True love never dies

have you ever waited for someone so long that you cant let go even if it hurts travel with Alex as her journey just begin but she doesnt want to be hurt ...... she has to decides at the end wich boy Justin Harry and Louis who will she pick ......Justin and Alex grew up together as little kids but soon they grow.. they aslo grow apart Justin soon became the person he said he will never be he change he then decides to follow his career he acomplish his dreams he returns for Alex its been about 6 year since he left Alex also started to meet people she soon meets Louis and Harry she falls for both but both mates are Best Friends will Louis and Harrys Friendship end when Harry get in between of Alex and Louis will Alex and Justin 's love die or will it grow strong , ....


25. Gone


Louis POV:

           .......she was all gone once again i had her  its been days and we havent heard from her Harry doesn't go out of his room he just sit there and stares out the window with his hand on the window writing over and over every time i ask what happen that night he ignores me and walks away i just hope she is safe i get a chance i blew it am going to wipe my tears and be mature here am going to forget her the best i can do but if am given the opportunity am going for it no turning back   am going to find out what happen that night one way or the other i need to know and i need to explain her what happen that aahh Lou what are you doing loosing yuor mind on a random girl i went into Harrys room it was dark he sat by the window looking out with his hand on the window drawing 

Harry;*sigh*  what do you want Lou 

Louis: um Harry i want to talk to you 

Harry: *Turns around * what Lou what huh

Louis: well i just wanted to now mate what happen that night why did you , why did you guys broke up 

Harry; she was with justin my jealousy but she did confess something to me 

louis: may i ask whut  ??

Harry: that night when we scream at each-other she said things then things led to another and she told me she had nothing to loose she said ' she lost the love of her life she said i knew she didnt ment be she said that he had lost him and am pretty sure it wasnt Justin

Harry; what

Louis: nothing am gonna look for her i think ik where she is Harry flung up and grab my shoulders and shook me  

Harry: you do i need toi clear things with her take me with you just please i need to apologize i need

Louis;*sigh* you..may..come 

Harry; oho thank you Lou thank you 

Louis: but am going to talk to her fi-

Harry; ill go first then you go okay

Louis:...sure ...we drove to Justin's House  , we knock  to no answer i might be wrong but am pretty sure this is hes house i called her phone no answer i knock again to my surprise Alex answer the door  once she saw me and Harry she close the door i stopped it with my foot and stuck my hand in 

Alex: what do you guys want ? 

Justin; hey alex how does the mo-

Alex: ill be right there Justin am going to clear some business 

Justin; oho okay  

Harry : alex please can we talk

Alex: okay what do yuo nee dot say hmm what

Harry; am sorry please give me a chance

Alex: be fore i could protest harry took my hand and intertwine his his he looked down and look back at me with those beautiful eyes i once adore , he took my hand and put them on his cheeks and begin to cry i didn't know what to do i took his hands away he looked shock he turn around and begin walking away before he left he said am so sorry before he stepped off the porch i took his arm and gave him a  hug a tight hug 

Alex: Harry am sorry for yelling at you am so-

Harry: i should be the one saying sorry am sorry for yelling and saying things i didnt ment am sorry for...hurting you 

Alex: even though it hurts Harry i love you and i would like to gove you another chance but believe me this is the last 

Harry: oho thnak you Alex thank you willy u come home 

Alex: yes harry ill be home 

Harry: ill wait for you at the house lets go Louis 

Louis POV :

       he hurt her what does he mean did he physically or emotionally i need to know ..i didnt speak and made things clear to her about my feeling Harry had to ruin it like he always does why does loving her makes it so hard a few hours pass harry was out buying a present for Alex arrive and the make up she open the door i took the T.v and tunned it on i didnt look at her  she came by and  went upstairs didnt say hello or hey at all my chance to clear 

Louis: Alex wait !

Alex: what louis  

Louis: can we talk outside 

Alex: fine 

Louis: look delilah is just a friend thats all i agree to fake my relationship with her 

Alex: look i seriously  tried every time Harold tried to kiss me i would doge it because of you but you every time i saw you with her you guys were kissing what kind of "friendship" are you talking about 

Lou: Alex every time i kissed her or hug her i thought of you

Alex: louis you know it hurts it dangerous to do this you know that you tear came down my face 

Louis: just please i wont mess up if you want  i can tell Harry what i really feel and w-

Alex: no its to much he would hurt you  if could hu- never mind louis why does this have to be hard 

Louis: it doesn't have to be if we try we can over come it 

Alex: Louis came to me and took out of his pocket a little ring with 'for ever on it" 

Louis: this means that even though its not ok that ill be here for you  and if you move on  just keep it it means i love you for ever and always Alex

Alex: he put it on me he then started to cry he took his hand and tuck his hair out and cried (like zac efron ont he lucky one but imagine it with louis) he then hug me he took his hand and put them on my wait he's lips touch my neck his breathe cascades down my collar bone and neck it gave me chills down my body before i knew it he was toss to the ground by harry 

Harry;how dare you kiss my girl friend  , and Alex really i - ahh 

Alex: he turn to Louis he went closer to him he took his shirt and pulle him up louis didnt look at him he looked at me and closed his eyes ... i saw harry punching lou, lou didnt do anything he stood there and tookt he beating i cant let this happen no i then got in between before harry punch him once more harry looked confuse 

Alex: Harry dont just dont not him it was my fault i...i...

Harry; what alex what huh 

Alex; i provoke him its all my fault id dint want this to get out of hand its all me all me tears ran through my face it was me Harry me and if you want to leave me again or hit me again ill understand  and il know why but just please dont hurt him 

Harry; so sorry Louis and Alex......

Alex: ill understand if you want to leave ill understand if you want to break up ill know why just dont blame louis just dont he didnt do anything 

Harry: Alex i wont brake u with you i wont hit you any more i will try to work this out am sorry for every thing

Alex: Harry left i looked down and saw Louis face full with blood he open his eyes

Lou: Alex why did you-

Alex: i wouldn't let him hurt you  i love you i turn to look around and saw Justin with some flowers and watery eyes he looked at me and trew them on the floor

Alex: Justin wait!! 

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