Partying, Tanning, And Daydreaming

It's a story about small town southern bells, just your average 16 year old girls. Looking for job's, partying, and getting tan. Who happens to run into their biggest idol's, the biggest boyband in the world One Direction. They have a summer full of drama, relationships, old foes, and scandels no one ever talks about. Will one of the southern bells British brother ruin her fun? Will something happen to the girls?

Co writer: MKH Styles

**Bad Language**


23. Broken-Hearted

Amelia's Pov...

I can't believe Niall!!! Something is really weird about him. He just kinda blew me off. I am so brokenhearted. I just really can't believe it. I have been asleep for like 4 hours and I just woke up because I don't feel like sleeping anymore. I just really need to talk to Hope about all of this. I don't know if I should wake her up though. I don't want to wake up Harry too. O well screw it, Im going to anyway. My heart is hurting so bad right now and she helps me through everything. I get up and walk into Hope and Harry's room. I walk up to Hope's side of the bed and like pimp slap her arm. She opens her eyes and she is not happy with me at the moment.

"Why did you wake me up?!?!"

"Shhhhh!! Dont wake up Harry. I need to talk to you about something."

"What is it?"

My eyes start to tear up.

"It's about Niall."

"Ok I'm coming."

She gently gets out of bed and comes in my room. We shut the door and I can't hold back the tears anymore. I sit down on my bed and start balling my eyes out. Hope just holds me and lets me cry. Then after like 10 minutes of crying she says to me,

"Amelia you have to tell me whats going on."

"Ok, when Niall told me goodnight, he acted so cold to me."

"Yea Harry said something to me about it."

"He is acting so strange around me now. And I don't know why!! The Niall I know would have begged me to sleep with me tonight. But he was just like "O I'll just go get another room goodnight" That really hurt me."

"Yea I'm so sorry that, that happened. And I have to agree with you, He is acting really weird."

"Hope you don't think he is cheating on me do you?"

"No!! Amelia he would never do that to you. He loves you to much to do that to you!"

"I guess your right."

"He was probably tired and he was trying to give you space so that you can be good and rested for tomorrow."

"Yea your right. I don't know why I'm getting so upset about this. I feel like a retard now!"

"I would have felt the same way if Harry did that to me."

"Ok I feel better now."

"Ok good now get back to sleep. Lord knows we need rest for tomorrow!"

"Ok night."


Hope turns out the lights and goes back to her room with Harry. I feel like a dumbass. I was just being a girl and overacting.  


Harry's Pov...

I'm dead asleep when I feel Hope start to move. I turn around and look at her and I see Amelia next to her.

"Hope.... What's wrong......."

"Nothin babe just girl talk. Go back to bed, I'll be right back."

So I watch her walk out the door and I can tell Amelia is not ok. When I see Niall I'm going to kill him. I know something is up with him. He never ever treats women like this!!!! Now I'm really worried about Amelia. So I get out of bed and walk to Amelia's door and put my head up against the door to listen in. I hear Amelia crying her eyes out. Then I hear Hope say something to her. I can't really hear but it's something about maybe he is just tired. And something about space. Why would she say something about space. Weird. I don't really get girl talk. The I hear the door knob start to move. I start running for mine and Hope's room. I jumped over something. I felt like a ninja for a moment. I get back in bed like I never got up. I feel Hope get back in bed.

"Harry are you still awake?"

"Yea babe I'm still awake. Are you ok?"

"I am but Amelia's not. I tried to tell her he was just tired or maybe he was giving her space. So that she could be good and rested for tomorrow. But I know thats not even close to the reason."

Ooo thats what she meant by space!

"I feel so bad for her. I don't know what is wrong with Niall but I'm going to figure it out tomorrow. At least you got her to go back to sleep. She is going to need all the sleep she can get for tomorrow."

"Yea thats true. I hated telling her a bunch of bullshit though."

"Well you had to say something and you may be right."

"I don't know Harry. Something is just really off about him."

"I'm going to talk to him about this."

"Just don't make a scene. I don't want Amelia to get upset before the competition."

"I won't I promise. What room is he in now?"

