One way or another

Hi it's cassie and this story is about a girl (roselynn) is hopelessly in love with louis Tomlinson and meets him on omegle does she finally get to meet them and go to there concert it's one way or another


3. Little mix on a plane

AHHHHH OMFG little mix is coming on this very plane and one direction. I love little mix and one direction. Here is a song that I combined with both songs I love. We're like na na na then were like spread your wings my little butter fly. Well it's only a part. Still I love little mix and I want to marry one direction. Here they come. Hi perrie. Hi jade. Hi lighanne . Hi Jessie. I love you all. I'm a total mixer. OMG one direction at 12:00. Hi louis. Hi Liam. Hi zayn. Hi harry. i handed him a stuffed bare. Hi Niall here's my number call me.
Aubrey's P.O.V
Hi perrie big fan. Hi jade. Love your blue hair. Hi leighanne nice outfit. Hi Jessie love the style. Hi louis here's my number love ya. Hi Liam love ya. Hi zayn love you so much. Hi harry. Kiss me. Hi Niall. Don't mind the haters. Just call hallie if any hater gets any of. You shes bitch slap them. Trust me shes done it to her haters all the time. I love you all. The plane man: we will take of in 1 minute. Please turn off any electrical devices. Thank you. We are now heading of to America. OMFG WE ARE FINALLY GOING TO AMERICA.
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