Partying, Tanning, And Daydreaming

It's a story about small town southern bells, just your average 16 year old girls. Looking for job's, partying, and getting tan. Who happens to run into their biggest idol's, the biggest boyband in the world One Direction. They have a summer full of drama, relationships, old foes, and scandels no one ever talks about. Will one of the southern bells British brother ruin her fun? Will something happen to the girls?

Co writer: MKH Styles

**Bad Language**


14. Concert time!!!

Harry's Pov...


When I first saw Hope and Amelia in their baby bellies it was such a shock to me and Niall. I hope that one day I will be the father of Hope's baby. Hope and Amelia went back to the bathroom to pee again.

"Harry I can't believe that one day they will really be pregnant. Hopefully with our baby's."

"I know Niall I was just thinking about that. When are you and Amelia going to have sex?"

"HMMM? Wow Harry your really thinking about that now?"

"Yea why wouldn't you have sex now?"

"I'm afraid that I will scare her away."

"Your not going to scare her away Niall. If she came up with this plan she wants to have sex."

"Ok.. I don't know when we should though?"

"Well you have to make it romantic first."

"I know that, but how do I ask her to have sex with me? Harry, how did you get Hope to have sex with you?"

"It just kinda happened Niall to tell you the truth. But I'll tell you this it was Hope's first time. And I think Amelia is still a virgin."

"Yeah your probably right. Maybe it should just happen instead of forcing it."

"Yeah. That is probably the best thing to do."

Hope and Amelia walk out of the toilets.

"What where you guys talking about?"

"HMMM..nothing we where just talking about soccer, O I mean football."

"Ohh Ok."

"Hey here comes Liam, Louie and Zayn."

"Boys it's time for sound check."

"Ok we will be there in a few moments."

"Harry what are me and Amelia suppose to do for an hour?"

"You guys can just go back stage and hang out or you can watch the sound check if you want to."

"Ok.. We'll watch the sound check."

This sound check is going to take forever! But I'm glad Hope and Amelia are watching us. I'm so glad that they are watching because they have gave us so much inspration. This is going to be the best preformance we have ever done. And its all for the two most beautiful girls in the world. And all of our fans. I don't think they have ever been to a One Direction concert before. I know they have been to The Wanted's concerts. But this concert is going to better than theirs. It sucks that their first 1D concert has to be when they are wearing those bellies. And they probably won't see half of the concert because they will be in the bathroom pissing! I don't like this plan as much as I though I would. At least she doesn't have to wear that when she is at home. That would suck because I wouldn't be able to hold her in my arms.  


Amelia's Pov...


I'm so excited to watch them practice!!! I've only seen parts of concerts on Youtube. But this is ten times better!!!! I get to see my favorite band practice!! And I get to see them in concert!! But the down side is that me and Hope are wearing these stupid bellies! At least I'm not really pregnant. That would be awful.

"This is amazing!!"

"I know Hope!! This is so cool that me and you get to do this."

"I know!! I'm still trying to process that you and Niall are dating!!"

"Really 'cause I'm still trying to process that you and Harry had sex!"

"Wow!! I just can't believe that we are with them and they know us."

"And we are having their fake baby's!!"

**Hope laughs**


"I wonder when they are gonna start?"

**I yell at the guys**

"When are y'all gonna start?"

**Niall answers back**

"In a minute princess!"


"I have a plan!"

"What is your plan Miss Skyes?"

"After every song we should go crazy like the fans!"

"Wow you don't makes plans very often do you."

"Hey, I made this fake pregancy belly plan!!"


**Their sound check starts**

The boys starts singing Kiss You.


We do this during ever song and after the song the whole time. Finally the boys are done with sound check!


Hope's Pov...


The boys start to come off stage.

"Hey Babe!"

"Hey Love!"

"So how did we do?"

"You guys where amazing!!"

Harry try's to pick me up but stops after an attempt.

"Ok I can't do that anymore. I'm sorry your to heavy now."

"Harry your about to get slapped."

"I'm sorry love. Forgive me?"

"HMM... I'll have to think about that."

"AHH... Come on Hope please forgive your baby daddy."

"Fine just because of the baby. HAHHAHAH!!"