"I don't know. Amelia went to ask but they wouldn't tell her because of a "confidencial" thing."

"Ok well go back to sleep. We'll figure this out tomorrow."

"Ok. Night babe. I love you!"

"I love you too!"

I snuggle back up to Hope and she fell straight to sleep. But I had some trouble going back to sleep, but I evenually fall back to sleep.


Siva's Pov...


Siva talking to all the guys from The Wanted.

"What in the world is up with Niall and Amelia?"

"We were just thinking that. We don't know but when Niall left, you could tell it hurt her."

"I know and he didn't say he loved her either."

"Siva are you ok?"

"NO!!! I'm so pissed at Niall right now! I feel like I need to go talk to him. And talk to Amelia!"

"Amelia is probably asleep and nobody knows what room Niall is in."

"Well I'm going to say something to him tomorrow!"

"Siva don't do anything you will reget."

"What do you think I'm gonna do. Punch him or something?"

"Thats exactly what we were thinking."

"I'm just gonna ask him why. Thats all. I promise."

"Yea me and Max have your back if he tries anything. Right Max?"

Tom yelling at Max...

"Max, Max, MAX!!!"

"Yea!! What!! I was asleep man!"

"Just agree with me."

"Ok I agree with Tom."

"He doesn't even know whats going on."

"O well, I'm getting tired."

"Yea Nathan we are too."

"I'm going to sleep. Night guys."

All the guys say,

"Night Nathan."


Sarah's Pov...


I woke up and the clock said 8:00!! Shit!!! I'm late! So I jump up and try to find all of my clothes. I find my shorts first then my bra, underwear, and my shirt. I put all of my stuff on really quick.

"What are you doing Sarah?"

"Niall I got up late!! They are probably trying to find me!"

"O shit!! Hurry!! I don't want anybody to see you leave my room."

"I'm hurrying asshole!"

"Ok, sorry."

So Niall gets up completely naked. I could have ran and started to have sex with him again but I can't. I hope this my shirt. I don't care. I grab my phone and see that Amelia and Hope both have been trying to call me and text me.

"Ok Niall I'm leaving!"

From the bathroom,

"Ok, bye! Had a great night!"

"Yea me too!"

I open the door and look first. Nobody is in the hallway. I walk out and close the door behind me. Then I start running up the stairs to my room so I can get my outfit and my makeup. After I get to my room, I go and put on some prefume and deoderant so no one can smell sex. That would be very bad. I run out of my room and run to Hope and Amelia's room. I have to be normal around Amelia. I mean I just had sex with her boyfriend. I really am a whore. O well. I don't care. I get to their room and I knock on the door and Amelia answers the door.

"Were have you been missy!!! Your way late."

"I over slept sorry."

"No time for talk right now, We have to get you ready!"

I walk in and all the girl are saying stuff like "Were have you been" and "Hurry we have to go!". I lay my outfit on the bed and run to the bathroom were Hope is doing another girls make up.

"Thank God Sarah!!! Were have you been."

"I'm so sorry I over slept. Please forgive me."

"It's ok. Amelia hurry the hell up and do her hair while I do her make up."

"Ok coming!"

Amelia yells to everyone,

"Has anyone seen Niall this morning!?!?!"

My face got so red! I almost said something. That would have been really bad. Eveybody says no. Then she runs in the bathroom and grabs a brush and starts to brush my hair.

"Sarah why is your hair so tanglely today!"

"I don't know."

I do know why and it has to do with her boyfriend. I notice Amelia keeps staring at my shirt. Thats when I realise that I have on Nialls shirt!! Shit!! Why is this happening! She is going to say something I just know it.

"Niall has a shirt just like that one Sarah."

"Ooo really. Ha crazy."

"I love that shirt!! I borrowed it one time. It's so comfortable."

"Yea its a really good shirt."

I feel like she knows something is going on between me and Niall. Maybe she don't. I hope not. Now I feel even weirder because Amelia has wore this same shirt before. I'm really starting to feel weird about this whole thing.

"Before I put your hair up go put on your outfit."


