Partying, Tanning, And Daydreaming

It's a story about small town southern bells, just your average 16 year old girls. Looking for job's, partying, and getting tan. Who happens to run into their biggest idol's, the biggest boyband in the world One Direction. They have a summer full of drama, relationships, old foes, and scandels no one ever talks about. Will one of the southern bells British brother ruin her fun? Will something happen to the girls?

Co writer: MKH Styles

**Bad Language**


20. CHEER COMP!!!!!!

Hope's Pov...


So I just had the best sleep of my life!!! These beds are so comfortable, like as soon as you get in your out like a light! So me and Amelia get up at 5:30. Then me and Amelia get our showers over with. We start to straighten our hair and lets hope this goes well. Amelia is taking forever to get her hair done!! My hair is actually working with me!! YEA!!!!!! My hair is now done, but now I have to pull it up into a messy bun. Why is it ever time my hair works with me I have to pull it up????

"Hey Hope can you help me with my hair. It just won't work with me today!!!!!"

"Yea sure!!!!"

So I help Amelia straighten her hair then pull it up. I tie the ribbon around her ponytail. And now for the fun part makeup!!!

"Ok Hope you know I can't do makeup on myself so you have to do it!"


I start to put makeup on Amelia and I hear a knock at the door. I open it and all the girls are standing there in there pj's with there cheer oufits in there hands.

"Hey come on in we have alot of work to do."

"Yea alot!"

"Ok so me and Amelia will do hair and makeup on everybody. Then Sarah will make sure everyone has the outfits on and they are clean. Like no stains or anything. I'm gonna finsh Ameila then we will start. Put your outfits on right now and then put like a sheet or something over you so you don't get anything on it."

All the girls say ok and I go back in the bathoom and see Amelia trying to do her own makeup.

"No Amelia stop! I'll do it!"

"Ok, so whats the plan?"

"Me and you are going to do the girls hair and makeup then Sarah is going to make sure that the outfits are nice and clean. Like no stains."

"Ok I feel like I'm in one of those Bring it on movies or something."

"Yea me too!"

So I finish Amelia and I tell 2 girls to come in here so we can do there hair and makeup. So then we start on the girls. Some of them are going to have curly ponytails, straight ponytails, and messy buns. Our school colors are black and baby blue. The top of our outfit cuts off at the bottom of our ribs and it has 2 straps on our shoulders. It has the letters CCHS in baby blue. Then it has black outlining around the whole top. The skirt is 7 inches from our knees, and it is black with baby blue lines around the bottom.

"Hope did I do her hair right?"

"Yea it looks good."


I really miss Harry. I wish he could be here right now. He has never seen me cheer and I want him to see. But I know he is putting on a show for alot of people. I'm so glad that I met him. I wonder where they are today?

"Hope, I miss Nialler so much right now!"

"I know I miss Harry too!"

"Have they ever seen us cheer?"

"I don't think they have."


"What?!?! Whats wrong?"

"I forgot to text Niall this morning!! I'll be right back!"

"Me too!!"

"Wait what?!"

"I mean Harry! Not Niall!"

So Amelia runs out of the bathroom and go to get her phone so she can text her Nialler. And I have my phone is the bathroom. So I text Harry.


Harry's Pov...


Last night was awesome and weird at the same time. First we are doing sound check and Niall almost falls off stage. Then when we get to our dressing room. The guys from Then Wanted come in and tell us that they are going to watch the show. I'm guessing that Nathan came up with that idea. It was actually kind of fun with them here. All the guys got along and no fights. Then after the show Niall was like on crack or something because he was really excited about something. The guys said the show was really good. The concert went great! The fans were just going crazy like normal. We had just the best time ever. Then I remembered that we were going to Miami for the next concert and to see the girls cheer!! So Niall was the first one ready to go and I was second! We got on the plane and Niall crashed. He finally calmed down enought to sleep. We get there at about 3 in the morning and Niall is getting so excited. I'm starting to get like him. I can't wait to see my Hope. We get to the stadium and get on the tour bus to sleep some more. Then at about 6:30 Niall's phone goes off and wakes him up. I have a feeling that he is ok with being woke up by his phone because I think its Amelia. Then I hear my phone go off and I see that its Hope. It says,

To: Harry♥ From: Hope

Goodmorning Harry. I love you so much. I wish you were here. I'll see you in a few days!♥ xoxo

I'm in love!! She is the best!