"Your so funny, Hope. I'm sorry we have to go get ready now. Will you come with me to get ready?"

"Yes I will always be with you when you need me Harry."

"I love you so much. Hope I can't describe it too!"

"AWW!!! Harry there is no amount of words that describe how I feel about you!" 


Niall's Pov...


"Hey Amelia I have to go get ready now. Do you want to come with me?"

"Yea, I'll be there in a second I have to pee again!"

**I start laughing**

"Ok princess."

Goodness she has peed like 15 times since we have been here. But I'm glad she is here with me. I love her so much. And I know she loves me too.

"Ok Niall I think I'm done peeing for now. Lets go get your concert clothes on."

"Ok, my princess."

How did I get so lucky with Amelia? I love her so much that my heart wants to explode when I'm with her.

"Niall come this way the changing rooms got moved over here. The other boys are in there now getting ready."

"Ok Amelia is coming with me."

"I know Niall. Harry won't leave Hope's side either. Because she is carrying his baby and he wants to protect it at all times. And I'm guessing the same is for you?"

OMG!! This is getting good. This joke is better than I expected....

"Yes, I'm the same way with Amelia and my precious baby."

** 3 Hours Later**


Liam's Pov...


Getting dressed took longer than normal for some reason. It's about time for us to go on stage and perform our hearts out.

"Come on Harry and Niall! We are about to go on stage. Your baby mommies will be here when we get done. I promise."

"But we don't want to leave them alone for long periods of time though."

"Harry and Niall you can see them from the stage. They will be fine."


"Don't get mad Harry. Me and your baby will be right here waiting for you once you get off stage."

"Ok fine. If you say so, love. Daddy will be right back baby."

Wow Harry is taking this prank to the next level. Which makes it even better.

"Niall, go out there and have fun. Your precious baby and I will be here waiting for you."

"Ok. I love you both. Daddy is here for you." 


Hope Pov...


Harry and Niall are taking this prank really serious. I can't wait for the prank to end so I don't have to wear this damn thing anymore. I just can't believe me and Amelia are at our first One Direction concert ever!! And we get to see it from the side of the stage!! This is gonna be so amazing!!

"Hope I can't believe we are at a One Direction concert!!"

"I know me either!!"

"This is so crazy!! Just two days we were to girls sitting a coffee shop taking orders and now we are like groupies!!"

"I know I can't believe it!! And you are dating Niall Horan!!"

"I know!! I wonder what it's gonna be like going back to school?"

"Ughhh I don't even want to think about school!"

"Yea I'm so excited about the concert."

"We are going to sing to every song and scream alot!!"

"We are probably going to lose our voices by the end."

"Yea I think so!"

**They start singing Heart attack**

"OMG!!! I love that song!!"

"Me too!!"

** Few Songs Later**

"Ohh look Amelia the boys are coming of the stage!!"

"Hey love what do you and Amelia think of the show."

"You already know the answer to that, silly!'

"Ohh I do know?"

"Oh just come give me a kiss you dorkfish!"

"What the hell is a dorkfish?? But o well I find out later come here beautiful."

Harry pulls me close to him and he takes my face into his hands. He pulls me onto his feet and he starts to kiss me. I'm so in love with this boy!

"I'm sorry Hope I have to go back on now, but I will be back to you and our baby."

Harry bends down and kisses 'the baby'. Once he stands straight up he smiles at me with that cheeky smile of he his. Then he winks at me. Wow he really takes pranks far.


Amelia's Pov...


Ohh..... I'm so in love with Niall!! Niall runs off the stage and the first thing he does is runs up to me and smashes his lips into mine. OHHH SWEET GOODNESS!!!! He just melted my heart.

"Well Niall that was just... just..."


"Yes more than amazing could ever think about!"

So Niall goes and changes rather quickly and comes out and kisses me again!! I'm on cloud 9 right now!!!

"I'll see you and the baby after the show!"

"Ok we'll be right here."

Then Niall starts talking to the belly.

"Daddy will be right back!"

They run back on stage and start singing

This is so weird! He is talking to a bloody sack of water. Did I really just say bloody!! They are rubbing off on me. Before you know it I'll be talk in a british accsent. That would be awesome!

