Partying, Tanning, And Daydreaming

It's a story about small town southern bells, just your average 16 year old girls. Looking for job's, partying, and getting tan. Who happens to run into their biggest idol's, the biggest boyband in the world One Direction. They have a summer full of drama, relationships, old foes, and scandels no one ever talks about. Will one of the southern bells British brother ruin her fun? Will something happen to the girls?

Co writer: MKH Styles

**Bad Language**


25. Friends Parting Ways

Nathan's Pov...


This is the worst!!!!!! How could those two ever do this to each other???? And I can't lose my little sister!!! She is my everything I have left of my real family.... and the doctor hasn't come out and I'm getting really scared

"Nathan your shaking."
"Harry I can't even think straight right now. I can't lose her she's the only family I actually care about."

"I know....I can't imagine my life without her but I don't think she will talk to me when she wakes up."

I start to think about what all happened just in this short time and its all been a mess.

"Sykes family."

I stand up shakily.


"Hope is out of surgery and she is in ICU for now, but we think she will be up in a few hours and then we can move her to another room. But she is going to be really weak because of all the blood loss."

"Ok thank you so much doctor."

"It's my job sir, glad to help Ms.Sykes."     


Amelia's Pov...


So I'm just tired of this bullshit.... I can't believe all this!!! Why in a million years would I would go for Harry!!! I mean for real!! I had Niall, until he cheated on me with one of my very best friends!! I can't even think straight right now!!! Ugh!!!!!! Why in the hell is my phone blown up right now with phone call's and text messages!!! I guess I should find out who keeps calling and texting me. I look down at my phone and I see that all the calls and texts are from the boys. They keep texting me saying call me now its important and it deals with you and Hope!!!!! Why in the Hell would I care about that whore anymore!!! All of a sudden I get a random text from a blocked number,


From:Blocked Number

If you want to know what your family really does, then fly to California and I will explain everything.

What? My famliy? All my famliy is, is a bunch of low down dirty sons of bitches! I hate them! They left me! But luck for me I guess Hope's parents took me in and made me feel like one of there own. Especially Nathan...he is the best (I guess you could say) brother anyone could ever have. But to bad so sad. Not! I can't believe any of this! But the one thing that blows my mind is Niall cheating on me with Sarah. I can't even hardly think about it but I might punch something or even rip something apart. I feel like I just need to start over...I'm really thinking about going to California. Who knows what might happen. I might accually find my parents and maybe they are like rich! I tell the cab driver to take me to the airport. I'm going to fly to Kentucky pack up all my stuff and move to California. I guess I'll drop out of school too. Whats the point in going if i'm not going to be here. I start packing when someone walks in.

"Amelia? What are you doing?"

"Oh Lannie...I'm umm..moving out."

"What?!?! Why?! Were is Hope?!? We need to talk about all of this!" 

"Hope is in Florida with the guys."

"Then why are you here?"

"Just call Hope or one of the boys and they will explain."

"Ok but at least stay here tonight."

"Lannie..I'm sorry I can't. I might be going to find my parents!"

"Really? Were?"

"Far away from here. Look I have to go...I call you soon."

"Ok..I'm going to miss you so much! Come here.."

I walk over to him and he hugs me really tight."

"I love you and don't ever forget that."

"I won't and I love you too...bye."

And with that I walk out the door. I get outside and I tell the movers that they will be driving all the way to Los Angelas,California.  


Harry's Pov...


How could all of this happen to me and Hope?? We were suppose to be together... And I had to screw it up just by trying to get rid of my ex! How stupid was I for thinking that would work!!! Now I'm not sure if Hope will even talk to me when she wakes up. I hope she does cuz I don't think I can make it without hearing her voice. I just wish the doctors would say we can see her... I just want to see her face again to hold her while I still can and her not get mad at me. I want to explain to her what happened and maybe she will understand and forgive me and maybe apologize to Amelia and then we can get the whole gang back together, like a family is suppose to be.


Hope's Pov...


I feel like shit.... Where the hell am I at? I try to look around and all I can see is a man sitting next to my bed holding my hand. I cant make out who though.... My eyes are really fuzzy.... Come on stupid eyes stop being fuzzy!!! I need to see.... Now that's better... HARRY!!!!!! Where am I and why is Harry here????? What happened to me???


"Hmmmm, Where am I at?"

"Your at the hospital, don't you remember what happened?"

"No.... the last thing I remember is Liam talking to me in the ambulance... kinda.... and Amelia attacking me..."

"Ohhh so you don't remember you saying my name??"

"Not really....."

"Hope I screwed up big time, but you don't know everything that happened....."

"Well after I get out of here I think we need to stop talking we need time apart... I think..."  