To: My Love From: Harry

I miss you too, LOVE!!! When does your cheer comp start??? Wish I was there for you!!!!

To: Harry♥ From: Hope

It starts at 9:30!! I'm so excited right now!! AHHHH!!! How was the concert last night?? :)

To: My Love From: Harry

It was so great!! Guess who came to watch us.... Your brother and the guys came to watch us!!! And we all got along together!! Aren't you proud of us?!?!??

To: Harry♥ From: Hope

HOLY SHIT!!!! NOTHIN HAPPENED AT ALL!?!?!?!?! I'm so shocked!!! I'm happy you guys are finally getting along. I love you Harold Edward Styles!!!

I can't believe that I finally found the one for me....

To: My Love From: Harry



Niall's Pov...


Wow I'm really tired! Last night was crazy! I can't believe they came to see us! But I was glad they did. I talked to Siva more than I did the others. I feel like we connect. Not just because we are both Irish, but because of Amelia. They are best friends and we are together. He is really cool. I know this weird but it was good because they are apart of Amelia's famliy. I want Amelia to meet my family because I have told them so much about her. And they want to meet her. But I don't want rush her because I don't want her to feel weird. I hear my phone go off and I see a text from Amelia.

To: Nialler♥ From: Amelia

Hey baby!! I love you!! I just wanted to say goodmorning to you. I wish you were here! But I know your doin your job. I miss you and I can't wait to see you sexy!! :P xo

Hahaha she cracks me up! But thats why I love her! And she understands me so well!

To: My Princess From: Niall

Hey!!! I MISS YOU SO MUCH!! I LOVE YOU TOO!!♥♥♥ Good morning. How are you princess? xoxo ;)

To: Nialler♥ From: Amelia

I'm excited!! I can't wait to go and cheer!!! We are going to kick some ass today!!! I wish you could come and watch! Did I wake you up? I'm sorry if I did. I'm so hungry!! In need of food! LOL! xoxo

To: My Princess From: Niall

Those bitchez won't even know what hit them when y'all win! I wish I was there too! And don't ever be sorry for waking me up! I'm hungry too! We sound like twins! LOL I love you so freakin much!! xoxo

To: Nialler♥ From: Amelia

LOLOLOL!! Did you realize you said y'all in your last text! You starting to sound like me! What are you going to eat? I LOVE YOU MORE! xoxo

To: My Princess From: Niall

I am starting to sound like you!! LOL! Idk on eating. I'm thinking biscuits and gravy. That shit is amazing!! I know now why you love that stuff! But Harry has to fix it! xoxo

To:Nialler♥ From:Amelia

Ahhhhhh thats not fair!! I want some!! And Harry makes it so good!! Hey I have to go so I can finish doing the girls hair and makeup. You enjoy your biscuits and gravy that I can't have!! I'll text right before we go on. Bye Love ya!! xoxo

To:My Princess From:Niall

Ok. Good luck baby! I have something for you if y'all win! I have a feeling your gonna like it to!! ;) Love you so much! Win for daddy! LOLOLOL xoxo

She is so amazing! Now time to get Harry up so he can fix me food. I can't wait to see the look on Amelia's face when she sees us.


Amelia's Pov...


I'm getting so nervous!!! We are about to go on and I'm shaking like a leaf! I wish Niall was here. He always calms me down.

"Hope I can't do this!"

"What!!!! No you have to do this!"

"I feel like I could throw up! O wait....."

I run to the bathroom and throw up. I have never got like this before. So I call Niall.

