True love never dies

have you ever waited for someone so long that you cant let go even if it hurts travel with Alex as her journey just begin but she doesnt want to be hurt ...... she has to decides at the end wich boy Justin Harry and Louis who will she pick ......Justin and Alex grew up together as little kids but soon they grow.. they aslo grow apart Justin soon became the person he said he will never be he change he then decides to follow his career he acomplish his dreams he returns for Alex its been about 6 year since he left Alex also started to meet people she soon meets Louis and Harry she falls for both but both mates are Best Friends will Louis and Harrys Friendship end when Harry get in between of Alex and Louis will Alex and Justin 's love die or will it grow strong , ....


17. Can it be Love or a Vision


Alex POV:

              i rubbed my eyes, i looked can it be , i rubbed htem once more it wasnt a vision or a dream outside  my widow was Harry with some Girls,  i sat down in the couch , i waited until he came in , he opend the door , he came in , he was drunk 

Harry; yeah and Hello Alex

Alex: what are yuo doing 

Haarry: ohh umm 

Alex: who are they 

Harry: soem friends 

Alex: i came closer to him , he had lipstick marks on his neck HARRY why are they lipstick marks

Harry: umm i dunno come on Party 


Harry: umm ok ladies time to go home bye 

Alex; he closed the door and came to me , he kissedme i rejected him 

Harry: come on 

Alex: nope i went upstairs and  went to my room, i locked the door and stood on my bed, then i went to lay down, i grabed my pillow and holded it next to me after a minutes later Harry knocked the door, i ignored it , soon my pillow beacme wet from all the tears, i just shut my eyes close , i tried holding in my tears , my phone rang i picked it up 

Alex: Hello 

Justin; hey wanna hang out 

Alex: Justin i dont know 

Justin; some on plizz

Alex: fine be at my house in 30 mins 

Justin: ok well see you soon i have a surprised 

Alex: ok  , i cmae doenstairs i washed my face, i out some hoodie and soem shorts i walked outisde, i saw Harry , sitting on the couch with his phone looking at it , i saw him scroll and kept scrolling up and down , i tired to aviod him but i couldnt

Harry: hey i wanted to say am sorry for last night i didnt mean to i was drunk i ddint know wht i was doing]

Alex: Harry i cant talk right now, i need to fresh air and i need to get some things out of my mind , i walked towars the door, he stopped me , he grabed my shoulder 

Harry: Look am sorry i truly am , and i you want time ok just forgive me 

Alex: Harry i ahve no words i need to go bye i closed hte door, i went outside, waited a couple minutes for Justin then he arrived, i got in his car, i slipped the seatbelt around mt waits, it clicked,So justin whats up

Justin: ok , wait for it 

Alex: he drove for a couple of hours, then we came to an amusment park , he walked around, thenwe disecided to go ona ride, it was a tall and fast one, i got in then , it started, he grabed my hand tightly, we got off then he went to a game and came back witha a fluffy bear, he gave it to me he didnt have to but ok, he bought me cotton candy and pocorn , then we finally went back to his car, we stopped on half the way he then went outside, i went after him

Alex: are you ok

Justin: yeah am fine, hey i wanted to give yuo something

Alex: yeah ok

Justin: here 

Alex: he took a red box , i opened it , it was a shiny, necklance, witha  heart on it 2 hearts 

Justin: you like it 

Alex: yeah but you shouldnt, its loks too expensive

Justin; here let me help you

Alex : i felt he put my hair to the side then he put the necklace , he then was done and then he truned me around and  he grabed my chin and pulle dit closer and closer, he grabed my waist, then my phone rang, my phone saved me , i  looked at it Harry , i was so mad at him, for last night , i ignored it , then it got awakred, we got in the car and he drove me home, he kissed me chek and then left, i got inside, Harry on the couch asleep, i then went upsatirs very quite, he then woke up 

Haz: Alex is that you

Alex; hey Harry 

Haz: ohh your back 

Alex: he stared at me 

Haz: what are those

Alex: umm nothing 

Haz: were did yuo get that 

Alex: get waht

Haz: the necklace

Alex: a friend, gave it to me, am gonna  be upsatirs 

Haz: hey so what are yuo going to do 

Alex; i though about it and ..., his eyes then turn red and puffy, tears came down his face, ill my head wanted was Justin, but what did my heart wanted , my head spinned a million times my hear felt heavy 

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