My assessment for my school grades :D enjoy the story!
Jade is a 16 year old girl who got washed up on Kitterland. She loses everything, including her beloved best friend Victoria. Can she possible survive?



6. Three Years Later


Three years later, and I'm still on Kitterland. I have a new buddy called Selena. Well, technically, she is not a human, she is the seal I first stroked three years ago. Life have changed a lot since. I learnt how to make clothes using the things I could find. I built a big den from sticks I found lying around. I still miss Victoria terribly, but I learnt to manage with the pain everyday. I miss my old life, I miss listening to music before I went to sleep, I miss being able to eat whatever I want, whenever I want. I miss going on Twitter and talking to other One Direction fans. I miss my family. I miss my friends. I missed Victoria's parents. And most of all, I missed Coco. My niece must be two by now, as my much older sister who was 19 when I left my hometown in Mullingar, was pregnant. I knew it was a girl, and I remember promising to my sister that I would visit her and my niece every week, but I broke that promise. A clapping sound interrupted my thoughts, and I look at Selena clapping with a fish in her mouth. I laugh, and take the fish from her mouth, "Our dinner for tonight!" I cheer, and I set off to cook the fish on a homemade fire I started this morning.

The first thing I would do if I arrived home, I would go straight on the computer to see if One Direction was still together, and listen to the songs they released during the years I was gone. The second thing I would do after listening to the songs is that I would go on my Twitter and just spend hours on it talking to old friends and reading One Direction tweets and following everybody in my followers list. After that, I would go to my bedroom and stare at my posters, then write letters to many of my family members and friends, including One Direction.

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