Partying, Tanning, And Daydreaming

It's a story about small town southern bells, just your average 16 year old girls. Looking for job's, partying, and getting tan. Who happens to run into their biggest idol's, the biggest boyband in the world One Direction. They have a summer full of drama, relationships, old foes, and scandels no one ever talks about. Will one of the southern bells British brother ruin her fun? Will something happen to the girls?

Co writer: MKH Styles

**Bad Language**


21. And The Results Are In!?!

Amelia's Pov...


I hope we make it through! It would mean so much to us.

"Good luck babe!"

"Thanks Nialler."

Niall kisses me for good luck! I love him so very much. So we all go out on to the mats. We are kind of in a huddle. We are all holding hands. Then the dude start to talk.

"And the results are in lady's and gentleman. And may I say that this years competition was the best one yet. Every team did good and all of you should be proud. Only 2 teams will advance to the finals! And those 2 teams are......... The Orange County Tigers! And......... from CardCat High School.. The CardCats!!"

O MY GOD!!!!!!! WE MADE IT!!!!!! All the girls go crazy! We are like attacking each other because we are so happy. Me and Hope hug each other really tight and we say,

"I can't believe that we made it!!!"

"Me either!!! We have worked so hard for this!!"

"Yes we have!!!"

The 4 other teams that didn't make it come up to us and congratulate us.

"You guys are so good!!! I hope you guys beat those Tigers! They always think they are the best team in the whole world."

"Well we will try. I hope we do win these, are team really needs these. We have not been here in 20 years!"  

"We got to go but we will watch you guys perform tomorrow. We wish you good luck!"

All of a sudden the Orange County Tigers come up to me and Hope.

"OOOO!! I feel sorry for your team."

"Why is that??"

"Because you guys are going to be going home crying, because you got beaten."

"OOOO!!! No honey you got that wrong!"

Just as I'm about to keep talking Hope cuts in.

"What the hell is your problem?!?! Did you not see how you girls are out of shape and look at them now practicing over there. They can't even throw that flyer up in the air!! I don't see how in the world you guys even made it to finals!"

"Well at least we have flyer's I heard your flyers left you."

"Hmmm!!! That's nothing for you to worry about anyways! You better worry about your stupid squad rather than ours!!!"

"I don't see how any of your girls are fit enough to be flyer's!!!"


"Hope!!! Stop I think that they have heard enough. And plus they'll see how good we are tomorrow at the final."

"Fine!! Lets go girls." 


Hope's Pov...


"Hope calm down short fry... Those girls where just trying to get under your skin."

"I know, but I really want to beat the snot out of them!"

"Never heard that saying before. Look you can beat them if you just focus on the girls."

"Ok thanks Harry. You can always calm me down. Ok, Girls huddle up!!!"

"Hope I'll take over from here."

"Ok you can tell them the bad news."

"Ok, Girls we don't have any flyers right now. Two girls earlier where being bitchy and we kicked them off the team. So who will take the risk of being our new flyers?"

I look around and I see that all the girls looking scared about what Amelia had just said.

"HMM... No offense Hope and Amelia, but none of us have ever done flying before."

"Ok, Amelia I'm guessing that me and you are going to be the flyers for tomorrow."

"But, Hope I have not done flying in a year, so I don't know how this is going to go."

"Well we can work on it tonight. Are you girls ok with that?"

"Yea, we are good with having practice tonight. What ever it takes to win nationals!"

"Ok meet us back here in 2 hours, so we can practice tonight."

"Ok see you in 2."

"Come on Hope lets go find the boys and tell them what's going on tonight."

"Ok, man I was hoping that tonight me and Harry could have a little fun tonight."

"Really Hope... That's just umm no. Not while I'm in the room you ain't doing nothing like that!!!!!!

"Where you thinking about sex?!?!??! Why would you think that??!?!?! I was meaning spending time with him. You little dirty little person!!!"

