She's not afraid

Yeah,so uh...Hi there,I'm Monika,well my friends call me Moni.This is the story of how I met my awesome Boyfriend Zayn at my house an I found out that my awesomesauce step-bro is one other than Niall Horan,and all of the stories inside.


8. New friends!!

---Monika's pov---



I smiled and looked around at all the fans, Lily's leash was tied to my chair, and most of the fans thought I was cool, some.... Well, thought I was the opposite.... I smiled as a girl about my age, with light blonde hair and hazel eyes smiled at me,"Heya! Who's this for!" I smiled at her and she laughed."Alyssa!" She replied as I signed her CD."You look familiar....." I sighed as Lily tried to tugg the leash off the chair."Oh, I'm in your art class!" Alyssa smiled as i jumped up and smiled."OH YEAH!!!" I laughed as she smiled."ok, Who's your favourite, tell me now!" I whispered as we looked at the boys."Harry...." She giggled as I pulled her into a hug,"You are coming to my house, I'll get you to meet them, just cuz, You are nice to me, and You are in my art class!" I laughed as Alyssa's mouth fell open."S-Seriously!!!" She sputtered ecstatically."Oh yeah!" I assured as she soon gripped me into a tight hug."THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!" She screamed as i grabbed her wrist."Wait here." I instructed as I untied Lily's leash, handed it to Niall and dragged Alyssa into a store."Ok, we gotta get you an outfit, this is big news for the Directioner Fandom!" I said as she laughed."I guess it is!" She smiled as she began to look through the racks."I too was one of your kind... I still kinda am... When ever I wake up, I have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming!" I whisper yelled as she laughed loudly."Well, it is, DEAL WITH IT!" Alyssa smirked as i laughed happily. One new friend added!!!









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