Partying, Tanning, And Daydreaming

It's a story about small town southern bells, just your average 16 year old girls. Looking for job's, partying, and getting tan. Who happens to run into their biggest idol's, the biggest boyband in the world One Direction. They have a summer full of drama, relationships, old foes, and scandels no one ever talks about. Will one of the southern bells British brother ruin her fun? Will something happen to the girls?

Co writer: MKH Styles

**Bad Language**


8. Party Time!!!!!!

Hope Pov...


"HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!" "Who's planned all this?" "This is amazing."

"That would be your gay best friend Lannie."

"Harry, did you and Niall know about this?" 

"Yes, we knew that's why we didn't let you guys come home earlier." "Plus we wanted to spend time with you and Amelia."

"Aww that is so sweet of you guys to do."

Wow I can't believe that they would do this for us.

"Hey love."


"I love how you look in my clothes, but I would think that you and Amelia would like to get into something dressy to wear for your guys only 16th birthday."

"OH MY GOSH.... Thanks babe."

"Amelia I think we need to go get something else to wear."

"OMG we do, we'll be right back."


Amelia's Pov...



Holy crap I can't believe that they did this for me and Hope!!! And Niall Is here with me!! Wait I need to go change my clothes. But I'm keeping this hoodie. Because its a nice hoodie and it smells good like Niall.

"Hope, what should I wear?"

"I think you should wear the purple party dress with polka dots, you have there and the purple heels you have to go with it."

"Amelia, what do you think I should wear?"
"I think you should wear the pink zebra striped party dress and the black stiletto's."  

**Putting on the clothes with problems**

"Good lord that was a workout just to put on clothes!!"

"I know right!!"



Harry's Pov...


**Hope and Amelia walking down the stairs with grace**

Damn!! Hope looks so beautiful in that party dress. I just want to run up those stairs and just grab her and tell her how I love her and she is the one for me and nobody else can feel the void of her absents from my side.


**Hope falls down the stairs then I run over to her**

**Amelia starts laughing**

"Hope, love are you ok?"

"I'm fine just my arm hurts, but I'll be fine I've done it before."

"Are you sure?" "I can take you to the hospital."

"Yes, Harry I'll be fine as long as your here."

"Then I will never leave you."


Niall's Pov...


Wow!!! Amelia looks so beautiful!!! I feel like I'm in a movie were the girl comes down the stairs and everyone stops and stares. Well everyone is staring now because Hope fell down the stairs. But I'm staring at the most beauitful person in the world.

**Amelia laughing and talking at the same time**

"O my god Hope are you ok!!"

"Yea I'm good, my arm hurts though."


**Then Amelia falls down the stairs**

Good lord!! Really, now Amelia falls!! Lol! Wait this gives me a chance to get close to Amelia. YESS!!

"Amelia, Are you ok?"

"Yea I'm ok just my ass hurts."

**We both laugh then she says**



Lannie's Pov...


"Now that everyone is down the stairs LETS PARTY!!"

So I get all the food and drinks out and everyone goes crazy!! It's like they have never eatin before. Crazyness!!!

**Party People by: Florida Georgia Line comes on and Amelia goes crazy**

"O HELL YEA!!!! MY JAM!!!!!!"

"O no!"

**Amelia singing and dancing to this song with a drink in her hand**


"Were's my Party People?!?!?!"

O lord, somebody help us, she is getting loose!!


Hope's Pov...


"Ohhh my gosh she's gonna be wild tonight, Harry."

"Is she always this wild?"
"Yes, but it's more fun to be around her when she's like this."

"Have you ever gotten this wild before?"

"Why not though?"

"I don't know I just haven't."

"Well I'm gonna help you get that wild."

"Ohhh how are you gonna do that."

"I have my ways."

**Smiles with that cheeky smiles he has** 


Niall's Pov...


I'm loving this! She is like me in so many ways! She is drinking, dancing, and just having a good time. I take it that she likes to drink. I guess because she has had like 3 drinks.

"Are you having a good time so far?"

**Amelia yelling to answer me**

"YEA!!!" "Are you?"


**Harry and Hope come up beside me**

"She is getting really wild now!"

"Yea, she is like yelling and going crazy." "But I like it."

"Hey don't do anything dirty or I will hurt you!"

"Ok I won't."

**New song comes on Umbrella by: Rihanna**

"OMG!!! Hope get your ass over here!! It's your slut song!!"


"It a long story, got to go."

**Hope and Amelia getting down on the dance floor, Me and Harry talk**

"WOW!!! That is so sexy!!!"

"I think I need to be alone."

"Ok, you go take care of that Niall, I'm going to be right here watching this sexyness!"

**I come back, song is over, then Amelia grabs my hand and we talk**

"Come dance with me please!!"

"I'm not a very good dancer."

"So, I don't care. Did you not see  me out there earlier? I was awful."

"NO!!! That was really good."

It was so good I had to go be alone.

"Whatever, Come on. Everyone is out there! I mean look at Hope and Harry!"

"Ok fine!"

**Get Lucky by: Daft Punk comes on and everyone is dancing**

Harry's Pov...


I didn't know Hope and Amelia could dance like that. Damn they are good at it to. I need to ask Hope about the whole "slut song thing" her and Amelia have.

"Hey, Hope can I ask you something?"
"Yea sure."

"What was that whole thing about that song being your "slut song"?" 

"Oh that." "Me and Amelia dance all the time and most of the songs we dance too, I'm not so good, but when that song comes on I'm the master at it so she called it my slut song."