I walk out of the bathroom and pick up the top. Then the bottoms. I hurry up and put them on. I leave all of my clothes on the floor and run back in the bathroom. Amelia pulls up my hair and Hope starts on my makeup. They finish in about 15 minutes. Which is really quick for them. We all run out of the bathroom and make sure that we look good and everything is prefect. Amelia picks my clothes up of the floor.

"Damn Sarah your clothes smell so good. They smell like man. No like Niall."

"O really thats weird. I haven't even been around him today."

"I know that is weird... Anyway come on girls we have to go!!"

We all file out of the room and run down the hall.

**10 minutes later**

We get backstage and Amelia and Hope tell us all to stretch really good. I'm a little nervous about the competition but I'm more nervous about Amelia finding out about me and Niall. Just as a was thinking that I see Niall out of the corner of my eye and I stand straight up and look straight at him. He winks at me. I see all the guys walk up to him and start to ask him something. He looks so good. God if only I could do him on more time. I would be satistfied. I need to focus. But I can't get him out of my head.


Niall's Pov...


Goodness!! Last night was amazing. Sarah was so good! Except the whole time I was thinking of Amelia. She would be gutted if she found out about last night. I have so much guilt about this. I can't believe I cheated on her. She would never do that to me. I need to tell her. But not now. Not until this competition is over. I'm so mad at myself. But at the same time I feel so good. I get a quick shower. I throw on some clothes really quick and run to the competition. I get backstage and I see all the girls stretching. The first girl I saw was Sarah and she must have saw me too. I winked at her and she smiled. I got lost in her smile. But I was quickly brough back to my senses because all of the guys crowd around me and start yelling at me.

"Niall what the fuck is wrong with you!!"

"You really hurt Amelia last night!"

"She cryed herself to sleep!"

"Wait what!! What are you talking about?"

"Don't play dumb!! We all know what happened!"

OOOO SHIT!!!! They know about me and Sarah!!

"Why did you act so cold to Amelia last night?"

"Siva, Harry, I was trying to give her space so she can be good and rested for today."

"Ooo good because thats what Hope told her."

"Wait, why did Hope tell her that?"

"Because she came in mine and Hope's room last night crying! Hope helped her and told her something so she would go back to sleep. You made her feel really bad."

"O my god I have to find her and tell her I'm sorry."

"Yea you better because she is trying to put on a happy face for everyone, but you can tell she is still hurting a little."

"Ok I'm going to go find her. Bye."

That was close. Too close. I feel like an ass now. I didn't know I hurt her. She probably won't even talk to me now. I'm looking for her everywhere. I can't find her. I turn around and see her talking to some of the girls. The girls see me but don't say anything. I guess they finished talking and the girls walked away. Then Amelia turns around and sees me. Her face lights up. She starts to smile. I love her smile. Then she screams,


She runs to me and she puts her legs around me. Now everyone is staring. I kiss her and hug her really tight. I see Hope give me a look. And it's like a I-want-to-kill-you-but-she-is-happy-so-I'm-happy, kinda look. Then I see Sarah and she just walks away. Amelia gets down and she says something,

"Niall I wish you could have slept with me. I slept like shit."

"I'm sorry for the way I acted to you last night. I was just trying to give you space. So you could sleep."

"It's ok. I wasn't really mad about it anyway. I'm just happy your here now!"

"Well hell yea! I'm here to cheer on my princess."

We kiss again.

"I have to go finish getting all of the girls caught up on the cheer. I love you so much Nialler!"

"I love you more princess!"

She runs back over to the girls and I can't help but look at her ass. That outfit does her ass so much justice. It looks so good. I'm so glad she isn't mad at me! I really do love Amelia. I love her so much. I love everything about her. She is the girl version of me. Or at lease thats what people tell her. But I guess that won't matter for much longer because after I tell her about me and Sarah. She will probably never talk to me. Ever look at me the same. I feel my eyes start to water. I stop thinking about it. I'm here to support my girlfriend. I see the guys start to move to the stands. I walk up beside Liam and he says something to me,

"Niall what is the real reason for last night? I can tell your covering up something."

He knows.


Liam's Pov...


