Partying, Tanning, And Daydreaming

It's a story about small town southern bells, just your average 16 year old girls. Looking for job's, partying, and getting tan. Who happens to run into their biggest idol's, the biggest boyband in the world One Direction. They have a summer full of drama, relationships, old foes, and scandels no one ever talks about. Will one of the southern bells British brother ruin her fun? Will something happen to the girls?

Co writer: MKH Styles

**Bad Language**


18. Fighting Between Love

Hope's Pov...


Last night was so interesting. Well just all day was interesting. I wonder when Amelia and Siva will get to come home? Maybe I should just text her and ask her.

To: Bestie:) From: Hope

Hey Girl!!!!!!! What have they said about Siva today??? Do you guys get to come home?????

To: BFF From: Amelia

Well we just woke up. So we haven't seen the doctor yet. OPPP, WAIT here he comes. Text u back in a few.

To: Bestie:) From: Hope

Kk, text me when he leaves and I mean as soon as the doctor starts to walk out of the room. This is one of several brothers of mine. And I want to know everything he says about Siva!!! And if you guys get to come home?!?!?!?

**2 Minutes Later**

To: BFF From: Amelia

Hey again the doctor said that we can come home after I sign some papers. The doctor said that he was going to be fine he just needs to rest. And I have something to tell you!! And no one else can know about it!!

To: Bestie:) From: Hope

Kk, I have something to tell you too!!

To: BFF From: Amelia

Ok Me and Siva are leaving to hospital now.

To: Bestie:) From: Hope


Hmm what should I fix for my brothers and the guys? What do they all like to eat? Ahhh I know what to fix!! I'll just fix pancakes and bacon, I better start making the food because it's gonna take a long time to fix for everybody. I look at the clock it's 7 now. They don't get up till about 9:30. So that gives me enough time to fix all the food. I roll out of bed and put on Harry's hoodie and try to find my shorts from last night. Last night Harry got a little rough. He wanted to do a lot last night. He wanted to tie me to the bed and go all the way with me. He wanted to do a little foreplay too. Which I would have done a little of that with him, but right now I'm just stressed out over cheerleading competition. That me and Amelia have to leave for today after cheer practice. I really don't want to leave Harry and the boys today. Even though they have to leave today after me and Amelia. But I'm not sure how to tell Harry. I'll figure out how to tell him later today somehow. So I get in the kitchen and I can't even find the pancake mix in my own house! Great now I have to rummage through ever thing just to find it. Ohh here it is. Why is it on top of the fridge?!?!? Now I just got to find the bacon.... HOLY CRAP!!! HOW MUCH FOOD DO WE HAVE IN THESE FRIDGE?!?!?!?! Hmmm where is the bacon at??? Here it is below the eggs?!?!?!?! I'm not even going to ask how it even got there. I start to fix the food when I hear I a loud noise come from the hall way.. And turns out to be Niall.

"Niall, Why are you up this early?"

"I smelled the food."

"Well it's not done yet go back to bed or just go into the living room and sleep."

"No, I kinda want to help with the food."

"Ok, but don't eat all the food as we make it."

"I can't make no promises!"

Niall sprints toward the kitchen.. 


So me and Niall make the food. He is really tired now and heads for the living room. Well with Niall's help I got the food cooked by 8:30. I guess I need to get everyone up. As everyone starts to get up, all of us hear Amelia and Siva laughing.

"Amelia!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!! BEAR ATTACK!!!!"


So I just jump on her and we both go down laughing are asses of. So Niall walks over to us and he just looks at us with a look like what the hell is wrong with you.

"Another attack."

So when Amelia sees Niall she pushes me over and jumps up into Niall's arms.

"My princess is finally home."

"And I'm here in my Nialler's arms to keep me safe."

"Where you in danger?!?!?!?"

"No! Not the point... Your ruining the moment..."

"Sorry just want to keep you safe that's all."

"I love you so much Niall!!"

"I love you to Amelia!!!!"

Then Hope says something,

"Nice shirt lol!!"

"HAHAHA, not my shirt that would be your shirt."
"So is Siva going to be ok???"

"Yea, his going to be fine. Just needs to watch what he is doing for awhile."

"That's good. Everyone I made breakfast. And me and Amelia need to tell you guys something."  

"Ok, but we need to ask you something.. Will you two go on tour with us??"

"HMMM.... Guys we have cheerleading practice today from 11 to 2. And we have to leave after practice to get on a plane to go to Florida."

"Wow!!! Florida!! For what??"

"Cheerleading competition."

"What day is you cheerleading competition??"

"It's two days from now."

"Ohh Ok."

"Well after cheerleading we can come on tour with you."

"Ok and what are we going to do about the pregnacy thing?"

"Someone needs to put on Twitter and say "Haha we fooled you guys! Nice acting Hope and Amelia." Sound good?"

