My assessment for my school grades :D enjoy the story!
Jade is a 16 year old girl who got washed up on Kitterland. She loses everything, including her beloved best friend Victoria. Can she possible survive?



3. The Last Phone Call



“Mum?” I say into my phone. “Hello sweetie! Have you arrived in Liverpool yet?” Mum replied. “No, Victoria and I are stuck in a desert somewhere. Well, it’s just me actually,” I mumble in an upset tone. “I’ll send somebody to get you. What’s happened to Victoria?” Mum whispered back. “Victoria coughed up blood and she just..... Died, I didn’t know what to do to help her,” I mutter, and I heard that Mum had started to sob. “Oh, I don’t know what to say. You’re all alone! Don’t worry, I will come and get you as soon as possible,” Mum said through sobs. “I have to go. My phone is dying! Bye mum,” I say, punching my phone to get it to stay alive. “Bye-bye, see you soon!” she replies just before my phone died. I mutter angrily and I was just about to throw my phone into the sea but then I remembered that there were many photos of Victoria and me, and many texts from Victoria that I wanted to treasure. I put my phone back into my pocket, and I covered Victoria’s body up again with the soil around her. Picking up the same stick I used to dig Victoria’s grave, I dug a small, mobile phone sized grave and I placed my phone in the grave, to keep it safe. I wished that I had an iPhone with me right now, because life would be so much less lonely with a good, working phone with a long lasting battery.

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