Partying, Tanning, And Daydreaming

It's a story about small town southern bells, just your average 16 year old girls. Looking for job's, partying, and getting tan. Who happens to run into their biggest idol's, the biggest boyband in the world One Direction. They have a summer full of drama, relationships, old foes, and scandels no one ever talks about. Will one of the southern bells British brother ruin her fun? Will something happen to the girls?

Co writer: MKH Styles

**Bad Language**


24. Drama!

Amelia's Pov...


I can't believe we won!!! I'm so happy! For the team. For our school!! It's been 20 years since the cheerleaders have brough back a trophy! And I'm so happy that I got to win it with my 2 bestfriends and this wonderful team! We get into a little cat fight. But we pick up the trophy and the check and head backstage. I don't really know what to think about everything that happened. I all happened so fast. Niall hates my guts and Hope does too! I'm the worst bestfriend in the world! I didn't want her to see that. I really didn't want to pretend to be Harry's girlfriend. But I did and now I have not only screwed up my relationship with Niall, but posibly ruined my friendship. We get backstage and all the girls are freaking out still. But as for me, Hope, and Sarah, we are just packing out our stuff and getting ready to go back to the hotel. I don't know whats wrong with Sarah though. Weird. She looks almost sick. Hope doesn't even look at me. Niall won't even come near me. Harry is just silent. And Hope is to quiet. The rest of the girls don't know what happened. Which is a good thing. The girls pack up their bags and we all walk back to the hotel.

**10 minutes later**

All the girls got to their rooms. Me and Hope are sharing a room. So this is just going to be weird. All the sudden Sarah runs up to me and says something,

"Hey I need to talk to you. Tell Hope to come with you."

"Ok whats wrong?"

"You will find out soon enough."


She walks away. So I get to mine and Hope's hotel room. I go in and see all the guys from The Wanted and One Direction, Sarah, and Hope. I know something or someone is about to go down. Sarah says something to me. "Sorry I got a text saying we were all meeting in here."

"O ok. Umm are we like having a meeting or something?"

"Yea and it's about everything that has been going on. You may want to sit down."


Hope gets up and walks out of the room and thats when I know that this was going to be about me and Harry. I throw my stuff on the floor and go sit by Niall. I'm surprised that he didn't get up and walk away. But instead he puts his arm around me. Hope walks back in the room with Sarah's shirt in her hand. This is getting weird.

"Sarah who's shirt is this really?"

"It's her's remember. She told us that this morning."

"Amelia Shutup! Sarah answer my question!'

"Amelia I'm sorry.. It's Niall's."

Sarah puts her head in her hands.

"Exactly. Now why were you late this morning?"

"Sarah why do you have Niall's shirt?"

"I'm really sorry Amelia you have to know that. Ok?"

"Why do you keep saying your sorry?"

"Niall tell your girlfriend why she has your shirt and why she was late this morning."

I push Niall's hand away and stand up.

"Amelia, princess I'm so sorry. Please just know that I love you."

"Just freaking tell me what the hell is going on!"

"Last night when I told you goodnight and left so quick was because I was going to meet Sarah."

"Please don't tell me that what I'm thinking is true."

"What were you thinking?"

"That you two hooked up last night. Don't tell me that I spent half of my night balling my eyes out while y'all had sex!"

Niall gets up and walks over to me and says,

"I wish I could tell you that you were thinking wrong."

"Sarah you skank!!! And Niall what the fuck!!

how could you do this to me!! I loved you. You were my everything."

Niall trys to hug me but I just push him away. I can't believe it. I loved him so much. I start to cry. I get really quiet. Then Niall says something,

"Amelia please.. say something."

"We are over."

Then Hope says something,

"Well now its time to move on to you and Harry this afternoon. What the hell is wrong with you. I love him and you freaking knew that. I don't even care what the reason is. But I hate you for it!"

"HOPE!!! You need to stop."

"Nathan stay out of it!"
"Hope I was trying to help his ass out ok!! His stupid ass ex shows up so he asked me to be his...."

"Oooo I freaking bet! You knew that I loved him and you were jealous. So you just had to find away to get back at me for whatever reason!"