"Hope please let me explain, please!!!!"

"Harry I don't want to think about it for awhile... I just want out of here and to get out of the states... Where is my brother at??? I want to talk to him please.."

"Ok I'll get him for you. And I'm guessing you want to talk to Liam?"

"Yes please."

Harry walks out of the room to go get Liam and Nathan. A few minutes later they walk in.

"Harry said that you wanted to talk to us?"

"Yea...when I get out of this place I'm going to Australia."

"What! Why?"

"I don't want to be anywhere near Harry for a while."


" have to ask that I think you know why."

"Well both of us are going on tour soon. Do you know anyone there?"

"No but I will probably find somebody."

"Ok but you better call everyday or I will fly out there and hunt you down."

"Ok I'll be safe."


Niall's Pov...


Numb. Thats all I feel right now. I wonder were she will go, what she will do. What am I going to do? How will I even sing anymore. I made every song we sang about her in some way. She was all I could ever sing about. She will probably move on...find some him and make him feel special like she did to me. She show me a song one time called She is Everything by Brad Paisley. She would change every part it said she and changed it to he. She sang it to me and said it was her song to me. I listened to it a few minutes ago and I started to cry because I'm not her everything anymore. We are going back on tour in a few days. Touring the US. I'm going to be around the boys everyday, maybe I can tell them how I feel and they can help me get over her. But honestly...I don't know if I'll ever get over her. She will forever have my heart.


Liam's Pov...


This has been the craziest week ever! I'm starting to think that Hope trust me more than Harry. And I trust her too. I think I may even like her but I can't like her because...Harry. She doen't like me. I can't help wonder why she asked for me and Nathan. I guess it was because Ii rode in the ambulance with her. But anyway I'm just ready to go back on tour and see all the fans....heard the crowd scream and sing along with us. Touring the US!! So happy about that! Going to have two broken-hearted guys with us though. But I know we can cheer them up. Once they hear all the fans and start singing, I know they will be fine.


Siva's Pov...


I guess One Direction and us are going back on tour at the same time. Thats weird but we will be touring the UK. The homeland. I texted Ameila a few minutes ago and she answered me back. She said if I told anyone that I talked to her, she would kill me. She said she was in California and that she was going to start over...a whole new life. I just want her to be safe and to call me to text me everyday to let me know she is ok. She said ok and that she would and that I'm the only person she trust right now. I feel like I need to tell Nathan but at the same time I would like to live. I really hope she is ok.


**Next Day**


Hope Pov...


Today is the day that I finally get out of the hospital! I'm so ready to get out of here! I need real food. Nathan is signing release forms so I can leave. Liam, Harry and Max are all in the room with me. Niall flew back to Ireland to see his family. Siva flew to California. Zayn, Louis, anthe other boys from The Wanted flew to England. I guess they have a little more time before they go back on tour. So now its just 5 of us left. I guess now Lannie is my only bestfriend now. I mean I know I have the boys but some one I've known for a while. I never though any of this would happen....not in a million years did I think this would happen. The person I hate this for the most is Niall. He loved much. And for her to just leave like that. I must of been hard to stay here at the hospital. I mean I'm his ex-girlfriends ex-bestfriend. But I wish Harry wasn't here right now. But I know he still cares about me and wants to make sure I'm ok. I'm not about to tell him that I'm going to Australia. Nathan walks in and and says,

"Ok we can officially leave the hospital."

"Ok good lets go."

We walk out of the hospital and into the car. On the way to airport to fly to Kentucky. Nathan and Max are the only ones going with me to Kentucky. Harry and Liam are flying out to go to England to see there familys before the tour starts up again. I'm just glad Harry isn't coming with us.

**4 Hours Later**

Back in my O'l Kentucky home! But for long...I'm to pack up all my things and head straight Austraila. When we get to the bagage claim, pap's surround us and they are yelling questions at me and Nathan. Mainly about if me and Harry are still a thing  or not. Nathan tells me to not answer them and to just walk past them quickly. We walk out and go straight into a black Chevy Suburban. Amelia always talked about cars and different brands of cars. She would always talk about how she always wanted to be a NASCAR driver. I hope one day she gets to. But I can't think about her anymore...only about what I'm doing and going to do. We pull in front of the apartment and we all get out. I get my keys out and open the door. When I open the door I hear really loud noises. Weird loud noises. I yell for Lannie but he doesn't answer. I go to his room and as I get closer can tell what the noises are now! gross. I open the door and I saw the most horrifying thing ever. 2 guys......o god I ain't even going to say it. I scream and run straight into Max's arms. Well this is a little weird. I don't think he knows what to do either so I back away and turn to see Lannie.

