My assessment for my school grades :D enjoy the story!
Jade is a 16 year old girl who got washed up on Kitterland. She loses everything, including her beloved best friend Victoria. Can she possible survive?



5. Missing The Laughs


I missed Victoria terribly. I missed my family terribly. After a good night's sleep, I woke up remembering that it was 23rd January 2013. Damn, I was missing the release of One Direction's new music video for 'Kiss You'. Life is so harsh on me. Looking up, I spotted something red and round out of the corner of my eye. I look at it curiously, then I realized it was an ripe apple. Wow, it was really ripe and looked delicious. Running over to the apple that hung on a tree opposite my shelter tree, I leaped up and grabbed the apple. Juice running down my chin as I bit into the apple. It tasted like heaven, I usually didn't like apples but this tasted glorious. I decided that I would have a diet of apples and any other food I could find. As for drinking, I would have to suck the juice out of the apples. I wouldn't stay on this island for long, I would be gone before new apples has grown. Well, I think. My feet was really cold and I wished that I had my favourite sandy coloured ugg boots. I wished for a lot of things I missed; my bed because I felt really safe in it, my One Direction posters because I loved the fact that I was watched at all of the times and it made me feel safe, and most of all, I wished for my loosely fitting One Direction jumper. It always kept me warm and it made me feel safe and secure. A lot of things kept me feeling safe and secure.

Climbing up a tree, I was really bored on my own. So bored I wanted to die. I had nobody to keep me company, there were nothing in Kitterland to keep me occupied. Clambering down the steep cliff, I spotted some seals. I never have seen a seal in the wild, so it was pretty amazing. Slowly approaching one of the seals, my mouth was open in amazement. A hand of mine shot out and stroked the seal in front of me. It's skin was soft but slimy at the same time, which was amazing. I didn't expect it's soft skin. I knew how much Victoria would have loved this, stroking a wild seal. I wished she was with me right now, keeping me company. I also wished that I had Louis Tomlinson, the funny one of One Direction, with me right now. He was hilarious and I was sure he would keep me laughing till I fell asleep at night. I missed having somebody to talk to. I knew that both Louis and Victoria would listen to me blabbing on about some nonsense.

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