The story of us (16+)

It all started when i moved from Georgia to North Carolina. My dad had found a new job and so we had to move for him to be excepted by the job. I was getting ready to start my first year of high school and i was so nervous because i had no friends and North Carolina so i was going to have to start from scrach. who does she meet on the first day of high school? well they become something more than friends or does it turn out to be something she hates dearly?


2. The party


Kensley's P.O.V:

When me and my arrive home i looked across our yard next to ours and i see harry. All of my thoughts in my head disappered and all i focused on was harry. I said to myself " How could this be?". Great now it would be even harder trying to avoid him because now he is my next door neighbor. The next thing i know is my mom walking over to greet our neighbors. So i decided to walk over there with her so i wouldn't just be awkwardly standing there starring while my mom was having a conversation with his. When we finally reached their family to introduce ourselves my mom starts talking about everything and soon enough harry asks me if i wanted to go inside since it was kind of hot out side and i accepted.


When we get inside of his house i looked around in amazement! His house had to be the biggest house in our whole entire neighborhood! His house was full of so much color and it was just beautiful! He then asks me if i would like a tour of his house i respond " Sure why not i have nothing better to do". And with that he leads me around the house. When he finally finishes showing me around his house he comments

" I thought i would give you the tour because it will be helpful for my party tomorrow night to which you are coming right" He says sarcasticly!

I say " I would love to but i will probably have to study and do homework tomorrow night" 

And then he says " why do you have to be such a party poopper".

I say " I am not its just school comes first even fun"

He just rolled his eyes and said " will you at least think about it because i would really love if you came"


I thought to my self " He's just trying to get to me but it's not working yet" but then again i asked my self " would it really be that bad if you went to the party" 


Harry's P.O.V:

Kensley is just so gorgeous and heart warming i really hope she will come to the party so i can have her and not have to wait because some of the guys might end up having her if i dont act soon! I am really hoping she will stop with the execuses and come because i know she has feelings foe me wether she wants to admit it or not!


Next day of school:

Kensley's P.O.V.:


As i am walking down the hallway towards my locker i hear someone calling my name. I turn around to see harry and im not supprised at all! He comes up to me and asks

" So have you decided if you wanted to come to my party or not yet" 

I say with a sarcastic tone " I would love to come and get drunk and waste my time and have fun in jail it's what i have always dreamed of"

Then he replies " Kensley, I am being dead serious are you coming or not because i will make plans to makeout with other girls if you don't" as he winks at me

" i guess " in a non hyped voice and to him it was like he was voted to be president wow such a dumbass.


Later that night:

Harry's P.O.V: 

It's 6:30 and my party starts at seven and i am just so anxious to see kensley. She is the one i want to see walk through my front door the most. I just really hope she comes because when she does she will have the best night of her life!!!!


Kensley's P.O.V.: 

I look through my closet and it's now 6:00 and the party starts at 7:00. I try and rush to find something cute to wear finally i find this black strapless dress and it has sequence all over it but it will have to do for the party. I rush and put some light makeup on and brush my blonde curls to the side not doing anything with it. I check the clock and it's 7:05 and i can already hear music blasting! I want to wait a while before i show up becuase i want harry to get anxious and with that i go downstairs to talk to my mom and the first words to come out of her mouth were " YOU LOOK STUNNING"

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