"Yea thats a good idea but who is going to put it on Twitter?"

"I think it should be Niall or Harry."

Then Niall yells out,

"I'll do it!"

"Ok so now that, that is over we can go out in public and not wear those awful things."

"Yea, So who's hungry?"

And Niall like runs to the kitchen and starts to eat without a plate. Then everyone runs to the kitchen and tries to grab as much food before Niall eats it all. Then I tell Amelia I need to talk to her.

"Amelia I need to talk to you about something!"

"Ok good because I have to talk to you about something too."

We go in a random room and I start to talk to her,

"Ok I'll go first. My period is 4 days off!"

"It's done that before remember, it will come soon. When was the last time you and Harry you know got freaky?"

"Last night."

"Anytime before that? O wait I remember this. About 4 days ago."

"Yea, I still can't believe you did that."

"True but you have to admit it was funny."

"Yea but anyway back on the subject."

"O yea, Did you use protection?"

"I don't know.''


"I didn't see him put it on."

"O good lord help us! Maybe its just off a couple days."

"Yea you could be right, but what if it's not?"

"If it's not... I don't know."

"Anyway what did you need to tell me?"

"Umm last night at the hospital me and Siva got in to a little arguement. And I found out that the reason he said what he said was because of Niall."

"OMG!! What!! Niall!! That's way he called you a whore!! O hell no this ain't floatin my boat! I'm going to beat his ass!"

"No Hope you're not! Wait I haven't finished! Then I told him that if he was a good friend he would be happy for me and then I stormed out. Then about 15 minutes later I walked back in and he said that he was sorry and that he is happy for me. So we made up and then he asked me if I wanted to sleep the the bed with him."

"And what did you say?"

"I said I would as a "Friend" and only a friend!"

"O MY GOD!! You slept with Siva!! What is Niall going to say?"

"Well I'm not going to tell him and neither are you! If Niall found out he would first kill Siva and then he would never talk to me again!"

"Why did you sleep with him?!?!"

"Because those hospital chairs are not comfortable!"

"So which pain would you rather go through uncomfortable chairs or a broken-heart?"

"Neither!! And I feel awful for it to!! You have to understand that!"

Amelia starts to cry

"I do! Come on don't cry the guys are going to think something is wrong."

"Something is wrong but they can not know about this! Promise?"

"Promise. Now lets go eat something before we have to go to practice."

We walk out and into the kitchen and all of the food is gone!! Everthing I fixed is gone! 

"Well thats great guys now we won't eat till we get to Florida! Thanks!"

Then Amelia says,

"We might pass out in practice and be in the hospital and we could die!"

"We won't die just pass out."

"Well what do you want to eat? Me and Niall will fix it for you."

"Good luck because Niall will eat it while fixing it!"

"No I'm way to full! So what do you want me and Harry to fix you?"

"Ummm... How about biscuits and gravy with tea!!!"

Then everyone looks at us and at the same time says,

"You drink tea?!?!"

"Yes we drink tea!!! Are you crazy!! It's amazing!"

"Wow thats interseting!"

"Hey Niall I've got this, you go spend time with Amelia and I will cook this."

"Are you sure mate?"

"Yea because you didn't get to see her last night, I know you are going to miss her so go I've got this."

"Thanks mate!"


Niall's Pov...


I'm so glad that Harry is fixing the breakfast for Hope and Amelia. Now I can be with Amelia before I have to leave her. So I walk in the livingroom and see her and Hope sitting on the couch. I go and sit by Amelia and she says,

"Hey baby is something wrong?"

"No I'm just spending time with my princess before I have to leave."

"O ok, so what do you want to do?"

"O I have something in mind."

Then I grab Amelia's face and start to kiss her. Then I hear Hope say,

"O good lord, I'm going in the kitchen."

We made out for like 10 minutes before Harry yells,

"Foods ready Amelia!"

I have never seen someone run so fast to the kitchen for food. But that is one of the many things we have in common. That was the best 10 minutes of my life! She is an amazing kisser. So I followed her to the kitchen. Then the smell of food takes over me. I see Amelia already eating so I go and get a fork. I walk over to her and I steal the last bite of biscuits and gravy. Then I see her face and then she yells at me.


"Sorry princess, I smelled it and it smelled so good and looked so good. So I felt the need to eat the last bite."

"O payback time! 5 second head start for you! RUN!"

So I take off running up the stairs and into a random room. I see her run past the room and I sneak out and run down the stairs and hide behind a corner. She comes running down the stairs and walks past me and I grab her from behind. I scared her and she screamed. Then she turns her head to see that it was me. She tires to get out of my hands but she can't. Then she says,

"Fine you win! I give up! But don't let me go."

She turns and kisses me then she says,

"I have to go get ready for practice."

