True love never dies

have you ever waited for someone so long that you cant let go even if it hurts travel with Alex as her journey just begin but she doesnt want to be hurt ...... she has to decides at the end wich boy Justin Harry and Louis who will she pick ......Justin and Alex grew up together as little kids but soon they grow.. they aslo grow apart Justin soon became the person he said he will never be he change he then decides to follow his career he acomplish his dreams he returns for Alex its been about 6 year since he left Alex also started to meet people she soon meets Louis and Harry she falls for both but both mates are Best Friends will Louis and Harrys Friendship end when Harry get in between of Alex and Louis will Alex and Justin 's love die or will it grow strong , ....


9. The black small Box



Alex POV: 

              i opened it there were some papers inside, "Alex yuo ready" i closeed it Harry i am lets go hey umm i cant go with you to L.A but i ahve a friend that can take you"Oh Ok Hazza "yeah shses gonna help yuo shes gonna take care of you, is it a he/or she"she " he let a small laugh what would i want a guy to take care of yuo if am right here"So you jealouse""well i can be with the girl am truly deeply in love with" i blushe my face felt hot, i got up and picked up the box i put it in lap, the car ride was too quite Harry kept starring at me the whole time, i didnt know what i should do it was awakred

Haz: sooo

Alex: umm so whats her name 

Haz: my friend her name is Tonekup 

Alex: ohh well were is she

Haz: shesll meet you after the plane well il come with you to the plane to L.A and then when she meets up ill go back to London easy

Alex: whats that on your lap anyways and whose that in the picture un your room was it you 

Alex: yeah well it used to be 

Haz: so here we are in the airport ,

Alex POV: 

              i cant belaive that Harry loved me and i cant bealive am in this college amazing 


****26******Hours later******

Alex POV: 

         we got off the plane and waited for  his friend she arrive she look beautiful 

Tonekup: hi harry 

Haz: hey 

Tonekup: is it her 

Haz: well i have to go back to london you have my life in yuor hands 

Alex: i blushed 

Haz: well bye 

Alex: he ran insdie the airport and he then came back, he ran to me picked me up gently and kissed me passiontaly for 3 mintues straight he then gave me his SKYPE n ame so he can Skype me evryday, he then told dme to not see anyone and told Tonekup to take care of me, he then kept gigving me kisses  my forhead,and my cheeks, he then told me to take care of myself he then  gave me his Paper Airplane Necklance he put it on me , he helped put my baggs in Tonekup's cars, he finally left, i was so tifed and my side still hurt, the girl seem very friendly and funny, i  got on her car she drove me through all L.A , she showed me many things, my british accent was to heavy but it wil soon loose its power since am gonna live in America, she then drove to her house, it was a 2 story house, beaige and white witha  black picket fence green grass her house was beautiful, i looked around for a while she showed me  the room am staying in it was white with brown curtains, bed soft,brown cover, arge window, wow she helped me get my bags out, she help me put my stuff away she was very nuce and kind, her Blue shiny eyes showed kindess, i guess this is my new home now 




*********ok so Tonekup you will later meet Zayn******YOUR PART OF THE STORY NOWW  \(^.^)/

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