The story of us (16+)

It all started when i moved from Georgia to North Carolina. My dad had found a new job and so we had to move for him to be excepted by the job. I was getting ready to start my first year of high school and i was so nervous because i had no friends and North Carolina so i was going to have to start from scrach. who does she meet on the first day of high school? well they become something more than friends or does it turn out to be something she hates dearly?


1. When I first saw you


Kensley's P.O.V: 


It was 8:00 and i didn't have to be at school till 9:30. So i got out of bed and took a 15 minute shower and jumped out and dried my hair. I still hadn't picked out my outfit which was unusual because i usually picked out an outfit the night before but me and my mom had gotten into this huge argument and all i felt like doing after the fight was going to bed. So i looked in my closet throwing clothes around to try to find the perfect outfit for school! I finally found these peach colored jeans and a white v-neck and i decided to throw a light brown scarf with it to top everything off and then i went downstairs to see what was for breakfast! 



I walked downstairs to notice my mom was fixing pancakes! She makes the most delicious pancakes ever and she always bragged about it when ever she made them because she knew no one could ever beat her pancakes. She greeted me with a smile and said 

" Sorry I didn't mean to be all over you last night and I know thats the last thing you needed"


I said " It's fine and I'm sorry too"

WIth that she continued making pancakes and when she finished i scarfed them down and ran back upstairs to finish getting ready. I had noticed that my iphone screen was lit up so i decided to go check it!


* Text from Hannah*

He girl i miss you so much its alot different with out you being her in georgia. now all of the guys are going after emily since your gone! 

I smiled from the text and responded back to her

To: Hannah

Haha i figured not to long after i left boys would be chasing someone else and finally leaving me alone.

* Text from hannah: 

They sure do love your blonde curls and your light blue eyes! i mean who couldn't love that!

I responded and said:

To: hannah

You always know how to brighten my day! Text you later i have to go to school! i miss you bye!


I arrived at school at 9:20 with 10 minutes to spare so i decided to check out my locker and see where it was located! I walk over to my locker and see this Hot guy with goregus brown curls and beautiful green eyes i could tell i was already falling for him! He looks over at me and starts walking toward me and says " hello my name is harry and you are" i responded and said " Kensley, it's nice to meet you harry" he said to me " you have beautiful hair and a goregus smile" i blushed a little and he just smiled and walked away.


Harry's P.O.V:

Oh My Lord she was gorgeous and her blonde curls and her light blue eyes just toped it off. Kensley, that is such a beautiful name hopefully i will get to see her around sometime because i really want to get in her pants. And you never know she might just let me.


Kensley's P.O.V: 

I walked to my first period class with a huge smile on my face knowing to myself this was great way to start off the day! I arrived to my first period class and took a seat in the back. I am a little shy when it comes to something new. I see Harry walk in and sit right next to me. He whisper's to me " Do you want to come to my party tomorrow night, it will be loads of fun" i reply and say " im not sure im not much of a party person" he replies " its fine and plus look at the bright side i will be there" and with that i smiled and replyed " i will think about it" and he said " im guessing that's a yes" and with that he just leaned back in he seat just smiling a way! i knew this kid was into me but i have never really had a boyfriend but i have hooked up with people at my other school but that was different because i never really let them get to me and besides he is trying way to hard! And if i let him have me that wont be to much fun it's funer to play hard to get! and with that i heard the bell ring! time for 2nd period!


I walked to my locker to put some of my books in when i noticed out of the corner of my eye someone was behind me. I turn around and notice it was harry. I said " why are you just akwardly standing behind me" and he replyed " because i just cant get enough at looking at you" i say sarcsticallly " take a picture it last longer" and with that he blushed and walked away


The rest of the school day flew by. I waited for my mom to come pick me up at the front of the school. She arrived and i was just ready to get home. when we arrived home i notice a guy getting out of car and it was our next door neighbor's house and i noticed he had brown curls. I said to myself in my head " omg it's harry"


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