Partying, Tanning, And Daydreaming

It's a story about small town southern bells, just your average 16 year old girls. Looking for job's, partying, and getting tan. Who happens to run into their biggest idol's, the biggest boyband in the world One Direction. They have a summer full of drama, relationships, old foes, and scandels no one ever talks about. Will one of the southern bells British brother ruin her fun? Will something happen to the girls?

Co writer: MKH Styles

**Bad Language**


10. Fighting!!!

Hope's Pov...


"Harry thanks for the breakfast." "It was really....

**Doorbell rings**

"Harry I'll be right back."

"Ok, hurry back."

**I open the door**

I wonder who this could be.


**Harry walk to the door**

"Who is it love?"

**Harry grabs my left hand**

"Umm Harry I have something to tell you."


**The Wanted walk through the door**

"This is my brother."

**One Direction and The Wanted walk into to the living room**

"Little sis why are they here?"

"What do you mean why are they here?"

I hear Max say "Why is Harry holding your hand?"

"Umm he is my....."
"I'm her..."

"Baby sis is he your boyfriend?" " Wow wait is that a ring on your finger?"

**Amelia and Niall walk down the stairs holding hands**


"Yea Amelia I thought we had something."

"Umm no Siva we never where a "WE"."

"Yea she's mine now!"

"Ohh I see how it is you go for the pale faced Irishman instead of this Irishman."

"DUH!" "And he is not pale!"

"Are you and Harry married?"

"Max we..."

**Louie Interrupts**

"Yea, Max my best friend and Hope are married!!" "You got a problem with it?" 

"Yea mate I do have a problem with it.!"

**Nathan interrupts**


"NICE JOB LOUIE YOU STARTED A BUNCH OF PROBLEMS FOR ME AND HOPE NOW!" "Nathan, me and Hope are not married we just have promise rings to each other."

"Well how long of you known my baby sis?"
"Only 24 hours."

"HOLY SHIT!" " You two have only know each other for 24 hours and you two are already promising to each other."
"Yes Max we are." 

Holy shit why are they here now. I'm glad their here but I can tell they just want to fight each other. And I don't know how to stop this.


Amelia's Pov...


Why is this happening right now? Why are they getting mad? I knew there was a reason. I didn't like The Wanted. Then Siva was getting all weird and say stuff like "We" and like no. I was his friend but nothing more. I don't want to be anything more than friends. And then he has the balls to say something about Niall. O, he crossed all kinds of lines then!! The funny thing is, that they haven't noticed that me and Hope are only in Harry and Niall's sweatshirts. But they are to busy arguing.

**Hope comes up and talks to me**

"I've never seen my brother this mad before!"

"Yea, me neither."

**Me screaming at the guys**

"If your gonna argue or fight, y'all need to take it outside!"

**Then Tom says**

"Alright then lets go outside**

**Everyone goes outside then Hope talks to me**

"We didn't mean for them to actually go outside."

"We need to go out there and say something."

So me and Hope run outside in just sweatshirts and cowboy boots (our redneck atire). I hope no one starts fighting because the cops might get called and then thing just get bad from there. The first thing I saw was 10 guys trying to kill each other. Well Harry is fighting Nathan, Liam is fighting Max, Niall is fighting Siva, Zayn is fighting Tom, then Louie is fighting Jay. So then me and Hope have this bright idea to run in front of 10 guys trying to kill each other and try to stop them and then we get hit instead. And just to make it even worse the pap's have showed up.

**Me and Hope getting hit**

"Shit!!! that hurts like a mofo!!"

**After we got hit**

Hope is knocked out now. Harry and Nathan notice Hope start to fall to the ground. 

Harry hells out in panic.


Harry and Nathan stop fighting to go take care of Hope.Then I get up and start cussing them out. Then I start punching all of them and then the fight get's worse. As if it wasn't already bad before.

(Sirens going off)

Nobody stops fighting even though the cops pull up. So the cops have to break us up. The ambulance gets called for Hope. All of us gets arrested except Hope, Harry, and Nathan. And yes me and Hope are still in the hoodies. So me, Niall, Siva, Louie, Zayn, Jay, Max, Tom, and Liam all get arrested and they have to call back up for more cars to put us in. And Hope, Harry, and Nathan are at the hospital. Wow are we this stupid. So we get the Police Department and they ask what happened and take our mug shots then they put us in one big cell together! And I'm the only girl and to make things worse I'm only in the sweatshirt and cowboy boots! I could get herpes or AIDS!! Good lord!! Its so cold in jail. I'm like freezing my ass off in here. I can officially say that "I have done time in the slammer". I'm not very happy with the people in the same ceil with me right now!! It's their faults that Hope is in the hospital and I'm here in this stinking ceil. I watch this show called "Beyond Scaried Straight" I never thought I would be in a jail ceil like them. Then I ask,

"Who started the fight?"

Niall answers me

"Well Siva started it."

Siva talks

"No I didn't!! Niall started it."

"No I didn't you idiot!!"

Tom talks

"Well your bestfriends boyfriend started it!!"

Max agrees with Tom and Louie says

"No, he didn't it was Max!"

Max talks to Louie

"Just because you two are gay lovers doesn't mean you have to stick up for him."

Louie gets up and I say

"OK!! Look we all kind of started it, So SHUT THE HELL UP!! I really don't wanna hear it! I'm freezing my ass off and I'm not gonna sit down because I don't want to get HERPES!!"

Everyone jumps up and stands around waiting for someone to come bail us out. The jail ceil gets really quiet.


