My assessment for my school grades :D enjoy the story!
Jade is a 16 year old girl who got washed up on Kitterland. She loses everything, including her beloved best friend Victoria. Can she possible survive?



7. Reunited With My Dearest Niece


"What is that?" I ask Selena, pointing to a ship passing nearby Kitterland. Selena looked at the ship, then at me with her inky black beady eyes. She yapped happily, and clapped. I looked at her in confusion, then at the ship. I could see somebody waving madly, and I wave back awkwardly. The ship soon landed at the beach at the bottom of the cliff where I found Selena, and I ran down to see who it was. "Jade!" my sister called, jumping out of the ship. "Ariana!" I scream, and I ran into her arms, hugging each other. "What happened?" she sobbed, still hugging me. "Tori and I got shipwrecked then she died and I lived with Selena here for three years," I summarized the last three years. "Selena? Who's that?" she asks in confusion, frowning. "Her," I reply, pointing to Selena behind me. Selena yapped again, and clapped happily. "She's cute. Also, I brought Niamh, your niece. I named her for you, because it would remind you of Niall Horan and Liam Payne," Ariana told me, grinning. I laugh, and smile, "You named her after Niam Horayne? For me? Thank you so much!" I said, hugging her again.

I heard a little voice shout, "Auntie Jade!" and a pair of little arms hugged my thigh. Boy, Niamh was really small! I laugh again and hugged her. "Nice to meet you too!" I whisper into her ear. She looked up at me, and asked, "Can I stroke the seal?" and her eyes darted to Selena. I nodded and she ran towards Selena. Niamh was happy stroking Selena and Selena was happy to be loved. "She is two or three now, right?" I say, looking at Ariana. "Three. She was born a month after you left Mullingar." she answers, then she hugged me. "Can we take Selena with us home? Please mummy?" Niamh asked Ariana, and she chuckled. "Of course, we can find a zoo nearby for her to live," Ariana replies, stroking Selena.

We all got on the boat, and with Niamh endlessly stroking Selena, we were having fun. I couldn't believe I was gone for three years, I would have lost count of days if it wasn't for the apple tree near my den. I wrote the date it was everyday on the bark of the tree. I couldn't wait to arrive home and be back in my One Direction themed bedroom. I was 18 by the time Ariana rescued me and Selena was four. I remember her when she was one year old. So small and fragile. Life is blissful and living in Kitterland taught me to be grateful for everything I had.


The End

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