"What the hell did or I should say who did you do last night!!!! And don't say Amelia, because you didn't!!! Who was it??? Was it Sarah!!!! Cuz I saw you two last night going into the hotel room!!!"

"HMMMM... Liam can we talk about this later??? When we are alone??"

"Fine, but we will talk about this after the girls get done!!!! Oh you better watch yourself Niall, Hope's coming over here and she looks pissed!!! And is she dragging Sarah with her???"

So I leave Niall standing there scared and alone, but he deserves it for what he did to Amelia. Cheating on her with one of her bestfriends!!!!! How could he do that to her, she is so sweet and she was really tore up about what he did last night. She doesn't need this! How could he do that. She deserves to have a man like me. I would never do that to her or any girl. 


Hope's Pov...


I walk over to Sarah and I can tell she is hiding something.

"Whats wrong Sarah?"

"O Hi Nothing!"

"You can't hide anything from me. Whats wrong?"

"Hope I did something really awful."

"What did you do?"

"I have hurt 2 people people who I'm really close to. And I may have hurt others too."

"SARAH!! What did you you so bad?"

"Your gonna kill me because it has to do with Amelia."


"Last night I acted like the biggest whore ever!"

"I though you already were the biggest whore?"

"Not funny. Anyway last night me and Niall had s....."


"Wait here me out first."


I grab Sarah's arm and drag her with he to find Niall so I can beat there asses together.

**5 minutes later**

I finally find him and I see him talking to Liam. Liam looks up and sees me and he turns around and walks away. I think he can tell that im about to beat the shit out of somebody.


"What are you talking about?"
"Don't play stupid with me! I know what happened last night. Sarah told me. How could you do that to Amelia! She loves you so much. You realy hurt her."

"Wait she knows about it!?"

"No, not yet. I'm gonna make you two tell her. But not until after the competition. I need to keep her happy for the proformance. You have really done it this time you asshole!"

"I know I have. I feel like the biggest loser in the world!! I was going to tell her after the competition anyway."

"Because you are the biggest loser in the world!! And I know that she will break down and cry! She will probably even hit you. And for you Sarah, if she don't hit you I will!"

"I know I was expecting for somebody to get hit. I will lose alot of friends. And I will ruin everything."

"You will! You have ruined everything!"

"I know and I'm really sorry."

"Don't apologize to me girl, apologize to Amelia when you tell her."

"I will."

"I will too."

"Look we have to go get ready for the proformance, so Niall go find Amelia and tell her to get ready. And if you want a last kiss from her I guess you better get it then."

I walk away from Sarah and Niall. I go try to find Harry. He is the only one that can calm me down when I get mad like this. I look everywhere for him and then I find him. I can't believe my eyes.


Harry's Pov...


I look around trying to find Hope, but I can't seem to find her. I see Amelia so I walk up to her and ask her were Hope is.

"Hey, Do you know were Hope is?"

"No, her and Sarah when to go find somebody. Do you want me to help you find her?"

"If your not busy, sure."

"Ok lets go."

So me and Amelia are looking everywhere for Hope. It's like she disappeared. Then out of no were one of my ex-girlfriends shows up. Freaking great! Why here! Why now!

"Amelia I need to ask you something."

"Ok what is it?"

"Do you see that girl right there. In the purple."

"Yea, What about her?"

"She is my ex-girlfriend."

"Ooooo that's not good."

"No! She is a crazy stocker."

"Ooooo, So she is a creep."

"Yea, if she comes over here can you pretend to be my girlfriend so she won't do anything to me?"

"Yea sure. This is going to be super weird."

"Yea very. Shit here she comes."

So I grab Amelia's hand. Amelia looks up at me and she gives me a this-is-so-weird look.

"O Hi Harry! Crazy seeing you here. What are you doing?"

"Hi Caroline. Really crazy seeing you here. aswell. I'm here to watch my girlfriend preform in the competition. Caroline this is Hope. Hope this is Caroline."


"Um Hi. So Harry how have you been?"

Amelia answers for me.

"He has been great. We are so happy together. I just love him so much. So talented he is."

Wow she is good at pretending. I know what she is trying to do. She is trying to get Caroline to go away.

