She's not afraid

Yeah,so uh...Hi there,I'm Monika,well my friends call me Moni.This is the story of how I met my awesome Boyfriend Zayn at my house an I found out that my awesomesauce step-bro is one other than Niall Horan,and all of the stories inside.


5. 5.Nerf fight!!

I woke up on the couch."what the?"I asked as something was shot at my head."OW!"!I said as someone threw me a nerf gun."Now??"I wailed"Yes!"Harry's husky voice said as I shot someone lurking in the dark."OWWW!!!"I could tell it was Niall."HAHA!!That's what you get for giving me,a pro sharpshooter a nerf gun!!I'm a ninja!!"I yelled as I shot two more people in the face."LOL!!"I screamed at Liam and Harry as they looked at me."NINJA POWERS!!!!" I yelled looking for Louis and Zayn."C'mere Zaynie Zaynie Zaynie.C'mere Lou Lou Lou!"I called as I slowly and silently crept up the stairs and into Niall's room."HAH!!"I screamed as I shot Louis in the back,making him fall dramaticaly."NO I'VE BEEN HIT!!! RUN ZAYN RUN!!!!`he wailed  as Zayn shot past making me use my refexces and shoot.``AHHH!!!``Zayn yelled as he fell dramaticaly.``I WIN!!!``I yelled so everyone heard.``I beat you boo!``I whispered in Zayn`s ear,as I kissed his cheek quickly before helping him up.


((SHort chapter,I know I know.BUT HEY!!! 2 CHAPTERS IN ONE DAY!!!! score!!-SM))

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