"Hello princess. Are you about to go on?"

"Hey and yea but I don't know if I am."

"What?!?! Why! Are you ok?"

"Niall I need you right now! I just throwed up and I'm to nervous to go out there."

"Baby I know you need me but I can't be there right now. You are going to be fine where is Hope?"

"She's right here."

"Let me talk to her."

"Ok here Hope"

I give the phone to Hope and I start to cry.

"I know Niall but she has never done this before."

"Amelia you have to stop crying or your makeup will run. Niall Hold on!"

Hope looks at me and she says,

"Amelia it's going to be ok. Your fine just chill out for a minute."


She gives the phone back to me and Niall starts to talk.

"Amelia I have a surprize for you after you get off the stage. Ok?"

"Ok what is it?"

"I can't tell you. You can do this, I believe in you princess. I love you ok. I have to go but good luck!!"

"Ok I'll be fine. I love too Nialler!"

"Bye princess."


Ok I can do this. So I get all straighten up and fix my makeup then me and Hope go backstage to wait. So I hear the announcer Call out our name.

"And now the from CardCat High School here are the CardCats!!"

We run out on to the stage and we wave our hands when I see 5 familiar faces in the crowd. I can't really see but I need to focus.


Nathan's Pov...


AHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I can't believe that it's been 3 years since I've seen Hope and Amelia cheer!!!!! Why did I never come to this things??? I can't wait to see Hope cheer!!! Before she got so upset when she came to this events, where she almost had to go to the hospital, because of how nervous she got.. I just hope that she can pull through for this event. I wonder when they will come on the mats??

"Hey Harry! When does Hope and Amelia come on??"

"I'm not sure? But I will text her and ask her. If she reply's to the text it probably be awhile, but if she doesn't then that more than likely means their about to go on."

To: My Love From: Harry

Hey My Love!! Just wanted to check up on you and Amelia. I heard what happened to Amelia just a few minutes ago. Is she ok??? I was wondering what time you guys go on so I can see if I can get it on the TV, so I can watch you cheer your ass off!!

**5 Minutes Later**

"She hasn't texted back Nathan. So I'm guessing that their about to go on."

Then I hear the speakers crackly to live.

"And now from CardCat High School here are the CardCats!!"

"OPPP!! Here we go Nathan!!!!!!"

**5 Minutes Later**


Sarah's Pov...


That was awesome!! I can't believe it!! That was the best performance we have done as a team in a long time!!! I'm glad that coach picked Amelia and Hope to be the captains. They are really good. I wonder how long they will be head cheerleaders for this school?


"Amelia, Hope you guys are the best captains!!!!!"

"Thanks coach."

I hope we can move on to the next round!!! We earned this!!! So all of us take out some water from our gym bags. So Amelia comes up to me and starts to talk to me.

"Sarah that was so awesome!!!"

"I know!!! I hope they let us move to the next round."

"Yea me too! I have good feeling that they will."

Then Hope comes over and says something,

"Ok Amelia I think we should say something to all the girls."


"Ok girls listen, me and Hope have something we would like to say."

"Today was the best preformance we have ever done! Everyone was spot on and I have a good feeling we are going to make it to the next round!"

All the girls agree then Amelia starts to freak out. She is like digging through her bag looking for something. Then she starts to go through Hope's bag.

"Hey what are you doing girl!?!?"

"I can't find my phone!"

"Why do you need it?"

"So I can call Niall and tell him how good we did!"

"O yea and I need to call Harry. Wait didn't Niall have a surprize for you?"

"Oooo Niall has a surprize for Amelia!!"

"Shutup Sarah. It's not sex!"

"I'm going to go throw up now! Gross I didn't want to think about that."

"Hope, were did I put my phone!"

"I don't know! Go through your bag again. And this time check the pockets."

"Oooo I didn't check there."

"Wow and you say I'm a blonde."

"Be quiet, I'm dating a blonde!"

