spoke as i heard him come up behind me. "Thank you" i quietly said. Harry handed me a small plate that had a pancake and some eggs and bacon on it. Every one else had the same. I headed toward the table but stopped before i could reach it. 
"Whats wrong brit?" Louis said.
I looked at him wanted to say something but the words couldn't come out. Tears beginning to well up in my eyes. I quickly set my plate on the table an ran to the nearest bathroom. I didnt care at that moment what others thought i had to leave before they see me. I shut the door to the bath room and locked it behind me. I quickly pulled my sleeves up revealing the new cuts. They burned and stung. I turn the water on low and rinsed the blood. I held back my screams of pain as the cold water stung my raw skin. I shut the water off and looked at my cuts. They all look the same except one. It was deep and large. It seemed to hurt the most. Blood poured out of it so fast and in large amounts. I quickly search the cabinets for some kind of bandaid. I was trying to go as fast as i could so the boys wouldn't come looking for me but as i found the gaze pads and bandage tap i heard Harry's voice on the other side of the door. 
"Brit are you ok?" His voice was filled with concern.
"Um.. Yes.. Just hold on a sec ill be out in a minute." 
"Ok ill wait."
I quickly put the gaze pad on and rapped it up and put my sleeve down. I put all the things back before i unlocked the door and stepped out. Harry was leaned up against the wall right out side of the door. He pushed him self off the wall and right in front of me towering my small body. He raised his eyebrow in confusion. I shook my head before walking back in to the kitchen. 


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