Take Me As I Am

Fallon Turner is a 17 year old mother. She thought she was in love, so she made the mistake of reproducing. But after 9 months of the baby's birth, her ex, Hunter, became obsessive and started to stalk her, break into her house. But he was obsessive before. Fallon isn't comfortable, as she filed a restraining order, but he violated it and he was sent to jail.

Her best friend Lori Michaels, helps her meet 5 new boys, all of them being Lori's brothers friends. When Fallon bumps into one of the at the store, he instantly changes her feelings on boys. But when she meets the other 4, she begins to become confused.

She doesn't know who will take her as she is.


2. Chapter 2

"Mum, all I need is 20 pounds! Please!" I pleaded through my phone. "Fallon, you claimed you were grown up enough to take care of this baby. I didn't do this with my mum when I was pregnant with you." Mum fought back.

"You were the exact same age as me, Mum! Can't you see it through your 17 year old eyes again? Please! I need to care for my fucking baby!" I said firmly. She sighed on the other line. "I'll meet you at the store." she said. "Thank you." I sighed. She only hung up.

I put on my coat and put Channing in his basket, with a heavy and coat. His chubby face stuck out from his sky blue blanket. I smiled and giggled.

I carried the basket to my crappy car, securing him in the back seat. I drove off to the store, about to meet my mum.



"Hello, Fallon." Mum said, looking the same as she always did. Brunette hair, short, curly at the ends. Blue eyes complimented by silver eyeliner. "Hi, mum." I sighed. She smiled down to Channing. "And hello to you too, cutie pie!" she cooed. After she was done, we walked in..


"So what's happened with Hunter?" she asked. "He broken in again." I sighed. "You need to lock that goddamned door of yours!" she demanded. "I do! He has a swiss army knife and breaks the lock! Mum, he's stalked me!" I almost shouted. 

She sighed as I through in baby formula and diapers into the trolley. "You're welcome to stay at my flat if you feel, uncomfortable." she offered. "It's only Channing I'm worried about. I honestly could care less if I got hurt. What do I have to live for anyway. He's got his whole life ahead of him." I mumbled. 

"Don't feel like that. You do too." she said. I looked down to Channing, looking into his big, brown eyes. "But Channing, he's my life now, mum."



Mum had left, leaving me with her credit card purposely. I was looking at text Lori had sent me, until I banged right into someone. "Sorry!" I cooed, as I tried to calm down Channing. "It's quite alright." a high pitch voice said. I awkwardly laughed. "Are you, Fallon, Fallon Turner?" he asked. "Yeah, uh, do I know you?" I asked. 

"Oh, I'm Louis, one of Rob's friends. Lori told me about you, well, more like us." Louis smiled as he explained. "Oh," I smiled. 

"Is this your brother?" Louis asked. "He's, actually my, son." I hesitated. "Really?" He looked flabbergasted. "Yep."

"You're so, young." he looked me up and down. I think that was just an excuse to check me out. I laughed to myself. "Yep. Stupid mistake only." I smiled. 

"You know, Fallon, you have a really nice smile." he flirted. "Thanks, Louis, I'll guess I'll see you 'round?" I said. "Yeah. Definatly." he said standing there, as I walked away.



"He really checked you out?" Lori said on the other line. "Yeah. I find it odd though. Like, wouldn't he think I'm all stretched out in two places? Wink, wink." I said. 

"Oh god. He probably did. He IS Louis Tomlinson, of course." she said.

"I'm guessing he's a perv?" I said.

"Only to a certain extent."

"Ahh. Ok." I said.

"What about the others?" I asked.

"Well, Harry, he and Louis have like this bromance. I secretly think they had sex before. I mean, c'mon. Look at 'em. Anyway, Harry is a sweet guy. A lot of girls make him out to be some kinda player, but he's actually really conservative of his dating. He doesn't date a lot either, even though he's a his share of relationships." she explains.

"Oh, I like Harry already." I smiled. 

"As for Niall, he likes food. He's really picky, and he's a socialite. He's loud, you'll usually hear him before you see him, but he is really, really insecure. He smiles a lot on the outside but usually he's crying on the inside. Him and I are like peanut butter and jelly. I'm over protective of him." she said.

"Aww." I cooed.

"Zayn, well, Zayn is a really, really, shy person. He's not like Niall, or Louis. I don't think he's insecure, because, he's stunning. But I couldn't tell. Zayn is really funny once he lets people in. He can't really trust easily. You have to earn his trust. And once you do, he's the greatest person, ever."

"Interesting then." I smiled.

"Shall I continue? Or just send really cool texts?" she offered. "You can continue. I've got it." I said.

"Liam. Haha. Where do I start with him. He's the kind of guy you get along with in a blink of an eye. He's sweet, compassionate, and doesn't judge. He's the kind of guy that loves you if you're nice to him. And the type that will still love you if you hate him. Like that saying, haters are his motivaters. But Liam, he's so sensitive. He's, just the perfect friend. Really." she said.

"Wow." I laughed a bit.

"Same." she said.

"As for Louis?" I asked.

"Well, Louis is loud. Obnoxious. Me and him have all these little fights. He acts like a five year old. But the thing is, is that his behavior is, immature, but his, emotions, and advice, and relationships, are the most mature, things ever. Louis is, immature on the outside, but so mature on in. He's funny, sweet, and just a blast. I always hear laughter coming from my brothers room and I always know it's Louis. He's a fabulous kid. And he treats his birds like they're the only girls in the world. You might just be his match." she said.

"Wow." I sighed. "Wait just a second. I'm loud and obnoxious?" I asked surprised. "No, no. You and him are more, spontaneous than obnoxious." she said. I can feel her grinning through the phone. "Yeah. What ever." I smiled.

"Hold on Rob!" she shouted. "I've gotta go. Rob wants me to go to the market with him." she said.

"Alright, talk to you later." I said.




 Louis, Harry, Niall, Liam, and Zayn. Honestly. All of these boys personalities are what's made up of my dream guy. I wish I could just, smush 'em together and date that one boy with the perfect personalities. But no, it's got to be separated in five boys. I cradled Channing as he slept. I decided to put in crib. 

I really couldn't stop thinking about it. This honestly was going to be the most, confusing thing of my life.






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