Partying, Tanning, And Daydreaming

It's a story about small town southern bells, just your average 16 year old girls. Looking for job's, partying, and getting tan. Who happens to run into their biggest idol's, the biggest boyband in the world One Direction. They have a summer full of drama, relationships, old foes, and scandels no one ever talks about. Will one of the southern bells British brother ruin her fun? Will something happen to the girls?

Co writer: MKH Styles

**Bad Language**


13. News?!?!

 Hope's Pov...


Last night was so fun. Having Harry's big strong arms wrapped around me makes me feel safe around him. Like I know he will do anything for me and he knows I'd do anything for him. I wonder what's going on in the news today? Ohh I'll just turn on the news. The first thing that pops on screen is mine and Amelia's face.


"Love what's wrong?"

"Look at the T.V."

"Oh Shit! That was quick."

**News Broadcast** 

"We have some breaking news dealing with 2 of the biggest boy bands in the world right now!"

"The first breaking news is 'Is 2 member's of One Direction settling down as in getting married?

"Well we have some proof of One Direction hanging out with two mystery girls and theirs rival band The Wanted.

"Why would those two bands be seen together?"

"Well we just got word that one of the mystery girls is in fact Hope Sykes. Hope Sykes is the younger sister of the Nathan Sykes, one of the members of The Wanted."

"We have exclusive footage of the two bands fighting outside of what we believe is the house of Hope Sykes and the mystery girl."

"What could this fight be about?"

"This fight was in fact about Hope Sykes and the mystery girl."

"This fight got so intense that the police had to be called and 9 people were arrested."

"If your wondering where the other 3 went to. An ambulance had to be called for Hope Sykes who at the time was hit by someone and we will never know who did it, she was knocked out cold. Her brother and Harry Styles went with her to the hospital. Which she was later released with a manor head injury. Harry Styles, Nathan Sykes and Hope Sykes after leaving the hospital bailed out their fellow friends out of jail.    

"Harry Styles and Hope Sykes were seen wearing rings on their ring finger yesterday."

"Does this mean that there could be a One Direction wedding in the future? Or there could be two since Niall Horan and the mystery girl where seen wearing rings too?"    

**End of Broadcast**

"They really sound like stalkers."

"Yea they really are stalkers."

"Harry we need to tell Amelia and the guys about this."

"Ok love get dressed in some of my clothes and we can go."

"Ok give me a few minutes."

Me and Harry try to leave the tour bus but there is to many pap's to get out of here without a distraction. 

"Hope we are going to have to go through the window to at least give us a few minutes head start to run. Here take this sun glasses."

"Ok Harry."

Me and Harry hop out through the window and Harry was right we got a few minutes head start.

"Look there is Harry and Hope going that way!!"

"Oh Shit run!!"

Harry grabs my hand he just starts to run like a cheetah. We have been running for 15 minutes now and the paps are close to reaching us.

"Shit Harry I don't have a key!"

"Will just climb the fence then climb up to your room. Here step on my hands now I'll give you a boast over the fence."

"Ok Harry. But what about you?"

"I'll be fine go and unlock the front door whenever you get in."


"1,2,3 there you go Hope now hurry."

I have to hurry now. I get in and everyone is still asleep. I run to the front door as fast as a can, but Harry is already being attacked by the paps. But I'm glad he was smart enough to have his back to the front door. So I unlock the front door and pull him in real fast and shut the door behind me and lock it shut.

"That was close!"

"Your telling me."

"Amelia and everyone get you asses down here now."

"There doors are shut, we have to go up there and wake them ourselves."

"Well great!!" 

"You get Amelia, Niall, Nathan, and Zayn. And I'll get the others."

"Sounds like a plan."

**Going into Amelia's room**

"Amelia!! Niall!! Get up!!!!" "I need to tell you something so go downstairs now!!"

"No I'm tired! Go away!!"

"Get your ass up right now or I will get you up!!"

"Do it!!"

So I grab her arm and pull her out of the bed and Niall is like,

"What the hell is going on?"

"Go down stairs, me and Harry have to tell you something!"

"Ok, and what happened to her?"

"She wouldn't get up so I dragged he out of bed."

"O, ok"

Then Amelia gets up off the floor says something to me.

"Bitch!!! Why in the hell would you do that IN THE MORNING!!! I'm still asleep, but now I'm wide awake!!"