Harry's Pov...


O my gosh how could I let this happen I should have been the grown up. But of course I had to join in on the fight and now look my sweet Hope. She is knocked out cold. I need to tell the paramedics that she hit her head just yesterday.

"Hmm paramedics Hope hit her head yesterday and she was knocked out for 30 minutes."

"Why didn't you bring her to the hospital yesterday?" "She could be in a coma now and that fall yesterday could have damaged her brain." 


"Yea Hope fainted yesterday when ever she met us."

"I didn't know that they liked One Direction that much."

"Yea their really into us." "And I've heard that Amelia does not like you guys, well except you."

"Really I never knew."

"Yea that's what Hope told me."

**Paramedics in a rush to get Hope in Hospital**

The last time I see my Hope is when they roll her into the trauma room. This makes me mad why won't they let me go with her?


Nathan's Pov...


How could this all happen to my little sis? She's not suppose to be in the hospital now she is suppose to be having fun, not being knocked out. I can't believe that Hope never told me that she and Amelia like One Direction this much.

**20 mints go by** 

"Nathan I'm sorry all of this happened because of me."

"No it's not your fault it's mine." "I shouldn't have gotten so mad at you and Hope."

**Then the doctor say something**

"Hope Sykes Family."

"Yes, we are right here."

"I'm sorry to say but her injury's are pretty bad."

I can't believe this..... I'm starting to cry and I look over and I see that Harry is balling his eyes out.

"Doctor!! Doctor!!" "Wrong patient!" "Her paper work got mixed up with someone else!" "Here's her paper work."

"I'm so sorry about that." "And Hope is back here you can go and see her." "But she is not up yet."

OMG I'm so happy that she is fine. But I feel bad for the other person. Me and Harry actual hugged. I never thought that could happen. 

"Well I never thought that would happen, Harry."

"Me either, Nathan"


Harry's Pov...


I walked in first and Nathan followed. Then as soon as I saw her in that hospital bed I couldn't help but to start crying. Then I looked over at Nathan and he was starting to get teary eyed as he walked over to the bed. She looks so peaceful when she is sleeping. How can she be so peaceful a sleep?

"Harry if you want you can date my sister. You seem like a nice guy now that I have met you."

"I'm glad that I have met you and your not a bad guy either."

"Hey, I'm going to go get something to drink, do you want me to get you something?"

"No, I'm good mate."

Nathan walks out of the room.

5 minutes later...

I start talking to her

"Please wake up love, I'm worried about you, It's just me and Nathan here because everyone else is in jail."

**Hope starts to move then Hope talks**


"Hope are you awake?"

"Harry were am I?"

"Love your at the hospital."

"How did I get here?"

"What is the last thing you remember?"

"Everyone fighting."

"Somebody hit you hard!! And it knocked you out."

"How long have I been out?"

"About an hour and 10 minutes now."

"Dang, It felt like I was only out for 5 minutes."

Then Nathan walks in the room

"Hope your awake!!"

"Yea, were is everybody?"

"Well, there all in jail."

"So everyone went to jail because of the fighting?"

"Yea, even Amelia."

"Well thats lovely."

I'll go get the doctor

**Nathan talks to Hope**

"Hope I'm so sorry that all this happened, I didn't want it to, but it did."

"Its ok."

"So you really are in love with Harry aren't you."

"Yea I am."

**The doctor walks in and has a conversation with Hope**

"How are you feeling Ms. Sykes?"

"I feel fine. When can I leave?"

"When we get all the paperwork done you can. You have to have someone wake you up every few hours."

"Ok, How long does it take to get all the paperwork done?"

"Only a few minutes if I can have one of you gentlemen come with me to fill it out."

**Nathan walks out to go fill out the paperwork**

**Nurse walks in to help Hope with her clothes**

So I go out of the room to give her some privacy. Even though she doesn't need much privacy to put on a sweatshirt and cowboy boots.

**Gets dressed and get in the car and Hope falls asleep on Harry's  shoulder**

We pull up to the Police Department. I looks like an awful place.

Nathan talks to me

"Hey Harry we need to wake up Hope so she can come in with us."

"Ok I'll wake her up."

I wake her up and we get out of the truck and go in to get them out.

"We have to go in and bail everybody out."


We walk in to the Police Station then Hope talks

"Dang its cold and creepy in here."

"Its ok I'm right here."

Amelia runs out of the ceil and is thanking us

"Thank god your here!! You have no idea what its like in there!! I was in there with a bunch of farting idiots!! I felt like I was in Herpeville and its cold in there!! And by they way how are you feeling Hope?"

"I feel fine, but I'm really tired."

Then all 9 of them file out of the cell and into the back of the truck and Nathan starts the truck and we head back to the house. I can't believe all this happened, I feel like its all my fault that Hope got hit and that everyone had to got to jail for 2 or 3 hours. Poor Amelia she came running out of there. I wonder what they did to her in there. She said something about farting. If they did that then I feel really bad for her. Hope falls asleep on my shoulder again in the back seat. She looks so beautiful even though she has been knocked out twice in 36 hours. Then Nathan says something,

"Hey Harry, Can I tell you something?"

"Yea what is it?"

"If you ever hurt her or anything like that, I promise I will find you and hurt you. Ok?"

"Yea I understand. I'm the same way with my sister."

"You have a sister?"

"Yea she lives in London and her name is Gemma."

"So I guess we both understand each other better than we thought."

"Yea I think so."

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