I'm Comin' Out.

Sometimes people come out before they're entirely sure, others do it in a spontaneous and extremely OTT way.. Thought I'd write a controversial poem about it.


1. I'm Comin' Out.

I want to make one thing perfectly crystal, 
I am in no way a homophobe, a hater of same sex love. 
People judge what others say, but still
Think that they should never be judged when they speak. 
Sometimes people accept their callings, they like this gender, 
Or that person, or object, or anything at all. 
I'm unsure how to continue, but let's take a gander
At stating the obvious; this is all way too much. 
Social networks are pivotal at this point, they say,
Teens are able to put thoughts across easily. 
'I'm gay', 'I'm bi,' but if it's all the same
To you, I'm going to call utter bull. 
You're fouteen, fifteen, and you think that it's time
To call out your calling to a bunch of kids? 
Judgemental people are the most outspoken, 
And really, they're going to jump at the chance. 
Ridicule is inevitable, and then when you decide
To withdraw your previous statement of thought, 
You're suddenly straight, right? Good one right there. 
What was the point when you gave them the chance to
Call you a faggot, a batty, 'insert cruel name here'? 
They love the ability to control you and your feelings, 
But do you love that just as much they do? 
Think before you suddenly sing to a crowd
Look out, 'I'm comin' out!' 

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