"Oh that makes since. I'll be right back, ok?"


I want to slow dance with her, but I want to pick a song that she loves to slow dances to. I'll just ask Amelia.

"Hey, Amelia can you help me with something?"
"Yea, what is it."

"I want to slow dance with Hope, but I want to pick a slow song that she loves to listen to and dance too." "Do you know of any?"
"Yea of course, she loves Little Thing."

"Really?" "Should I request it for her?"

"Yes she will love it."

**Requesting Little Thing to be played now**

**DJ Yells**

"Hey everyone this is for one of the birthday girls from someone very special."

"Your hand fits into mine like it's made for me....."

"Hope my I have this dance with you?"

**Hope starts to cry**
"Aww, yes of course." "How did you know?"

"Amelia." "I didn't mean to make you cry."

"There happy tears."

"Good, now come here into my arms."

"Ok but I can't slow dance."

"Then here take your heels of."
"Ok, but why?"

"Cuz of this."

**I pull her onto my feet and hold her tightly**

"Ahh Harry you are my hero."

"Well love your my one and only I've ever loved this much."

"Aww, Harry you do know that I'm on my tip toes on your feet?"

"Yes but I love that your short."



Amelia's Pov...


Awww Hope and Harry are so cute together. I wish me and Niall could be like that but we are to drunk to slow dance. So I look up at Niall and he has a tear in his eye. I have no idea why but somehing has really touched his heart or he is just sad. Then the song ends and turns to me and says,

"Amelia you look so beautiful tonight and I just can't stop staring at you. And I'm in love with you."

"Awww thank you and you look very sexy tonight. I love you too!"

Wow I'm really drunk, I need to slow down.

**What Makes You Beautiful comes on, Niall looks at me and we talk**

"This is the song that you said reminds you of me."

"Yea, Lets dance!"

"Ok lets go!"

**Middle of the song, Niall leans in to kiss me but the cake comes out just before he can**

DAMN IT!! Stupid cake!!! He was about to kiss me!!! Shit! My night was about to get good. Not that I will remember it. But still!! Damn!!

**Me and Hope go crazy over the cake**

"OMG!!! That is awesome!!"

"That is so cool looking!!!"

**Everyone sings Happy Birthday and then everyone eats cake then I sing a song Stereo Soldier by: Little Mix**

3 minutes later...

**Everyone just looks at me then they go crazy**

Was I that good or did they just like the song? Either way I sang that song for one reason and it was for Niall. This song reminds me of him.

**All the guys and Hope run up to me and they are giving me comments**

"Thanks guys, I didn't know I was good!!"

**Niall runs up to me and kisses me very amazingly and says**

"Finally I got to finish what I started." "Come here for a second."


"I want you to have my bracelet and this ring." " But I need to know one thing?"


"Will you be my girlfriend?"

"Aww Niall your so sweet and yes I will be your girlfriend. I love you!!" 

"Can I put the ring on your hand?" "I love you too!"

"Yes, of course!"



Hope's Pov...


Aww Amelia and Niall are so adorable together. They need to go ahead and date. I want to tell Harry that I love him so much, but my brother would probably flip if he knew that I was with Harry right now or with any of One Direction. My brother is Nathan Sykes from The Wanted. Yes, I know that this could end very bad, but my brother does need to know.

"Hope, love are you ok?"

"What did you say?"

"I asked if you where ok."

"Oh, yea I'm fine I was just thinking."

"Ok." "Hope come outside with me, please, I want to be alone with you for a few minutes."

"Yea sure."

"Hope I have something for you." "Happy birthday!"

"O MY GOSH, Harry, I can't take you airplane necklace."

"I want you to have it so you can always have something of mine."

"Aww, Harry!!!"

"Here let me put it on you, if I may."

"Yes of course."

"Thank you Harry."

"I have another surprise for you."

"Is that a ring box?"

"Yes it is but it not a marriage ring its a promise ring for you and I have one to."

"Can I put the ring on you?"

"Aww yes!"

"I need to tell you something."

"Ok what is it love?"     

I'm scared to tell him that my brother is Nathan. Here I go I need to tell him.



Harry's Pov...


Now I'm so nervous what could she be wanting to tell me. She looks like she is scared to tell me. Hope she knows I will never get mad at her for anything.

"Harry you were my first kiss."

"Really?" " I feel so honored that I was your very first kiss you'll ever have."

"Then here will be another kiss I get to steel from you."

**Kissing with our mouths open**

"Harry will you stay the night here with me?"

"Yes I will always."


Amelia's Pov...


I can't even think straight now. I think I have had to much to drink. I think Niall has had to much to drink too. Actually I think Louis, Zayn and Liam are even drunk with me and Niall. The only two at this party that aren't drunk is Hope and Harry. Which kinda shocks me that Harry isn't drunk like the rest of us are. Now Hope I understand why she isn't drunk she has never even had alcohol before like ever.

**I hear Hope yelling my name**

"Amelia you are so wasted."

That's the last thing I remember of our birthday.



Niall's Pov...


I think everyone is drunk now....

**I hear Harry say my name**

"Niall are you ok?"

"No I think I'm drunk mate."

"I can see that."

**That's the last thing I remember of the party**


Hope's Pov...


Everyone is drunk. Great now I gotta make sure Amelia gets upstairs!! And all of the boys as well!!

"Hey Harry can you help me get Amelia up stairs in her room?"
"Yea." "And we need to get the boys upstairs to."


"This will be fun!"    

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