"Well you said alone time... So I just thought you know....... Since you and Harry are so sex crazy. And you say that you can't get enough of him in you."

"True in a way. But we don't always have sex as soon as we see each other. Do you really think that I'm that much of a slut to think that I would have sex with him anytime and anywhere???"

"I don't know about you, but I know he would. Just by the way he stares at you! I can tell!"

"Well that's a good things sometimes, but other times its just creepy."

So me and Amelia get to our room and I'm dreading to tell Harry the kinda bad news about to night. So Amelia gets in front of me and opens the door and we see all the boys piled around the television watching some T.V. show that tells you how to help your love life.

"Well we didn't know you needed help with your love life you guys? Did you learn anything?"

"Hmmm...You weren't suppose to see that!!!!"

"Did you learn any new moves, Niall, we could try in the naughty hour?"

"You two have a naughty hour?? I thought that was just me and Harry!!"

"Yea its only happened twice."

"Yea I was thinking Amelia we could have a naughty hour tonight?"

"HMMM.... Problem!!!"

"WHAT!!! WHAT!!! I swear I have condoms. So we are good in that part. If that's what you where worried about?"

"No that's not it. Hmmm.. How could I put this..... We can't do anything tonight because we have to practice."

"It's alright Amelia. We can do it another night."

All of a sudden Harry starts to yell.


Nathan starts to talk.


"Sorry, Nathan. But I just can't get enough her. I know this is awkward for you but she really is good in bed."

"Harry nobody else needs to know that!!! Now you have made me look like a slut in front of everyone!! Thanks so much!!! I'm just going to leave now for practice. Amelia you can tell them the news we have."

"Ok. I'll be there in like an hour."

"So what's the news you two have for us???"

"Well, me and Hope are going to be flyers for the first time in awhile. For me its been about a year and for Hope it's been about 6 months."

"Ok can we come watch you guys at practice??"

"No. Sorry, but we like to keep practice quiet so people don't know are secret cheers."

"Ok. Well just stay here I guess."

"Yea sorry. But we have to get this right so we can win nationals."

"Well do you know what time your going to get in tonight?"

"We really don't know. It's just going to have to depend on how long it takes us to get this right."

"Ok. Well see you later tonight."

"I love you Amelia!"

"I love you too Niall!"

"Amelia?? Will you tell Hope that I'm sorry for what I said earlier. And that I didn't mean to embarrass her in front of everyone."

"Yea, Harry I'm sure she'll understand. Anyway she's got more on her mind right now."

"Thanks. I hope she does understand right now."

"She will understand. Trust me. I've got to go find Hope and the girls now. Bye Love Y'all!"



Sarah's Pov...

Tonight is going to be a crazy! We are gonna have to really practice hard. Especially since Hope and Amelia are going to be flyers tonight. I just hope everything goes good. There is one thing I can't get off my mind. It's that boy! He is so good looking. I mean they all are but he is just so hot!! Good lord just thinking about him gets me going. I'm going to ask Hope or Amelia what his name is. I think it starts with an L. Some people think I'm a player girl but I'm not. I've only had 20 ex's but thats not bad. Compared to some people thats good. I'm not a slut either. I just don't believe in long term relationships. Anyway I get to the mats for practice and all the girls are freaking out.

"Sarah thank god your here!"

"Yea Amelia why is everyone freaking out?"

"Well because me and Hope have to be the replacement flyers."

"Ohh... That's makes a lot of since!!! Where is Hope at??"

"I don't know she was suppose to be here like an hour ago?"

"Maybe we need to call her."

"Ok. Sarah do you have your phone?? I left mine in the room with the boys. Now kind to think of it, that was not a good idea."

"Yeah. Here you go. She's under as 'My Slut' in my phone."

"Ok, here go's nothing!"

So Amelia starts to call Hope.

"Is it ringing????"

"Yea, hold on she's picking on."


"Hope!!!! Where are you at??? Practice is about to start!!!"