"Naturally brunette!"

"Wait how do you know that?"

"Ok you stock him and tell me stuff and all you have to do is look at his hair."


"How you found it yet?"

"No!! FOUND IT!!!!!"

"Nice! Has he tryed to call you?"


"Well call your man!"

"Thats what I'm gonna do Sarah!!"

So Amelia calls Niall and Hope calls Harry. Then I see two guys come around the corner. It's Niall and Harry. So they tell all the girls to be quiet so they can surprise Hope and Amelia. So Amelia and Hope still haven't noticed. I can hear the whole conversation. Then I hear Amelia ask Niall a question.

"So whats my surprise?!?!?"

I hear Niall say,

"Well close your eyes, turn around, and wait for me to tell you to open your eyes."


So Amelia closes her eyes then she turns around then she says,

"Can I open them now?!?!"

"Yes open your eyes!"

I see her open her eyes then she drops her phone, screams a little and runs into Niall's arms. He spins her around while kissing her. Then Hope turns around and is like,

"Amelia what in the worl....... HARRY!!!!"

Hope runs to Harry. He picks her up and she puts her legs around him. They have a makeout session. Then Amelia is talking to Niall.

"Surprise princess!!"

"I love my surprise!! How long have you been here?"

"We saw your routine! And it was amazing!!"

"Wait "We"."

"Yea we as in all of us."

Then the rest of the guys come around the corner. And the guys from The Wanted. Amelia and Hope lose it. They start going crazy then they hug everybody. And all the girls are trying so hard to keep calm. But they lose it too. Hope and Amelia jump out of the way so they don't get ran over. The guys start to sign stuff and take pictures. There is one of the guys from One Direction that is so HOT!!! I think it's Liam. I'll ask Hope or Amelia later.


Hope's Pov...


I can't believe that Harry is here!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! This is just crazy!!! I have never had a guy come to watch me cheer before!!!! I am in love with him. I'm so in love with him that it hurts not being with him or knowing that he is away.

"Hey, Love Bug!! What's wrong??"

"Nothing is wrong my strong man. I'm just really happy your are here!!"

"I know me too. You were so great out there. Maybe we can take some of those moves into the bed room. If you know what I'm saying???"

"Harry!!!! Really that's what you were thinking about???"

"What I can't help it that manly parts beg for you. Like they beg all the time. You know how hard it is to keep him down right now??? Let me tell you on a scale from 1 to 100.. It's a blow out of the ball park at a 1000!!!"

"Wow Harry nice analogy. And I'm sorry, but your just going to have to wait."

"Maybe I don't have to."

"Harry, why are you looking at me like that??? I don't like it when you smile with that cheeky smile."

"I'm looking at ways to have a little fun with you later tonight."

"Harry!! You dirty little thing!!! OOO I DONT FEEL SO GOOD. Excuse me for a moment guys."

So I run of to the bathroom and I barely make it in time to throw up in the toilet... As I'm throwing up I hear the door open.

"Hope are you ok??"

"Yea Amelia. I'm fine just my stomach is a little upset.

"Are you sure?? Hope you don't look very good now. OHH Hope your throwing up again!!"

Ugg!!! I've never done this before! I'm so nervous now. With Harry being here and my brother!! Nathan hasn't seen me cheer in a long time. So Amelia holds my hair and rubs my back to make me feel better.

"Hope is everything ok?"

"Yea I'm just a little nervous."

"About what. The preformance is over."

"It not about the cheer. It just that Harry is here and so is Nathan. And its been a long time since Nathan has seen me cheer thats all."

"O I see. You just need to chill out and be happy that they are here."

"Yea your right. Do you have a mint?"

"Yea here."

Amelia hands me the mint. I can see that she is looking a little pale.

"Amelia are you ok?"

"My stomach isn't excatly agreeing with me. But I'll be fine."

"Ok I'm going to go back out to were Harry is. If you need me just come get me."