**They start to sing the last song and its What makes you beautiful**


"I know!! I love it too!!!"

In the middle of the song Niall looks over at me and sings to me!! I'M IN HEAVEN RIGHT NOW!!! THE BOY IS SINGING TO ME!! I'm in love with him!! He is so freakin amazing!! I am like zoned out right now. I'm focused on one thing right now and he is on that stage. He looks so good too!! I'm melting inside.


Zayn Pov...


This is an awesome concert!! We have killed it tonight!! And the Kentucky fans are amazingly crazy!! My favorite part of the concert is the Twitter questions!! And We are going to do them know!

"Twitter question time!!"

"YES!! My favorite part!! Whats the first question?"

"The first question is for louie and its from LouieLover10 and it says "How do you like Louisville Kentucky?"

"It is amazing here!!! I love it!! I'm in a city named after me!! Who wouldn't love this place!"

**The crowd goes wild**

"Next question is for all of us. And its from Directioner63 and it says "What kind of toothpaste do you use?"

"Wow nice question, I think its called Colgate?"

"YEA!!!! Thats what it is!!"

Some of the question we get asked is quite interesting.

"Next question is for Niall and Harry And this one is from NiallsGirl85 and it says "Did you and Harry get two girls knocked up?"

"Wow NiallsGirl85 thats quite a question you asked and straight to the point."

**Niall laughing as he talks**


"We did and they are here tonight!"

**The crowd screams and goes crazy, not in a good way either**

"I think we should go to the next question."

We all agree.

"And the question is for Liam from MrsPayne77 and she asks "Are you the strongest in the group? Because you look very buff to me you sexy thing!!"

"Well thanks for the comment and I don't if I'm the strongest because we are all pretty strong now."

"I think we should have a competition!"

"Good idea! What should we do?"

"Push ups!! Lets see how many each of us can do in a minute."

"Sounds like a plan!! Put a minute on the clock!!"


I'm going to lose this! Its not that I'm not strong, I just suck at doing push ups. Liam is going to win this for sure! He like does push ups everyday but Harry does too. Its going to be close.

"Louie and Zayn are down!"

Then I hear yelling coming from the side of the stage and its Hope and Amelia yelling at Harry and Niall. I now know why Niall is still going.

"Ooooo And Niall is down! Liam and Harry are still going and there is only 10 seconds on the clock!!"

"Times up!! How many did you do Liam?"

"I did 40!"

"And Harry how many did you do?"

"I did the same amount as Liam. 40!"

"Well its a tie! Harry and Liam are both strongest!"

"So there is your answer MrsPayne77!"

"We have one last question for Zayn from BrooklynMalik15 and she asks "How was your first kiss?"

"This is kind of embarrassing but the girl was taller than me and I had seen a movie were the boy had to stand on something just to reach her, so I had to stand on a brick to reach her and the kiss wasn't even that good. So my first kiss was awful."

**The guys are like rolling laughing**

"It was pretty funny!"

"What a great way to end to the night!! See you guys later!"


Louie Pov...


"That was the best concert ever!!"

"I agree!"

So then I look over and I see Amelia and Niall having a makeout session and then I hear someone say,

"Get a room you two!!"

"They have already been in the room and made something!"

"Wow!! Really Louie really!"

"Well its true!"

"Good lord you guys!!!"

"How are you feeling Amelia?"

"I feel fine right now, but I'm getting tired. Can we go home now?"

"Yes princess we can go home now."

I wish Eleanor was here so I could tell her I love her and kiss her. But I know she is working on a college degree so she can have a career. I miss her so much right now. I wish I could fly to London to see her but we have a concert in 2 days in Nashville, Tenneesse. I'm excited about that trip and we are going to be there for 4 days!! I'm so tired. So we walk out of the stadium and there are paps everwhere. All I can hear right now is clicking of the cameras, yelling questions at us, and Niall and Harry telling Hope and Amelia to walk quickly to the car.

"Good lord that was crazy!!"

"Yea and Me and Hope are out of breath."

"Well yea because your fake pregnant!"

"Can we just hurry and get home so I can take this damn thing off!"

"Beware when she really get preganant because she can't take that off!"

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