True love never dies

have you ever waited for someone so long that you cant let go even if it hurts travel with Alex as her journey just begin but she doesnt want to be hurt ...... she has to decides at the end wich boy Justin Harry and Louis who will she pick ......Justin and Alex grew up together as little kids but soon they grow.. they aslo grow apart Justin soon became the person he said he will never be he change he then decides to follow his career he acomplish his dreams he returns for Alex its been about 6 year since he left Alex also started to meet people she soon meets Louis and Harry she falls for both but both mates are Best Friends will Louis and Harrys Friendship end when Harry get in between of Alex and Louis will Alex and Justin 's love die or will it grow strong , ....


22. Answer me



Alex POV:

              i coulndt stop, i just also wanted to kiss him so badly, i stopped he then looked at me

Justin: are you ok

Alex: yeah am fine its just that 

Justin: its Harry isnt

Alex: yeah well can we take a walk around

Justin: yeah how does the mall sound

Alex: great while we walked Harry then came

Harry; Hey Guys mind if i tag along 

Alex: sure we got there , i didnt really care but , Harry was being really jealouse he was close to me all the time, i ddint know Louis was here to, he came up to me grabed me my by arm and then whisper"Alex you cant play with this 2 boys yuor engaed " "Louis i dont love him,my mother just wants me to marry him bit i dont love him, i dont, and am not going back, i dont care what my mother says am not going to marry him

Louis: Am sorry Alex, but shes here and shes back for you

Alex: you told her were i was

Louis: look it slipped out of my mouth i didnt know and thats why i came to warned you

Alex: you bacstabbing you sold me out 

Louis: no Alex its not like that

Alex: how was it what did she give you what huh

Louis: wait Alex

Alex: no Louis i trsuted you with everything were is she

Louis: she at the mall here waiting for you

Alex: i cant am not going back Louis am not teras fell ouzt of my eyes, my tears of anger and betrayel

Louis: am so sorry

Alex: *sobs* no leave me alone ,

Louis: no alex wait she walked right away from me she then sat down next to harry and just eating some dessert , but it just got worse her mother showed up

REbecca: Darlin

Alex: mom

rebecca: dear why have you been crying

Alex: mom am not going back i went tot eh restroom 

Harry: what does she eman

Justin; yeah rebecca

Rebecca: oh she ddint tell you

Justin &Harry: tell us what 

Rebecca: shes engaged isnt wonder ful 

Harry: WHAT

Justin: WHAT

rebecca: yes with the richest  man in Doncaster 

Harry: i think you have mistaken

Alex: i came back and sat down   Harry and Justin kept looking at me "What ' i ate the dessert fast

Harry: why 

Alex: you told them 

Harry: when were you planing to tell me this

Alex; i was goingt o bu-

Harry: how dare you lie to me

Justin: *face down*

alex: my tounge it satred t hurt my head fell heavy, the world seem to vanish ic ant breath

Harry: what huh

Justin: alex are you ok

Harry: shes faking it just like she fakes everything 

Justin: shut up styles 

Harry: come and make me 

Louis: Alex 

Rebecca: dear 

Justin: oh nnoo ALEX, i came clsoer to her ,

Louis: i looked at her, she seemed to ahvea an alergic reaction 

Justin: what was she eating 

Louis: i checked, this dessert has nuts

Justin; she alergic to nuts , i grabed her and ran towards my car as fast as i can, i put her on my backseat, i drove to the hospital , Louis rigth behind me 

Justin: Hello i need a doctor HELLO ANYBODY 

nurse: rigth away sir 

Justin: i laid her on teh bed i saw her leave my sight Louis came rigtht after 

Louis: how i sshe is she ok 

Justin: i dont know weres Styles at 

Louis: he was coming but IDK were he is 

Justin: the doctor came to us Louis rushed to the doctor 

Doctor: Hello family of Alexis Cullen '

Louis: yeah right  here shes ok right 

Doctor: yeah shes responding right to the treatment 

Louis: i came to her bed side Justin let me go first she was there she was asleep, i sat next to her " Alex you mean the world to me i love you i loved you since the day we met but id didnt want to ruin this amazing frienship so i never confeeses it , but now i do" i left the hospital to get some rest , i came to the house Harry was sitting witha Black Box, he was crying alot he was on the couch reading 

Louis: Harry are you alrigth 

Harry: he was first he was her first love he won me 

Louis: what are yuo talking about 

Harry: LOOK this letters show everything

Louis: thsoe are some letter that Justin wrote so what 

Harry: he won, he has  here first 

Louis: dont be silly mate she loves you 

Harry: i dont know Louis , am scare i love her she loves him and me she ahs to choose i cant  deal with this this letter are about two little  kids in love 

Louis: harry you need some rest

Harry: i need to go visit her 


harry: i left teh house headed staright to the hospital, i came into the room so see Justin asleep on the chair, tears streaming down my face ,i came to Justin, he woke up and let me alone with her 

Harry: Alex yuo have to listen to me , i love you and nothing is going to never change that , just please dont leave not know, her eyes oened ehr mother came 

Rebecca: can yuo leave us alone 

Harry: yeah 

Rebecca: Dear , they dont love you they dony need you, they just want to play you thats all , on the other hand Trevor Rusell(chapter^) he loves you and he needs you you nee dthis leave you fantasies behind dear, they dont really want you , they lied Justin, bad boy, and Harry, a player you dont want hthat leave with me i can  changed your life they will only hurt you 

Alex: mom i dont know 

RRebecca : think about it 

Alex; maybe yuor right mom 

Harry: Alex dont marry him , you cant i love you

Rebecca: dont interfier boy she chosed we leave tonight ill tell the choffer to pack yuor things 

Harry: Alex dont i beg

Alex: am sorry to ever bother you Styles i shouldve come here the first place, i just want to go home Harry

Harry: Alex i beg please

Alex: am sorry i made my desicion 

REbecaa: come here *gives hotelr adress* *leaves* 

Alex: i went outsdie the hospital Justin was waiting for me to drive me , we got there Louis asleep , i grabed my things Justin left 

Harry: i sat on the couch 

Alex; i took on more glance at Harry, his face at the ground , puffy red eyes from crying, i grabed my suitcasei grabed the knob of the door, i tiwst it then harry told me 

Harry: why Alex, i love you and why did you tell me this we couldve escape we couldve leave alone 

Alex: Harry please yuo knew it wouldnt workk out he got up from the couch and grabed my hand leading me to, his lap, he put hs hand around my waist, and hold me tight 

Harry: Alex why i love you adn i woulndt hurt you at all

Alex: Harry you dont understand 

Harry: dont leave me

Alex: Harry i must, he sat me on the couch, he came closer to me and closer , he lips crahed mine, he kissed me sweetly, i wanted to kiss him so bad,i couldnt stop 


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