She's not afraid

Yeah,so uh...Hi there,I'm Monika,well my friends call me Moni.This is the story of how I met my awesome Boyfriend Zayn at my house an I found out that my awesomesauce step-bro is one other than Niall Horan,and all of the stories inside.


4. 4.Warm fuzzy feeling

                     ~~MONIKA'S POV~~
I sat down in the kitchen on the counter,with Lily begging to sit with me,so I gave in and picked up the fluffy little dog.|"Hey boo!"I cooed as Niall walked in."Sleep well?"I joked knowing Niall and Marcy,they have a connection.But NOO! Niall has to be so stupid not to notice."Ugh!"He groaned as he sat next to me."So,you and Marcy,wha's the scoop?"I asked jokingly as I poked his arm."So,Monika,you and Zayn.What's that about?"he asked smiling as I rolled my eyes."Nothing Bro!"I said standing up and walking to the door."Wanna come walk with me?"I asked looking at my sweatpants and t-shirt that says 'Ask me if I care'."Ok!"Niall said as he hopped off the counter and slipped in his shoes happily."Someone's inthusiastic."I murmured biting back a laugh."Whaere to?"Niall asked as I slipped on my Canada Goose jacket."Walk around,maybe past Marcy's"I joked as I opened the door to March Break in the middle of Canada's huge season change,from winter to blossoming spring.


          ~~NIALL'S POV~~

"Maybe past Mary's." Monika said as I felt my cheeks burn."Let's go!!"I yelled changing the topic,making Monika roll her eyes."Ok."She said as I ran through the knee deep snow."this is aweso-GAHHH!!!"I screamed as I faceplanted in the snow,making Monika laugh histarically."Smart Niall,Smart."She teased as I got snow out of my eyes."NO IT'S NOT!!!!"i screamed like a child."Nice Niall."Monika said helping me up."You are my dream sister,awesome,funny,agressive,smart,and always hungry,LIKE ME!!"I said wrapping my arm around her shoulder."Thanks Ni-bear."Monika said hugging me as Zayn and the boys ran over."HIDE US!!!!!!!!!"Louis screamed causing Lily to bark her lungs out."OK!"I said pulling Monika,making her drop Lily's leash."LILY!!!"She called as Lily sprinted home."She'll be there,just run!!!"Liam said pulling myarm."OK!"monika grunted as she ran without trying past all of us."Tiered boys!"She called over her shoulder as she ran home."Someone's a fast girl."Harry said flicking snow out of his hair."I know."I said as we ran after and got inside."Why do you guys need to hide?" Monika asked.I looked at Liam."Fans!"Louis said smiling."Atleast I'm not mobbing you right now,I would have been vicious!"Monika joked smiling as she laid her head in my lap."Wanna watch a movie?"Zayn asked  looking at Monika."Yeah!!!"I said as Monika walked over to the tv cabinet."Ok we got's Sydney White,17 again,Paranormal activity,Pitch perfect."PITCH PERFECT!!!"All pf the boys calleed out as Monika opened the dvd and put it in."AWESOME!"I said as the move started.


        ~~MONIKA'S POV~~

I smiled as Zayn motined for me to sit on his lap,spo I sat with him,as Niall shot glares at Zayn."like it?"I asked Zayn and he nodded as I laid my feet on Nialls lap,and my head on Zayn's."This is the life."I said as Niall tickled my feet making my giggle like crazy."STOP!!!"I screamed looking at the boys pleadingly."I'LL SAVE YOU!!!!SUPERMANNNN!!!!"Louis screamed jumping at Niall,pushing him off the chouch and Zayn tickled my sides."NOO!!!"I screamed as Harry tazed Zayn,causing him to spaz and fall off the couch."Your welcome."Harry said as he picked me up and sat my down on Zayn's spot."Thanks Haz!"I said as he shot me a flirting smile."NOT FUNNY HAZ!"Zayn yelled as he picked he up,and made me sit on his lap."Should we help Niall?"Liam asked pointing to Louis,who was pretty much murdering Niall with tickles."Nah!"I said as Niall stood up."Aww!!c'mon,atleast a little help for your br-OO!!!"Niall yelled as Louis tackled him again."Not a chance."I said as I sunggled into Zayn's chest as Lily jumped on Louis' back licking his ear."NOO!!!"He yelled through laughter,as after a while I passed out snuggled into Zayn.


((Sorry!!!! I have march break going on,so I have TONS of time to write,and I will be in Cuba on Wednesday,March 13.But I will still write!!! much love -SM))



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