"Good!! Now you will pay attention!!"


So she finally goes down stairs and I go to the room Nathan is staying in and I go to wake him up. So I jump on the bed to wake him up.

"Nathan get up!! Me and Harry have to tell you something!!"

"Ok, I'll be down there in a minute."


Then I go to the room Zayn is staying in and I say

"Zayn get up!! Me and Harry have something to tell everyone!!"

"What is it?"

"You have to go down stairs to find out!"


So I go find Harry and ask him, 

"Is everyone up?"

"Yep, lets go down stairs now so we can tell them."


Amelia's Pov...


Why didn't she tell me she was going to wake me up this early!! I'm dying!!! So I get down stairs and everyone is up and wondering what the hell is going on! So then the two assholes of the morning walk down the stairs and run into the livingroom.

"We know y'all haven't seen the news yet, but everything that happened yesterday is all over the news around the world."


"The paps got video of the fight and pictures of the rings on Amelia's, Niall's, Harry's, and my hands. And they know that I am Nathan's sister and Amelia is now known as 'Mystery Girl'. And they think that the rings are engagement rings and that 2 One Direction weddings are gonna happen."

"Wow the media just can't get enough."

Then Louie starts to say

"Well if the media can't get enough, then lets have a little fun with this!"

"What kind of fun?"

"O, you'll see."


Niall's Pov...


I can't believe this got out so quick. I don't think we should mess with the paparizzi. It could get bad. I mean to the point that Amelia and Hope leave us or worse. But it could be fun.

"Guys are sure about this?"

"Yea, I mean they already think you guys are getting married."

"I know but, what if this plan back fires and something bad happens."

"Like what?"

"Like Harry and I could lose Hope and Amelia."

"That won't happen!"

"It could get bad enough that they want to just leave us!''

"NIALL JAMES HORAN!! I would never leave you!! EVER!!!"

"Amelia you say that now, but what if the fame ruins us. Where we don't want to even hear each others names at all!"

"Niall that will never happen. The fame will not break us apart. I love you to much. We are to strong to be broken by what people say."

"Ok. Now that I know how Amelia feels lets go through with this plan."



Louie's Pov...


"Guys I know exactly how to trick them."

"Ok Louie tells us your devil of a plan!"

"Ok Hope and Amelia are going get pregnant in real life.

Hope and Amelia scream

"What in the hell is wrong with you!!!"

Niall and Harry say

"Were going to get to be dad's at the same time!"

"Louis is this plan actual going to work?" Liam asks

Amelia and Hope are so lost in this plan. They actual think that I was going to make them get pregnant in real life with these two twats to be the dad's.

"Louie are you serious about us getting pregnant?"

"No of course not. We will make people believe that you guys are pregnant." 

"Ohh Ok." So we have to wear like a pregnancy belly?"

"You might have too."

"Louie we know how to contribute to this plan."

"Ok spit it out."

"Here's our idea. We can say that we have been pregnant for about 4 months and we hid it really well then be at the concert wearing the bellies. And make sure the paps see us."

"Yea that's a amazing plan!!"


Amelia's Pov...


I'm kinda liking this plan. Even though I have to wear a belie.

"Hope come with me to get the bellies. Please?"

"Hell yea!! Niall you need to came and be with your pregnant girlfriend."

"Harry your coming to be with your baby momma!"

"Lets go change first. If we are going to pull this off Hope we need look like we are trying to hide something."

"Ok. Harry I'm going to wear one of your hoodies over my clothes. So it looks like I'm hiding my stomach from the press."

"Ok love. You guys are really good at this. Where you guys the prankster's in your school?" 

"Yes in some ways and no in others."

"Niall will you give me your hoodie you are wearing?"

"Yes! I will always give everything you want."

So me and Hope put on their hoodies and I have to say it really looks like we are hiding something. So now that we are ready we start to walk out of the house when we start to see flashing of camera lights. Wanting to get shots of the beloved boys. Then the Paps start to ask tons of questions.

"Mystery Girl!!! Mystery Girl!! What is your name?'

"My name is Amelia and that's all your getting."

"Niall are you and Amelia boyfriend and girlfriend?"

"Yes she is my girlfriend and we done answering questions for now." 

Me, Hope, Niall And Harry all hop into a car and we drive off to the store to buy the bellies.  

