She's not afraid

Yeah,so uh...Hi there,I'm Monika,well my friends call me Moni.This is the story of how I met my awesome Boyfriend Zayn at my house an I found out that my awesomesauce step-bro is one other than Niall Horan,and all of the stories inside.


2. 2.The boys

I woke up slowly looking at Niall smiling.Best step-brother I thought as I slowly slipped under his arm and tip toed up the stairs and changed into a pair of comfy jeans and a tee-shirt with a kitten on it with devil horns and it look's as if it is licking blood off it's claws.I walked down the stairs excitedly to find Niall chnaged in the kitchen raiding the fridge."Oh Niall."I said rolling my eyes as my phone went off blasting Heart Attack."HEY!"Niall said hearing his voice."Sorry!"I said as I picked up."Hey Cassy."I said to my friend."Hey,wanna hang with me and Marcy today?"She asked."I'm busy with my Step-bro today.Wanna come with us?"I asked."who is he?"She asked scepticaly."Niall Horan!"I said proudly ."No way!"She exclaimed as I put Niall on."Hi Cassy!"He said as she squealed."OF COURSE I WANNA HANG WITH YOU AND NIALL!!!"She screamed and hung up."Sorry!"I sighed.asI put my phone away."So,are they Directioners too?"he asked."Yep I replied,"And Marcy fancies yah!"i said poking him."Can't wait to meet the girls!"he said as I walked out of the kitchen and sat down on the couch stroking Lily's ears."What's the food news Niall?"I called into the kitchen."Bacon,eggs,toast,and CHEESE!!"He screamed happily as I leapt off the couch with Lily following close behind(Obviously)And sat down as I dug into the bacon and cheese.

                                                                                     ~~NIALL'S POV~~
WOW,Monika can eat...Alot, I love my step-sister! I thought as she got up and walked to the bathroom to fix up."Can the boys come over?!"I called as I played with Lily."SURE!"Monika called as she rushed downstairs and opened the door as Marcy and Cassy rushed inside."Hi Niall!"They both said trying to hide they're inner frangirl."Hey!"I said smiling."I'm Marcy!"The girl slightly taller than Cassy,but shorter than Monika.She smiled as her brown hair fell over her shoulders matching ehr eye color."Hi!"i said and gave Cassy and Marcy huggs,as the doorbell rang making Lily jump into panic mode."SHHH LILY!"Monika said picking up Lily and soothing her."Hey guys!"I called as Louis ran inside at the sound of Lily barking."WHER"S DA PUPPY!!"he yelled as I gave Lily to Louis."Hi fluffy!!"He cooed as she licked his nose and leapt out of his arms to say hi to Zayn.Liam and Harry."Hi!"Monika said kindly as she picked up Lily before she would go into mental mode."This is my step-sister Monika and her friends Cassy and Marcy!"I introduced them all happily as Louis jumped over the couch and turned on the tv."Bloodly hell!they know everything!!"he said as everyone looked at the tv."Niall horan has a girlfriend?Or is it something more?"The woman said as a picture of me and Niall watching Balto cmae up."OH god."I said as I saw a flash and saw Monika run outside  outside."STAY AWAY FROM ME!!"she screamed angrily and attacked all the paps."Woah.I said as she walked inside."Sorry,I do karate."she blushed as we decided to go for a walk."Wait!"Liam said as he told us to put our hoods up and put on a hat or something.

                                                                                      ~~MONIKA'S POV~~
I nodded as I put on hy hood andwent outside."So,uh Monika."Zayn said."Yeah?"I asked smiling."Nice work with the karate."He said making me blush."Thanks."I said as we walked past a small forest."Oh wait!follow me!"I called as they all followed behind as Lily lept beside me."Do you know where we'regoing?"Louis asked staying close to me as I nodded."Ok.Here we are!"I said as I parted away a curtan of willow branches revealing a big clearing with a stream running through and it was surrounded with trees."I used to come here alot during the years my parents divorced."I revealed shyly as everyone curiously looked around in awe."This is cool!"Niall exclaimed as I heard something behind us."OVer her Mark!"I heard someone call as I looked around terrified as we all got the signal and hid as 4 or 5 paps burst into the clearing and looked around."Search everywhere!"someone yelled as everyone followed my"Ok."I whisoered."Stay close and we will be fine."i explained clutching Lily keeping her from barking."Ok overhere!>"I whispered as everone went past a bid oak treeand we all hran back to my house."woha!"Zayn said gasping for air."we are all here."I said as everyone nodded."ok good!"Liam said as we all sat on the couch and after a while we all passed out.I guess I past out in Zayn's arms,because I snuggled into his chest and her wrapped his arms around my tightly.

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