Partying, Tanning, And Daydreaming

It's a story about small town southern bells, just your average 16 year old girls. Looking for job's, partying, and getting tan. Who happens to run into their biggest idol's, the biggest boyband in the world One Direction. They have a summer full of drama, relationships, old foes, and scandels no one ever talks about. Will one of the southern bells British brother ruin her fun? Will something happen to the girls?

Co writer: MKH Styles

**Bad Language**


17. The Truth and Friendships

Nathan's Pov...


I can't beileve what all happened! When I told Siva to talk to her I didn't mean tell her she was a whore!! She's not a whore! It seems like the hospital is our second home. I mean when I walked in the lady at the front desk said,

"Back again Mr. Sykes?"

I mean come on! She knows my name. Siva is knocked out cold!! I mean Good Lord! Niall has like an iron fist!! I didn't see it but if he is still not waking up, he was hit pretty hard. Hope is like attacking and punching him in the face. I guess she didn't know that Niall had done the job. So Harry holds her down then Max and I pick up Siva and put him in the car. I looked around for Niall but he was gone and so was Liam, Louis, and Zayn. Amelia was gone too. I guess they though we were going to call the cops and they would get arrested again. But I was worryed about Siva. Anyway we got to the hospital and they took Siva in to on of those rooms. Me, Max, Jay, and Tom waited in the waiting room. Then one of the doctors came and said we could so him.

"Siva! How are you mate?"

"My head is pounding! What happened?"

"Well we don't know for sure but what ever it was Niall punched you and knocked you cold!"

"Why did he do that?"

"I'm not sure but, they were gone before I could ask. Niall, Amelia, Liam, Louis, and Zayn were gone."

"What about Hope and Harry?"

"Well Hope attacked you after you were hit and knocked out but, she didn't know and Harry had to get her off of you and he is with her at home."

"Is Amelia ok?"

"We have no idea."

Then Harry walked in with Hope and they started to talk to Siva.

"Are you ok?"

"My head hurts but I'm ok. Do you know what happened?"

"Yea! You called Amelia a whore and Niall punched the daylights out of you!"


"You called her a whore then Niall hit you and Amelia grabed the keys and ran out."

"Well we know were the others are."

"I can't believe I called her a whore!"

"O yea, sorry for attacking you."

"I didn't even know it happened."

"Were would Amelia have gone?"

"Lord who knows! She could have gone anywhere."

"O no, It's all my fault!"

"Yep pretty much."


"What! I'm just agreeing with him."

"I'm going to call Niall and ask if he has found her."

I call Niall but there is no answer. I hope she is ok. So I try to call her phone but no answer again.

"No one is answering."

"I don't think they have there phones with them. After Amelia ran out Niall tried to follow her but, she was gone. He ran back in and got the guys and they ran out to find her."

"Well great I need to help them find her."

Siva tries to get out of the bed but Max tells him,

"Ooo no you don't! They will find her. Don't worry, just chill out."



Zayn's Pov...


"Come on guys think!"

"We are Zayn!"

"Were would she have gone?"

"I don't know, we don't her that well!"

"Should we go back home and see if she when back?"

"Yea I think we should."

We get in the car and drive back home. We are driving illegally because we don't lisences for the U.S. But luckly we find the truck sitting in the drive way. We run in and start yelling her name.


"Guys its ok I found her. We're in here."

We go into the livingroom to find Niall cuddling Amelia. She looks like she has been crying. I wonder what Siva said to her? What ever it was Niall got pissed!! God! He like killed Siva's face. I need Liam to teach me some boxing stuff! Shit!

"Hey are you guys alright?"

"I'm fine now. Crazy morning right."

"Yea real crazy!"

Liam says something

"What did Siva say?"

Niall looked at Liam with like a death stare but Amelia lightly punch Niall and says,

"He called me a ..... whore."

"Dude!! Where is this bitch!! Now I want to kill him!"

"I think Niall and Hope took care of that!"

Louie says something,

"Just a question were is Hope and Harry?"

"I don't know, when we got here they were gone along with everybody else."

"They might be at the hospital."


"I knew it was a bad idea for all of us to be in the same house."

"No It's fine princess."

"Ok Niall you don't have to sugar coat it. With in a week we have been in jail, had two different people in the hospital. Does than sound ok to anybody?"

We all say at the same time,



Siva's Pov...


I can't believe I called Amelia a WHORE!!!!! Why did I call her that?!?!?!?! I was just suppose to talk to her not be mean to her. Now its just me, the lad's, Hope and Harry at the hospital.

** 20 Minutes Later **

I hear a knock on my door and a nurse comes in.

"Mr. Kaneswaran there is a young lady our her to see you. Should I let her in to see you?"

"HMM.. Yea I guess."

"Ok I'll tell her to come in."

"Who could it be guys?"

When the door opens I see that it's Amelia.

"Hey guys. Siva are you ok?"

"Umm, Yea I'm ok. Are you ok though?"

"Yea I'm ok."

"Amelia, I'm sorry for what I called you. That was so far out of line. I don't know what came over me. And just to let you know your not a whore at all."

"Ok Siva. But you don't have my trust yet."

"Hey Amelia where are the others?"

"Nathan, they are at the house. I didn't want a replay of what happened earlier."

"Ok, whose going to stay here with Siva tonight?"

"I'll stay with Siva tonight."

"Did you just say that you where going to stay with me tonight???"

"Well do you not want me too??"

"Yes of course I want you to stay with me."