**Entering the store**

"This is going to be a fun shopping!"

"Hell Yea!!! It is girl!!"

"Come on Niall lets start to look."

"OHHH!!! Look guys I found the bellies!!!"

"Time to try them on!! Let's go Amelia!!"


OMG!!! Me and Hope have been trying on bellies for hours now trying to get the right one.

"Oh hey Amelia and Hope I think me and Harry found the right sizes for you guys."

"Ok hand them here for us to try on."

"How in the world do they find it on the first try?"

"Beats me Amelia. I guess they got the special touch."

Me and Hope buy the bellies and go back to the changing room to put them on. Me and Hope walk out of the changing rooms and Niall and Harry are staring us and down. Once I look up from my stomach I see Niall crying.

"AWW Niall what's wrong?"

"Its just hard to imagine that one day you will be pregnant with my baby I hope."

"Aww Niall you are such a true gentleman."

"Ok what time do you guys have be at the stadium for sound check?"

"We have to be there at four for sound check and to get ready."

"What time is it now?"

"It's three. So we should be leaving to go to the stadium."


"Can you guys come with us earlier so if we get done early we can spend time with our pregnant mommies."

"Sure we have nothing else to do."

So we start to walk out of the store when get attacked by the paps. They were having a frenzy with us being pregnant. They were asking all sorts of questions.

"Are you two pregnant? Is Harry the father of one of your baby's or is Niall the daddy? What will Nathan say about this Hope? How far are you along? When did you guys get pregnant? Was the fight yesterday about you guys being pregnant?"

The paps where getting closer to me and Hope. Where they can touch us. I think Harry can see in Hopes eyes that she is scared of them hurting her or me. Harry was playing the role really good. He grabs Hopes hand and gets in front of her to protect 'his baby and her'. Niall was already doing all of this by the time Harry started to be. Man this thing is heavy. I can officially say that I have been a teen mom. So once we get past the paps and all the crazyness I say,

"Our brillant plan has worked!!!"

**Evil laugh**

"Wow that sounded really evil Amelia!"

"Really I was going for like an evil genius." "God!! This belly is so heavy!!"

"Yea I agree!!"

"Well you all are gonna have to wear them for the rest of the night."

"Damn it!! I wanted a break from this damn thing!!"

So we get in the car. It feels so good to sit down. I had to do this in parenting class last semester in school. I hated it!! I had to wear it the whole day at school. When I took it off I felt like I had lost like 90 pounds! I'm not joking. One thing I learned from all of that is to never get pregnant at 16! Because you have no idea how to take care of a kid when you are still a kid. It's hardwork. Another bad thing about this plan is that me and Hope are gonna have to pee alot!! Speaking of peeing, I have to frickin pee!! Great and we are 15 minutes away from the stadium!! I can't hold it that long!!

"Niall I have to pee!!"

**Harry, Niall and Hope all start laughing**

"Umm I don't know what to do."

"Well you better figure it out because you were the one who knocked me up and now you have to deal with it!"

"Damn it Amelia now I have to piss!!"

"Sorry Hope!!"

"Is it gonna be like this when you are really pregnant?"

"It might be!" "Consider this practice for the real thing!"

"Well take off the belly's and maybe that will help."

"Yea but what if the paps see us without them on?"

"Well damn!" "Just hold it the best you can." "We're almost there."

"Ok I'll try but if I pee in the seat, its your fault."


O my god!! I'm about to pee in this damn seat!! We turn the corner into the stadium parking lot and I'm the first one out of the car. I run to the door but it's locked.

"Hurry up slow pokes!!"

"I didn't know pregnant people could go that fast!"

"Haha very funny, lets go, open the door."


"Shove Please up your ass Niall and open the damn door!!"

"Not until you say please!"

"Pretty please with cherrys on top!"

"Feisty are we?"

"I'll open the door if you give me a kiss!" "And it has to be good."

"Fine asshole!"

**I kiss Niall and then I hear Hope say something**

"O God!! Get at room you two!"

Finally after like 5 minutes of stupid shit, Niall opens the door and as soon as I get in the door, I run for the bathroom. I hear Niall's cute little laugh coming from the hallway. I'm not paying a bit of attention to the others. I'm focused on peeing. When I walk out of the bathroom Niall is like,

"Do you feel better?!"

"Yes I do!"

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