I walk out of the bathroom and see one of the girls from our team talking to Harry. But it like flirting talking. I really want to see how Harry handles this. So I stand there for a few minutes then she tries to get frisky with him and thats when I draw the line. I walk over the her and start to talk.

"Excuse me bitch, but what do you think your doing?"

"What did you call me?!?!"

"I didn't studder. I called you a B-I-T-C-H! Do I need to repeat?"

She tries to punch me but I catch her and slam her to the ground and start to beat the shit out of her. After about 2 minutes of beating the shit out of her, I look over and see another one of the girl all up on Niall! Then she pushes him up against the wall and I lose it. I get off the girl and walk over to her. I grab a hand full of her hair and slam her to the ground. Then I start hitting her. Niall grabs me and Harry gets the girl. I'm still trying to hit her but I'm just hitting air. I look over and see Amelia walk out of the bathroom.

"What the hell happened here!?!?!?"

"We had some bitches try to get frisky with our men!"

"O hell no!! Were them bitches at! I'm about to go ape shit on there ass!!"

Niall lets go of me and and he says,

"Hope has already done that baby."

"We are done with you 2 whores!! Lets see if you can find two flyers on short notice!!"

"Did you just call me a whore??? OHHHHH YOUR GOING TO REGRET THAT ONE!!!

So I run up to her and knock her down by punching her straight in the face. She screams in pain. Then the next thing you see is blood coming down her face and she is holding her nose. But I don't stop there I get on top of here and keep punching her. I hear screaming in pain, but she deserves every bit coming to her. In the corner of my eye I see her friend come after me, but I get up and she runs straight into my fist. Man is she stupid! The next thing I know is Harry is holding me in his arms and he won't let me go. BUT I'M SO PISSED AT THOSE LITTLE BITCHES!!!!

"Hope calm down, please!!!"

"But Harry....!!!"

"Hope look at me control yourself. Before your hurt someone you love!"



So I scrum in Harry's arms, but he is to strong for me to wiggle out. So I just give up.

"Fine!!! Harry I give up!!"

"Good, but I'm still not letting you out of my arms. It's been 2 days since I've had you in my arms. And I don't want it to end just yet!"

"Damn Hope!!! I didn't know that you could fight like that!!!! I knew Amelia could!!"

"When someone gets me mad it's fighting time!"


Harry's Pov...


I can't believe that Hope was fighting and not Amelia!!! She's more friskier than I thought she was! That just drives me off the deep end. Now my body begs for her even more now. I just want to get her alone with me so we can have a little frisky session. Maybe she can teach me her ways. So I can just be a naughty boy with her! I can tell that my face is getting red just think about it and I know my boys are reacting to the thoughts in my head. I finally let Hope out of my arms.

"WOW!!! Harry what in the HELL are you think about that is making you so excited down there mate?!???!?"


"Well what were you thinking about to make your manly bits to go into over drive?!?!?!" 


"If you don't tell me then I will yell out what's going on down there in your manly bits!!"


"Ok spill!!"

"Ok so I was thinking about Hope and how she was so frisky with those two girls. That really made me want to have my own little frisky session with her. I want her to teach me her ways. And just thinking about it made my body beg for her even more than ever!! Louie I wanted to be naughty to her out here in the public!! I didn't care if people would be looking. I just wanted to do it so bad!"

"Harry you naughty boy!!!!"

"What?!?!?! I can't help it!!"

"Man your so bad about keeping your bits under control!!!"

Hope and Amelia start to walk over.

"Oh Shit here it comes again, Louie"

"Hey tall fry!! What were you two talking about?"

"HMM, Nothing short fry!!"

"I'll leave you two alone."

"Hope, I love you so much!"



"Lady's and gentlemen!!! This years teams have been the best performers we have seen in 45 years!!!! Now if all the teams can huddle together on the mats. We are about to get the results from the judges."

"Harry, I got to go. I'll see you in a few. Love you, Tall fry!!"

**5 Minutes Later** 

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