True love never dies

have you ever waited for someone so long that you cant let go even if it hurts travel with Alex as her journey just begin but she doesnt want to be hurt ...... she has to decides at the end wich boy Justin Harry and Louis who will she pick ......Justin and Alex grew up together as little kids but soon they grow.. they aslo grow apart Justin soon became the person he said he will never be he change he then decides to follow his career he acomplish his dreams he returns for Alex its been about 6 year since he left Alex also started to meet people she soon meets Louis and Harry she falls for both but both mates are Best Friends will Louis and Harrys Friendship end when Harry get in between of Alex and Louis will Alex and Justin 's love die or will it grow strong , ....


7. Escape and Hero




Alex POV: 

               i had heard alot of rumors about Jason that he went to jail for raping, drinking, abusing, and using drugs but i didnt beliveave any of them i didnt like Gossip, i was ready but were was Harry or Louis , Jason infront of me with a face i have never seen in my life ever but how , i thought he was at jail, did he got out, Jason messed up badly on his life, i tried shutting the door but he stopped it , i had no chance i was to weak and skinny meaning i had  no muscle or anything to defend myself  something in my head told me to run an instict but i didnt listen it was something telling to go leave right now, but why didnt i listen i ignired it it was for the best, but it wasnt i coulndt get  out of my head that Jason was going to harm me , im  saw in Jasons eyes somethings Anger, Saddness then he gave a reallly strange look, i ran to the kitchen to try to get out of the  backdoor , he then scream at me and said " I locked it already" how did he get inside i was in a house alone with a maniac i had to try to get  away from him as possible, i went to the bathroom i sprinted to the bathroom, i locked myself, i had to gte out, there was a window i could fit through , it was glass i had to break it ii had to escape, the only thing that pop in my head was to smash it with my foot i got in position and tired smashing it i hit the glass many times it wouldnt bugde until a small crack, i felt relave for a while until Jason was jabbing the door knob and telling me he  was gonna take me with him, i felt scare, unsafe what should i do 





Louis POV: 

                      Alex called me to pick her up but i couldnt after a few minutes something in me told me she was in danger or IDK but something , my chest felt heavy, my mind went through alot of things, i felt dizzy i coulnt ge back up, i called harry many times he didnt answer me i was worried  what happen i callled her phone may times no answer , something was wrong i mean way wrong, Harry before he  left he didnt think twice before i told him about Alex he jumped up and vokunteer all the boys seem to fancied her well niall and Zayn i think they might like her Alex seems like she doesnt really care but i am her Best Friend always been, no matter what i have been there and so has she . i went  to the guest room at Harrys place i lay down and rested my headed i took some pils so i would go to sleep , sleep, i need sleep.




Harrys POV: 

                   i cant lie i actually have a crush on Alex but so does Niall and Zayn, well i met Alex 1 year ago, and i feel very close to her no other girl made me feel like she does,i drive toward her house happy as i can ever be, i saw  the light were out, suitcases on the front doorstep, this didnt look like the same, no light, the house was compltey alone no one, i got out i unfasted my seatbelt , i walked around the house no one was here it was isolated, i walked around i then i heard a scream , Alex, then  yuo could hear a glass breaking, Alex shes in trouble,danger, ALEX !!i came to the back of the house i saw someone but  , i cam closer ot the window it was her alex she didnt hear me Alex!! i yelled she didnt hear me then someone burts in the door a shadow and covered her mouth and  dissapear in the darkness no glass breaking no noise just gone , i ran through the front door i opened it it was opened, i walked in without making a sound , there was lots of things out of order pillows,clothes, cup,plates, someone broke in , i went downstair as quite as i can be , i opened the door slowly and slowly Alex;s room i opened it full, it was her on the floor , i saw heer she didnt want to move she was grabbing her stomach, i then came closer to her, her white T-shirt was stain with blood, she told me to  stay back, i saw her there bleeding, she didnt want to go to a hospital , she was loosing to much blood, then i turna round it wsa her window, open , curtains moving with the wind slowly, Alex was on the floor bleeding to death, she closed her eyes i got her and put her in my car i lay her there Louis cant know or else  he will freak, i drove as fast as i can , i waited a couple of hours, it was only 3:45am the doctor came to me and told me if i was Justin, i asked why , he told me that she was calling for a Justin, "Justin " why i told her no, he told me i could she her, she was in the bed, i came closer to her , she opened her eyes, she smiled and thank me she said " Your My Hero" in a slow voice, i came closer to her , i then lean to her and kissed her gently on the lips she smiled and responded sweetly, i then gazed into her eyes 



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