True love never dies

have you ever waited for someone so long that you cant let go even if it hurts travel with Alex as her journey just begin but she doesnt want to be hurt ...... she has to decides at the end wich boy Justin Harry and Louis who will she pick ......Justin and Alex grew up together as little kids but soon they grow.. they aslo grow apart Justin soon became the person he said he will never be he change he then decides to follow his career he acomplish his dreams he returns for Alex its been about 6 year since he left Alex also started to meet people she soon meets Louis and Harry she falls for both but both mates are Best Friends will Louis and Harrys Friendship end when Harry get in between of Alex and Louis will Alex and Justin 's love die or will it grow strong , ....


19. you came



Alex POV: 

            LOUIS, i jumped ug and hugged him he also hugged me tight, he seemed happy, he then asked me if i liked the gift did i i loved it , he then told   how was i , i told him i was great, he put my head to his chest and hold me tight.

Louis:  have you been crying 

Alex: what no, i backed away and looked the opposite direction, i walked toward the window my arms folded , i tired to wipe my teras awat, i then tried to take the macara from the eyes, it was smeared , louis came  up to me once more

Louis: why are you so sad, your mom called shes wanderong were you are i didnt tell her  anything , but she has been calling a few times

Alex: shes always like that , so what brought you here\

Louis: i thought i might pass by herer since Harry is here you know just to look over you

Alex: i know Louis , well maybe you need some rest 

Louis: Nahh am fine 

Alex: Alright well what time is it 

Louis: its about 9pm

Alex: ohh are yuo hungry

Louis: no

Alex: ok then what do you want to do 

louis: i dont know i just got here le me watch some telly

Alex: ok well am gonna go downstaitr am hungry am gonna go get soemthing to eat if there is 

Louis: alrigth , she left the rooom, i missed her so much, i hugged her really tight, she walked away, i knew she was crying i known her for 5 years, i turn on the TV, maybe i should watvh the news , Alex was on TV, what it was her and Justin holding hands and WHAT.  ta videio clip showed up the reaporter said " Has justin Moved on apparently Justin has been seeing a young 17 year old girl, they have been spending night together, they have gone to dinner, Justin's fans are not mad they actaully already ship them Jalex how about that "i tuned off the telivison , i stareed blanky, WOW i just cant Alex, and Justin i though it was her and Harry but no its Justin, i never thought ,She, or He would see eachtother not even close 


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