"Can I come help you?"

"Yea come on!"


Amelia's Pov...


Niall is the best boyfriend ever!!! How did I get so lucky with him?? So me and Niall go and get his things packed and ready for him to leave. It doesn't take that long.

"Niall? Can you help me with something?"

"Yes my princess. What do you need help with?"

"Packing my clothes for cheer competition."

"Ok lets go get your things packed so your not late for your practice."

So Niall grabs my hand and intertwines his fingers with mine and drags me to my room.

"Ok where is you carry on bag at??"

"Its in my closet. I'll get it"


"Here you go Nialler."

"Ok. Now get all the things you need for Florida. And I'll pack your bag while you rest before practice.

"Ok. Give me a few minutes to get everything."

So I grab my straightener, blow dryer, hair supplies, a pair of tennis shoes, toothbrush, hair brush, my cheer shoes, and I grab all of my clothes I will need. So I throw all that stuff at Niall and run back to my closet to change into my warm ups for cheerleading practice. Which consist of bootie shorts, where you can almost see my ass, tank top with spaghetti straps, white cheer shoes and my hair is pulled back to a messy bun. I walk out of my closet and Niall is staring at me funny.

"Niall, why are you looking at me like that??"

"You look different."

"Ohh ok I think I have everything I need. Thanks for helping me Nialler."

"Your welcome my princess."

Me and Niall grab my bags and start to walk down stairs to wait for Hope to go to practice. It's just 10:00, but we like to be there 30 minutes early to get everything ready.


Niall's Pov...


Is that really what she has to wear for warm up?? I don't like seeing her like this. She looks really slutty and I don't want other boys looking at her like she's just a piece of meat. I just can't get over it. I know that I keep staring at her but I just can't imagine her wearing that.

"Niall why do you keep staring at me?"

"O no it's nothing."

I can see she is getting mad at me.

"No there's something wrong! What is it?"

"It's what your wearing."

"What about it?"

"It looks kind of slutty."

"What!! Niall are you calling me slutty!"

"NO!!! Just your outfit."

"Well I'm sorry but this is what I have to wear to practice!"

"Don't get mad!"

"No I'm not mad, I'M PISSED OFF!!"


"Don't play dumb with me! You just called me slutty!"

"No your not slutty Amelia!"

"Niall just stop talking! Your making it worse!"

"Amelia I'm sorry for even saying that!"

"Well to freaking late! You said it! Look you need to just stop and go away!"  

Then Hope walks in and starts to talk to Amelia.

"Amelia whats wrong?"

"O how about you ask Mr. Asshole over there!"

"Niall whats going on?"

"Look I didn't mean to say that Amelia and I'm not an asshole!"

"Yea right asshole, and he called me a slut!"

"You called her what!?!?!"

"I called what she was wearing slutty and she is getting all mad!"

"Excuse you bitch but now I'm in this because we are wearing the same damn thing! So are calling me slutty too ummm!?!?!"


Then Harry comes in the room and starts to comfort Hope but she pushs him away and says,

"No Harry not now! I pissed off right now! Come Amelia lets go!"

So Hope and Amelia pick up there bags and go out the door. They didn't say goodbye or anything. I try to call Amelia but she wouldn't answer. I start to talk to Harry.

"Harry call Hope's phone becuase Amelia isn't answering."

"First, What happened!"

"I said that Amelia's warm up outfit looked slutty and she took it wrong and then she told Hope what I said and they were wearing the samething. So they are both mad at me and I don't want to leave my princess this way!"

"Ok ok I'll call her."


Hope's Pov...


I can't believe what Niall just said!!! That just makes me mad that he called Amelia a slut just because of what she was wearing. Me and Amelia are really PISSED OFF at him right now. So me and Amelia get to the football field like an hour early. So just to blow of some anger that we have bottled up inside, me and Amelia put our headphones in and just start to run around the field. Amelia and I ran for about 30 minutes straight just trying to process everything. Man, am I thirsty now.

"Hey, Amelia lets take a break now. So we can be rested by the time the others get here."

"Ok. I was thinking the same thing."

So me and Amelia walked over to our bags and my phone starts to go off.


"Love please listen to me. Niall didn't mean what he said."

"Harry, it's just me and Amelia have been called that before. And you don't know what me and Amelia went through to get over it."

"Wait you've been called that before??"

"Yea, me and Amelia practically almost killed ourselves by not eating. Because we thought that if we got skinner that wouldn't say that. We don't take it lightly. I don't want to talk anymore, Harry."

"Love please don't hang-u.."

I just shut my phone off now so no one can call me anymore.

"Amelia, don't answer your phone their trying to call us right now. We just need to let it cool off for awhile."

"Ok, I'll just turn it off."

"Oh here's the girls. I guess we need to start practice."

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