There's a knock on the door.

"Mr. Kaneswaran, visiting hours are over. Your guest have to leave now, but you can have one guest stay with you."

"Ok, I'll see you guys later."

"Amelia, do you have any clothes to change into in the morning?"

"No, Hope. I wasn't planning on staying."

"Well, here's my night over bag. It has everything you need in it for tonight and the morning."

"Thanks, Hope I will need that."

"Your welcome. I'll see you in the morning."

"Now it's just the two of us."

"That's a little weird."


Amelia's Pov...


Well this is going to be a weird night.

"Well, I'm going to go change now. I hope there's something in here I'll actually wear."

"Yea I hope so too."

O MY GOSH???? I WOULD NEVER WEAR THIS IN A THOUSAND YEARS!!!! The shirt she packed is black and has all of the guys from The Wanted. And the bootie shorts she packed are the shortest  bootie shorts she has. I hope this doesn't turn Siva on.


Niall's Pov...


As soon as I hear the door being unlocked, I jump up and run to the door to see Amelia. When they walk in the house Hope comes up to me and I ask her a question,

"Where is Amelia?"

"She is at the hospital with Siva."

"When is she coming home?"

"She is staying the night there and they with be home in the morning. Is that ok?"

"Yea thats fine. I'll text her in a minute."

Then I see the others and they don't look very happy with me. I wouldn't be happy with me either if I were them. I start to talk to them,

"Hey guys I'm sorry for wh...."

"Look just save all the crap for Siva. If it were up to us, we would kill you for what happened! Except Nathan because he likes you all but the rest of us don't!"

"Ok I understand."

Wow I didn't know Nathan liked us. Well thats good. But I know the rest of them will never like us. And thats ok because we will never like them either. I guess I need to text Amelia.

To: My Princess From: Niall

Hey princess! Hope told me that you were going to stay at the hospital tonight with Siva. I guess you all need to talk about a lot, so I'll talk to you in the morning. I miss you so much. I love you princess♥!!


Amelia's Pov...


I put the clothes on and walk out of the bathroom and see that Siva is just laying there. Then he looks over and he says,

"Wow thats what Hope packed?"

"Yea I know right."

"I thought you didn't like our music?"

"I don't but she does and she has this shirt."

"Haha and the shorts?"

"I'm guessing there for cheerleading or Harry."

"Hahaha I pretty sure its for cheerleading."

"Yea, I can't wait for the competitions!"

"When is it?"

"Well tomorrow is the final practice and I forgot the date. Thats Hope's job. She keeps up with stuff."

"Nice, Well I hope that you guys win!"

"Yea me too!! Do you want to come?"

"Yea I would love to!"

"When we go home tomorrow I'll ask Hope when the competition is."

"Ok, I finally had a conversation with you."

"What? You can talk to me anytime."

"No not really, ever since Niall showed up I haven't been able to talk to you without him around. I just want to have fun like we used to. And this morning I was trying to have a converstaion but when I saw him with you I just lost it. Amelia I'm really sorry for saying that to you. I know that still don't trust me and I hate that because we used to be such good friends. And I know that I should just find someone else to have fun with because you have Niall and the others."

"Siva thats not true! We are still friends and we will always be! Is Niall the reason that you said what you said to me this morning?"

"Yes he is. I'm sorry."

"Wow that was like a bomb! I don't know what to say. I guess you do need to find someone else because I'm not letting Niall go! He is the best thing that has ever happened me and if you were a good friend then you would be fine with that!"

So I walk out of the room with my phone and start to cry. Then I look down at my phone and I see that Niall has texted me.

To: Amelia From: Nialler♥

Hey princess! Hope told me that you were going to stay at the hospital tonight with Siva. I guess you all need to talk about a lot, so I'll talk to you in the morning. I miss you so much. I love you princess♥!!

God I love him so much!! I wish he was here with me because he would make me feel better.

To: Nialler♥ From: Amelia

Hey baby, I just got your text. Sorry it took me so long to answer. I hope your not mad at me for staying at the hospital. I just needed to know why Siva did what he did this morning. I found out what it was and I'm really shocked, I'll tell you in the morning. I love and miss you so much too! Goodnight!♥♥♥

5 minutes later

To: Amelia From: Nialler♥

I'm not mad at you and you can tell me when you want. Goodnight princess I'll be waiting for you in the morning!♥

OMG!!! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!! He is the best person ever!! Crap!! I have to go back in that room! Damn it! Maybe he is asleep. But if he's not then I will ignore him. I walk in the room and I see that Siva is still awake and he starts to talk,

"Amelia, I'm going to be a good friend and say this. I'm fine with you and Niall. I'm so happy that you found someone that loves you and wants to be with you ever second of the day. I'm happy for you and I'm sorry for being an ass to you and him. Please forgive me! I know that you probably still don't trust me but I'm asking you to forgive me. Please?"

"Siva, Thank you for understanding everything and I do forgive you and I trust you too. I just need to hear what you just said because now I know that all of my friends are happy for me."

"Good I feel better know. Can we just start over?"

"Yea we can."

I walk over to his bed and I hug him and asks me something, 

"As friends, Do you want to sleep in the bed with me?"

"Just as friends, I will but no one is to know about this, understand?"

"I got it, plus those chairs would have been so uncomfortable."

"True now move over."


So I get in the bed with Siva and as soon as I lay my head down I go to sleep. I know for a fact that Siva is loving this but we are just friends and thats it. I regret this now, I feel bad about this but to late.

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