"I was not jealous of you and Harry!! I had Niall! He was everything I needed! I can't believe you think that I'm jealous of you!! Your freaking nuts! We are bestfriends!! Why would I do that to you! Think about it!"

"I think you were jealous of the fact that I was the better cheerleader! The only reason you got on the team was because I put your ass on the damn team. I made you co. captain. I was more popular than you too!"

I hear someone say,


"You are unbelievable!! You think I'm jealous of you because you are more popular. Ha I laugh at you. And so now the truth comes out about me getting on the team! I wouldn't have cared if I got on the team or not! I wanted to do something fun with my friends!!"

"Well now that I know that, Your off the team!!"

"Good!! I freakin hate cheerleading anyway!! I like basketball better anyway! And you now something else, I was always better at sports anyway. And even Sarah will back me up on that. Right Sarah!"

"She is right."

"See bitch!! SEE!!"

"Ok fine lets talk about boys for a moment. I had more boyfriends than you. And even one of them wanted to have sex with me!!!"

"I don't give a rats ass if they wanted to do you or not. And I bet you had sex with every single one of them too! Because your a freaking whore!! You want to know why I waited because I knew that someday I would find the prefect guy. And it was Niall sadly."

"Bah Bah Bah! Who gives a shit? Nobody! So shut the hell up! And for your information, Harry was my first time!! And you even knew that because I told you."

"Ok so what!! What else are you going to bring up bitch!"

"O I have all kinds of stuff. You told me one time that you wanted to have sex with Siva!!"

Everyone just stares at Siva.

"OOOO HAHAHA Freaking hilarous you are!! And that was like last year!! You told me one time when we were super drunk that you wanted to have Max's kid!!! O and It was at our birthday party!!"

"Why are you even talking bitch! Just stop. Your so stupid!"

"O yea I'm the stupid one says they girl who copyed of my homework everyday!"

"I did like once and the work was really hard!" 

"O suck my dick bitch!"

"And your a he/she!!"

Niall says,

"No shes not! Don't freaking say that about her."

"Aww Look he is still taking up for you. Since you can't do it yourself."

"Shut the hell up!! Your just jealous that nobody ever took up for you!"

"Yea because I took up for myself! I some balls unlike your ass. You just let people run over you. So I started to take up for you!"

"So!! I could have takin up for myself if I wanted to!"

"But you never did! If it weren't for me you probably would have been bullied!"

"But I wasn't and I'm not!"

"You have probably the worst comebacks ever."


"Like really! I hate you so much!!"

"I hate you too!!!!!!!!!!"

"How in the hell did we ever become friends!!?"

"I was just thinking the same damn thing!"

"How about we just stop right now!"

"Sounds go to me!"

"Good !"



"Fine!! I hate you!!"

"Hate you too bitch!"

I hate her so freaking much!! I wish I never even met her or the boys!!


Nathan's Pov...


I can't believe what just happened! I think we all just witnessed a friendship break and a relationship end too! The girls go to there rooms and slam the doors shut. The rest of us just sit in shock. Niall is like crying. Sarah is probably going to ball here in a second. Max, and Siva are like really shocked. And we have no idea what to do or even say at the moment. O and now Sarah is balling. Tom gets up and walks over to her but she just gets up and runs out of the room. I walk up to Hope's door and I hear her crying. I try to open the door but its locked.

"Hope please let me in!"

"No!! Go away!"

"I have food!"

"That only works for Amelia!"

"Fine then I have.. Shit!"

"You have shit?"

"No, just please let me in!"


She unlocks her door. I walk in and see that her eyes are really red. Her stuff is everywere.

"So what happens now?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that you don't have a bestfriend anymore and I'm pretty sure that you and Harry will breakup. And its going to be weird for Max to even be around you now."

"I have a bestfriend. Lannie!! and I will find a new boyfriend. And I guess Max will get over it."

"Hope your being really stuck up about all of this. You said that your bestfriend was jealous of you! Are you kidding me! I mean have you even though about how Harry is feeling right now!"

"No i'm not!! And I don't care how he feels. And speaking of Harry...."

Hope opens the door and Harry is still sitting there He just looks at her and she looks at him.

