Take Me As I Am

Fallon Turner is a 17 year old mother. She thought she was in love, so she made the mistake of reproducing. But after 9 months of the baby's birth, her ex, Hunter, became obsessive and started to stalk her, break into her house. But he was obsessive before. Fallon isn't comfortable, as she filed a restraining order, but he violated it and he was sent to jail.

Her best friend Lori Michaels, helps her meet 5 new boys, all of them being Lori's brothers friends. When Fallon bumps into one of the at the store, he instantly changes her feelings on boys. But when she meets the other 4, she begins to become confused.

She doesn't know who will take her as she is.


1. Chapter 1

"No! Hunter! Leave me alone!" I yelled. "Why can't you feel the same way I do!" he yelled back as our 9 month old baby cried, as he gripped my skinny arms. "Why? Because it's hard to feel something for you when you don't give me anything to feel anymore!" I shouted. The only thing making noise was the baby. "I'm over you, Hunter." I calmed down.

Hunter looked down. "You might be the father of my child, but I don't have to love you. I wasn't brought up the same way you were.  You don't understand obviously." 

"Yeah, but the way you used to look at me showed me everything I needed to know. How much genuine love you had for me."

"Exactly, USED to." I said. "Just get out." I said pointing to the door. He kissed the baby and looked at me one last time. "Bye, Fallon." he said before leaving.

I sat down on the couch, looking at my crying baby next to me. I picked him up, holding him close to me, hugging him. He seemed to calm down as I rubbed his back. "I love you so much, Channing." I sighed.



"I just need to meet someone, new. I still am a teen, aren't I, Lori?" I asked as I nurtured Channing. "Yeah, except you're a 17 year old mum! Not to mention, a hot one." she reminded me. "Yeah, I was stupid." I confessed. "Ahh. Look, my brother's got like, five friends. I could probably hook you up with one of 'em." Lori suggested. 

"They would consider seeing a mum?" I asked. "Yeah! They're actually really sweet for being Rob's friends."

"Great! Uh, talk to you later, lovely." I smiled. "Bye Fallon." she 'mwahed' me.

I picked Channing up to my face. "Mummy's getting back in the game, baby." I smiled down at my cooing baby.



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