"OMG!!! I didn't realize what time it is..... I'm sorry!!! I went to the gym to work out some of my anger that I had on Harry! I'll be there in like 5 minutes."

"Ok we will wait till you get here. Will just do some running to get loosened up. Bye."

"What did she say?"

"She'll be here in about 5 minutes. Ok girls lets start running to get loosened up!"

**10 minutes later**

"Sorry girls that I'm late. I had to go work some steam of from earlier. So is everyone ready to get me and Amelia into the air?"

"Hope are you sure you can do this??"

"Yea, I'll be fine. Why would you think I won't be?"

"You just worked out for like an hour and thirty minutes!"

"I'll be fine. I promise you. I have to do this for the girls. They deserve this nationals title. They have worked to hard to not get this title."

"Ok. If you think so."

"Ok girls lets start with just getting me and Amelia back to being in the air first."


Amelia's Pov...


I'm a little worried about Hope. I mean she worked out for an hour and 30 minutes. I don't know how this practice is going to go but I know one thing, Hope is going to be really tired. All of us are going to be. So we start with simple stunts. They are already dropping us. I have at least 3 brusies already.

"Ok girls lets try to not drop us. If we don't get it together then we could blow it."

"Well why did you let the other girls quit because?"

"Because they tried to steal something of mine and Hope's. And they are hoes."

"O, I know I'm going to regret asking this but what did they try to steal?"

"They were being sluts and trying to steal Nialler and Harry from us!!"

"Oooo..... awwww thats so cute!"


"No you called Niall, Nialler!"

I felt my cheeks get red. Everytime I talk about him I blush. At least thats what Hope tells me.

"And now your blushing!! Awww y'all are so cute together!! Hope and Harry are cute together too!"

"True true! Anyway enough about the me and sexyness. We have to nail these stunts or we will lose."

"She's right come on girls we can do it!"

Now the only thing I can think about is Nialler!! But before I know it I'm dropped on the floor again. But I'm a fighter and I'm going to get back up and do it again. So we finally get the simple stunts done to the point that everyone is staying in the air. Now to the more complex stunts. These stunts are going to be hard to do because we are adding last minute stunts into the routine. Thats never a good thing to do but we want to win this so bad. Not only for us but for the school. We add a double heliex and a few other things. This is going to be harder than me and Hope though.

"Hey Hope are you sure this is a good idea to add all this new stuff?"

"Girl do you want to win?"

"Yes of course I do! I'm just worried that we don't have enough time to practice all of this. But we will do what ever it takes to do this. Even if we have to stay up all night."

"Now that's the Amelia I know. Come girls lets practice. We can do this!!"

We are all determined to make this work even if we have a billion bruises. I can't believe this is all happening! I mean we made it to finals, Niall is here, and I'm doing this all with my bestest friend in the whole world. I sometimes think I'm in a dream. It's all so amazing!

"Ok, Hope are you ready to try this stunt/cheer one last time to get it just right?"

"Yea, I'm just sore right now, but I'm sure it will go away with sleep. Are you ok?"

"Yea, I'm a little sore too."

"Ok, girls we are going to try this one last. We almost got it perfect last time. This time I know we can get it right." 

So we get all the to the end of the cheer/stunt without any mistakes. Then all of a sudden the girls throw us up into the air with great perception by the way, but someone yells out some of the girls names. And of the girls turn their heads away to look to see who it. So the last thing I remember before hitting the hard mat's was all the girls screaming.  


Hope's Pov...


AHHHHHHH!!!! What the hell just happened?!?!?!? Why the hell can I not feel my arm anymore?!?!?!? Why is Amelia out cold on these mats?!?!?!?

"Hope, are you ok?!?!?!"

"Don't worry about me!! Worry about Amelia!!!"

I start to look up and I see the evil cheer captions of the Orange County Tigers laughing. I know their the ones that made this happen!!!


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