"O and Harry we are done!"

"But Hope you need to let me explain what happened!"

"I don't care why! You kissed Amelia and thats not right!"

"Your not even being fair!!"

"I don't care!"

So now Harry is mad. And Hope is just making it worst! Then Amelia walks out of her room with a sweatshirt and yoga pants on. She sees Harry and Hope arguing. She know that he is like getting drilled for all of this. So she, I guess, thought she needed to step in. She has her cheerleading outfit in her hands.

"Hey bitch! Heres your damn outfit!"

She throws it at Hopes face. It hit her in the face. Hope is so freaking pissed! Her face starts to get red and thats when I know that somebody is really going to get hit now! Harry I think can even tell something is going to happen.

"What in the hell is wrong will you!! What made you think you could just throw this in my face!"

"What is the point in even having the damn thing if I'm not even on the team!!"

"There is no point but you didn't have to throw it at me!"

"I felt like throwing something. So I though it would be better if it was that rather than this fist!"

"O like you were accually going to do something! I would knock you out in one hit!"

"You wanna bet!! I'm more redneck than you!"

Then Harry says something,

"Girls please lets not!"


It's only me and Harry in the room. The other guys when somewhere. I hope they get back soon!!

"Lets go then Bitch!"

"No lets no go! You two need to just stop!"

They both give me a dirty look. And then I take a step back. This is getting ready to get bad. Then for some reason Amelia walks back in her room and shuts the door. Now I'm worried about her. All the guys walk back in. Hope walks up to Amelia's door and starts to yell.

"Your to scared to fight me! Your a big baby! you such a bitch and i hate you forever....."

"Is this really still going on Nathan?"

"Yea sadly Liam it is. I'm glad you all got back because they were about to fight!"

All the guys hear me say fight. They all say at one time,


"Shut up!"


Hope is still going crazy on Amelia's room door. Like thats going to do something. She finally stops. Thank god! She sits down on the couch. She takes out her phone and starts to type really fast and with power. So weird. I swear guys don't go through this much trouble to get a point across! I get on Twitter to see what she is posting. She is tagging Amelia in every post about hating somebody or cheating on someone. Then she changed he relationship status to "single and ready to mingle". Then her phone starts to ring.


"Who is this?"


Everybody looks at her. Harry especially! O lord here we go!


Amelia's Pov...


Ugg I can't believe I was best friends with that bitch!!! How could she even think that I would cheat on Niall with Harry!!!! Niall was my first love and I probably would never broken up with him.... If he never cheated on me with Sarah!!! I'm going to see what's everyone's up Twitter.....


Before I knew it I was out my bedroom door!!!!!


Hope's Pov...


I feel bad talking to Ed Sheeran with Harry seating right here in the room.... Well he deserves it!!!

"So I saw your relationship status change.... So what's going on???"

"Nothen much just sitting here on twitter.."

"Ohh so your status just changed.. What happened to you and Harry??"

"He cheated on me with my ex-best friend..."

"So you and Amelia aren't friends anymore??"

"Yeah, cuz she is slut!!!"

"Well that's rude!!!"

"Well you weren't there to see them..." 

"What did they do??"

"Well they...."

The next thing I know is Amelia is screaming that I'm a bitch. Then she climbs on me and starts to punch me in the face. The first hit is directly  aimed at my nose. I hear my nose crack and I feel blood start to run down my face. I put my hands up to try and block but its not use. With every hit more blood. By now her knuckles are bleeding too. Blood is going everywhere. I here the guys get up and try to get Amelia off me. But they fail. So Niall grabs her sides and she immediately gets off me. She turns to see who did it. She comes face to face with Niall. I guess Niall has some serious balls because he kisses her. He finally got his last one. I hope he makes it last. She kisses him back then she walks in her room and grabs her stuff and walks out the door.

"Hope what's wrong what just happened?!?!?!??!"

"OMG Hope your losing tons of blood..." Nathan says

Nathan picks up my phone and tells Ed what happened...

My nose is really hurting right now.... I'm starting to get light headed... The last thing I remember is saying Harry's name....


Harry's Pov...



