Partying, Tanning, And Daydreaming

It's a story about small town southern bells, just your average 16 year old girls. Looking for job's, partying, and getting tan. Who happens to run into their biggest idol's, the biggest boyband in the world One Direction. They have a summer full of drama, relationships, old foes, and scandels no one ever talks about. Will one of the southern bells British brother ruin her fun? Will something happen to the girls?

Co writer: MKH Styles

**Bad Language**


2. Jobs?!?!?!?!?!?

Lannie's Pov...


"Guess what girlz????"


"I have a surprise for you two!!!!"

"Well what is it??"

"I got you two a job....."

"Where, Where!!!!!"


"Ahhhhhhh! How long have you known about our jobs???"

"I got a call last night."

Hope's Pov...

I hugged Lannie for like the first time ever since we have been friends, because he got Amelia and I a job, at the most laid back place in town. And let me tell you it's been 3 years!! As you can tell I'm not a very huggie person. **Amelia is going crazy in the corner yelling** 

"I love you, I love you Lannie!!"

I can't believe Amelia and I have job's for the summer and until we get out of school!! I asked Lannie when do we start working and he said

"You can start tomorrow."


Next Day.........

Amelia's Pov...

Hope and I get to start our job's at Cupps today. We have to be there by 7:00 a.m. to open with Lannie.


Zayn's Pov...

I'm worried about Harry and Niall. Because Harry's girlfriend just broke up with him just out of the blue. And a girl Niall was interested in was just toying with his heart instead of telling him that she has a boyfriend and she was thinking about breaking up with him, but she couldn't stand breaking his heart, but could break our little irish boys heart. I hope by the time we get to the next concert they will be less depressed and ready to put on a show.


Harry's Pov...

I can't believe she hurt me like that. She didn't give me a reason why she broke up with me. We were together for 6 months, and I really thought that she was the one. But somethings happen for a reason. Some things never really seemed to be true with her now that I think about it.


Niall's Pov...

Why??? Why does this always happen to me... I wish I could just find a girl that would treat me the same way as I would treat her. I want to find my "It Girl". Somebody that can understand my difficult life, would eat as much as me, would love me for me, not for the fame and fortune.


Amelia's Pov...

Ughhh!!! Why does this have to be so hard! Remembering these orders is so difficult! I thought it would be easier than this, but it's not! Hope is so much better at this than I am. And Lannie is like a wizard at this stuff.

"Amelia quit daydreaming!!"

My manager is always yelling at me. My job is to take orders and sometimes make them. And when I have to make the orders I always screw it up. So my main role is to sit and listen. Hope's job is to make the orders. She is like amazing at it. She always makes it so prefect. And Lannie does pretty much what ever he wants to do. He could be cleaning tables or helping Hope. It's whatever he feels like doing.


" Come take these orders, the line is getting longer!!"

 So this is how my summer will go. I'm gonna hang with my friends and make some money! Then party!!!

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