She's not afraid

Yeah,so uh...Hi there,I'm Monika,well my friends call me Moni.This is the story of how I met my awesome Boyfriend Zayn at my house an I found out that my awesomesauce step-bro is one other than Niall Horan,and all of the stories inside.


3. 3.Feelings

                                                                                       ~~MONIKA'S POV~~

I woke up in Zayn's protective arms.I have an awesome life,my step-bro is a national superstar and I'm falling for his best friend I slowly got up and walked upstairsand looked at my twitter."Oh shizzles."I sighed as Niall came in."Whats up?"He asked and looked at my twitter sighing."Hate already,why can't they wait for the full story?"I sighed as Niall pulled out his phone and went on twitter.He followed me and sent out a tweet."@NiallOfficial:@Monikashihtzu is my step-sister and we are really close.Love ya sis!"He smiled at me as he finished the tweet."Aww!"I siad hugging him and messing up his hair as I closed the laptop and whistled for Lily waking up everyone except Zayn."typical."I breathed as I poke his hair making him jump."Who what wher!?!?"He screamed looking at me smiling as he pulled me into a hug and started tickling me."ZAYN!!"I squealed as  I punched him in the stomach making her set me free."YES!"i said as I clipped Lily's leash and walked outside.

                                                                                          ~~ZAYN'S POV~~

Monika is one of the coolest girls ever! I thought as I got up and walked to the kitchen and looked at Niall."Are you allowed to raid the fridge?"I asked."YEP!"He said with a big smile with tons of food in his mouth."Oh Niall."I said as Monika walked inside and unclipped Lily as the puppy trotted over to my feet and sat on them."She likes you Zayn!"Monika smiled as I picked up the black and white bundle and sat down as Louis turned up the volume."One Direction's Niall Horan tweeted this a few minutes ago about @Monikashihtzu."As the tweet came up."Oh god."I said as I looked over at Monika who had her face in her hands."Don't worry,once the fans get used to it,they'll love you,turst me love."I whispered in her ear as she looked at me."thanks."She murmured and gave me a hug making Louis Liam and Harry "AWW!" Is it normal to feel sparks when someone hugs you?I don't know cuz that's what I felt when I hugged Monika.


                                                                                          ~~MONIKA'S POV~~
I hugged Zayn and I got up to go upstairs to check the hate."Wow!"I said as I saw alot of kind tweets like from this one girl "@Monikashihtzu I am happy for Niall to have a sister like you! You are amazing with all the hate and I admire you!" she tweeted and I followed her instantly,happy wioth myself I walked over to the bathroom and washed my face and changed into my pyjamas.Although it was only 7 we were all gonna stay the night and watch movies.

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