"What the hell was going on in there!?!?!"

"Ummm...nothing you need to know about. But your back and healthy! I heard what happened. Amelia came by here too. She told me that she was going somewere to start a new life or somethimg like that. She also told me that y'all ain't friends anymore. What happened?"

"A very long story, anyway I came to do the same as her. I'm going to Austraila. Try to figure out what I want to do in life and get away from all of this."

"What!! You too!!! Damn it! Now I'm going to be lonely forever."

"It didn't sound like it in there."


"Sorry. But it's true."

I run up stairs and pack up all my stuff in bags. All my clothes that is. After I get all my stuff packed I look around my room and I start to wonder What Amelia's room looks like now. I walk across the hall and in her room. I look around at the once poster filled walls and now all there is, is purple paint. Her bed is still here. the dresser and all the furniture is still her but all of her clothes are gone except for a few that she left behind. I looked at the clothed and notice they are mine. I guess she knew I would be doing the same thing she did. Move out. I take the clothes and put them in my suitcases. I stand in the middle of my room and tears start to fill my eyes. i have no idea why. I mean I'm going to have a better life now than I did when I was here. But I'll be doing it alone. Nathan walks in and pulls me into a hug.

"Everything is going to be ok. You don't need her to have a good life."

"Nathan she is our sister or whatever you want to call her. I have no idea what she could possiblely be doing or where she is."

"She won't answer anybody so we can't do anything past that. If she wanted to still be in contact then she would answer her phone."

"It's going to be hard but I can do it."

"Yes you can and we are all going to make sure you do."

He picks up one of my bags and starts out the door and I do the same. we put everything in the suburban and I say goodbye to Lannie.

"Be a good girl ok?"

"Ok I will Lannie."

"Don't forget about me, and if you ever need help shopping or getting alcohol just call me."

I can't help but laugh alittle bit at that.

"How could I ever forget about you! And I'll call you every now and then to tell you how awesome Austraila is."

"Ok...Be safe and I love ya."

"Love you too Lannie."

With that I walk out the door and get into the car. I'm really gonna miss him.

**At the Airport**

"Ok Hope do you have everything you need?"

"Yes Nathan I have everything. I need to go or I'm going to miss my flight!"

"Ok ok..promise me that you will be safe and you will call or text everyday. And try to make friends not enemys."

"Ok I promise."

I hear the last call for my flight.

"Ok I have to go y'all. I'll you as soon as we touch down ok?"


I hug them both and say I love you to Nathan. Then I walk on to the plane with my carry on bag and find my seat. I hate my seat now! Their is an extremely fat guy sitting in the middle of me and some other guy. God why me? I have to sit here for 24 hours! O lord help me. I swear the plane isn't going to be flying straight because of tubby over here. It will be flying at a slant! I'm going to sleep, watch a movies and listen to music. I hope I can get through this!

**24 Hours Later**


Omg have I slept the whole flight over here!!?!?!?! I must have because they are telling everyone to do all the things they normal do blah blah.... Who cares.... I always hate the landings... they are so ruff...

So we finally landed and I'm so ready to get off this plane! So I get of the plane and I go to the baggage claim and grab my bags... And let me tell you I feel so out of place I'm wearing boots and a tank top.. and people are looking at me so funny... So I'm trying to find my way around and I'm just getting more confused now... So I start to walk around with my bags when all of a sudden my phone starts going off... And I try to get it out but I end up dropping my bags.. So I answer the phone and its Nathan..... While I'm trying to pick up my bags and talk on the phone...

"Hey Nathan!!!"

"Hey Hope did you just get off the plane?"

"Yeah and I'm fine by the way.. How's everything?"

'It's good here. Watch out for other people around there. There is other people there, don't run into them."

As soon as Nathan says that someone runs straight into me...

"Dam would it kill you to use your eyes?"

"I'm so sorry I didn't see you there... I was running from fans. Ohhh Hey your that girl that's dating Harry Styles?"

"No not anymore.. That's kinda stalkerish.."

"I'm sorry but its kinda hard not to know you.. Everyone had seen pictures of you two.."

"Did you hear screams??? I think that's your cue to run.."

"Ohh Yeah..."

The mysteries guy grabs my hand and pulls me along while carrying my bags..

"I don't even know your name.... Do you mind telling what it is.."  

"Talk later run are asses of and hopeful no one gets pictures of us together.."

"Why does that matter?"

"Just keep quiet I'll tell you later... But right now we have to get somewhere safe."


So we are running like crazy and we finally get outside and the paps are everywhere and the flashes start to go off... Dam just what we need... We run into this black car and then it drives off....

"Now can you tell me your name??"

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