"I think Harry can answer for himself. But good. Im here to just hangout."


"Yep. Harry you told me when we broke up that you would never be able to love again."

"Well he did see..."

I know exactly what that means. She wants to kiss just to prove to Caroline that I'm over her and hopefully she will go away. So me and Amelia kiss. It lasted a little longer than planned. Man can Amelia kiss. I never wanted it to end. But it ended when I heard a very familiar voice say my name.


It was Hope. Caroline walked away. Amelia and I both were caught off guard. I didn't mean for Hope to see any of this.


This voice was Irish and thats when I knew Niall was also standing there.

"Hope, Niall it's not what it looks like. Amelia was pretending to be my girl..."

"Harry how could you! And Amelia. Of all people why you, my bestfriend."

"Hope I didn't...Its not what it seems."

The we all hear the announcer say,

"It's time to begin the competition for the U.S. Finals for Cheerleading!"

"Come on Hope we will talk about this later. We have to go."

Amelia runs to the stage with the other girls and then Hope looks at me and shakes her head then runs to the other girls. I feel like crap right now. Then Niall says something to me,

"Why would you do that to me man. She is my everthing. I love her so much. Why?"

Niall turns and walks up the steps to go to our seats. The other guys are already sitting there. I follow him and sit down in my seat. Then the announcer speaks again,

"And now to start it all off, from CardCat High School... The CardCats!"

I see all the girls run out on to the stage. I can tell that Hope is fighting through the pain. Amelia is smiling but you can tell she feels like shit. And Sarah just looks god awful. I wonder what is going on with her? The music starts and the girls start their routine. They do a wonderful job. They hit every stunt. Everything is so smooth. The routine ends and the girls run off stage. I can't believe everything that happened, happened. I wonder what is going on backstage now. I hope that nobody swings at anybody. Good lord why does this always happen to me?!? The next team comes on stage and does their routine. In almost everyone of their stunts they drop the flyer. I learned all of this from Hope. I now know that our team has won. I'm so happy for them. They deserve it.

"Alright folks its time to announce the winner. If we could have all of the teams come out on the floor."

I see the girls walk out there. All the guys get up and start cheering for the girls. I swear we are the loudest people in the crowd. I see Hope look at Amelia and give her the death look then she goes over to her and grabs her hand.

"Its time to announce the winner. May I say that this has been a good year for every team in this competition. Everyone did a wonderful job. The winner will receive a check for 10,000 dollars. And that money is for the cheerleading program at the school of the winning team. They will also get this 10 foot tall trophy!"

Everybody is clapping and yelling for their favorite school. Now all of the girls are holding hands. Amelia is holding Hope and Sarah's hands.

"And the winner of the U.S. Finals is........ from CardCat High School the CardCats!!!"

The girls go crazy!! They are crying and screaming really loud. And all guys beside me are jump over people trying to get down there to the girls. Me and Niall are standing up but we aren't cheering. We are really proud of them its just all of the stuff that just happened. I see Amelia look around for something or someone. She is looking for Niall but instead finds Siva. They hug and like go crazy together. The other team is gutted. Amelia and Hope run up and accept the check. Sarah and another girl run up and get the trophy. They take pictures with both things and then the other team starts to chant something.



The head cheerleader from the other team walks up to Amelia and Hope. Me and Niall walk down to the stage withe everybody else. We hear the head cheerleader say something to Amelia and Hope,

"So I heard you have a few boy troubles?"

Amelia says,

"Whats it to you, and why do you even care?"

"O, I don't trust me."

"Then why are you talking to me ratchet bitch!"

"Did you just call me racthet?"

"Hell yea I did. Got a problem with it!"

"As a matter of fact I do."

"Do something bitch!"

"I'm so tired of your dirty mouth. Its not very ladylike."

"Yea will this ain't ladylike either..."

Amelia gives Hope a look and its like for a moment they become one and at the same they hit the girl in the face. She when down!! And hit hard too! The girls grabbed he check and the trophy and run backstage. I hope this all goes smooth. As soon as we all get backstage. ALL HELL BREAKS LOSE!! Lord help me!

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