Did Hope just say my name???? I don't know how to act... I can't believe what all had happened to everyone!!!! I'm still in love with Hope... I can't push the feelings away.... I have to do something for her... I can't just stand here and not help her. I see her start to fall and I run over to her and catch her right before she falls to the ground....


Niall's Pov...


I'm never seen Amelia get so crazy... I mean like ever not even in bed!! I don't even know why she was so mad. But DAMN!!!! She looks so good when she is mad. And I got an eye full of her ass when she like attacked Hope. I saw the guys fail at trying to get her off Hope. I knew exactly how to get her off. She hates having her sides poked. So I did and she got off really quick. When she turned around, her face was like 2 inches away from my face. I knew this was my last chance to kiss her. So I went for it. It was probably the best kiss we ever had. And I could she never wanted it to end but it did. I love her so much. She looks so irresistible when she walks away. I can't believe I just let a good girl like her slip through my fingers. I want her to just stop and turn around... but I know that won't happen. I just want to go away from everyone and everything. I have zoned out completely. Then for some reason my body starts to move on its own. I run out of the room and down the hall. I hope I can find her. I need to prove to her that she really is the only one for me. I get all the way down to the lobby. I don't see her anywhere. I run outside. I can't find her anywhere. Then I turn around and see her. She has her headphones in and she isn't paying any attention at all... So I walk right up to her. I take my hand and place under her chin and slowly lift her head. She takes her headphones out. She is now facing me. I say to her,

"Promise me you will always keep me truly, madly, deeply in love with you."

"Niall I can't promise you that. Someday you will find the prefect girl. And you will get married. I'm just not her. If this was meant to be then I would feel so much love for you. But I just....can't right now. You really hurt me... I'm sorry."

"But Amelia I have found the prefect girl.... And I'm standing in front of her right now."

I can see her eyes start to look glassy.

"Niall... I-I..Can't. Look I have to go."

She walks away and I'm left standing there brokenhearted. I just let the best thing in my life walk away.


Max's Pov...


Holy Shit!!!!!!

"Someone needs to call an ambulance!!!"

"Was it just me or did none of us see this coming???"

"I have never seen them like this before Nathan...."

"Me either.... Max please call an ambulance."

"Ok...... Hello yes we need an ambulance at Grand Hotel in room 413... My best friend has lost a lot of blood and she is out cold on the floor...."

"Ok the ambulance is coming its 2 minutes away. Check her breathing to make sure she is still breathing properly."

"Harry check her breathing..."

"She's having difficulty breathing, Max, I'm getting really scared that we are going to lose her!"

"Please hurry she's lost a lot of blood and having difficulty breathing!!!"

"Ok they are entering the elevator right now."

2 Minutes later

"Oh thank you she's right there in Harry's lap..."

"What happened to her?"

"She got into a really bad fight with a friend.."

"Well her nose is broken for sure... Everyone please back away so we can get her on the gurney and get her to the hospital."

So they pick Hope and put her on the gurney and Harry runs out of the room... I'm guessing Harry is really pissed off at Amelia.... So the rest of us run down the stairs and we meet up with Hope and the paramedics when they get off the elevator.... Great the papz are here and they are taking pictures... I know this is going on the news everywhere.....

"Ok so who is going to ride with Hope to the hospital??"

Then I hear Liam speak up..

"I will... I want to.."

So we see Hope and Liam disappear into the sea of papz... I hope they make it there ok.. With all this trouble....someone's going to get hurt. 


Harry's Pov...


I need to talk to Niall and get Amelia on the Phone...


"Yeah Harry..."

"I'm really scared Hopes not going to make it!!!!!"

"What do you mean... What's wrong??"

"When Amelia hit her she hit her dead in the nose and broke her nose and she's lost a lot of blood and she is having difficulty breathing!!!!"


"Yea... Do you know where Amelia is??"


"Well I need to get to her to tell her what's all going on..."


"Yeah Niall???"

"I'm still in love with her!!!"

"I know you are... I'm still in love with Hope!! This will all blow over soon.." 

"Lord I hope so!"

I try calling Amelia's phone but no answer. I text her.. I even e-mail her! She won't respond to anything. Could thinks get any worst around here!!!


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