The Letter

The letter was the beginning.


8. Return to sender

“Goodnight Glasgow!” The crowd screamed back at Gerard as he blew one final kiss into the audience and moved off with the rest of the band. They could still hear the crowd screaming long after their microphone packs were removed and they were being hustled off stage. They all immediately moved towards the stage hands who held chilled bottles which were miles better than the warmed water they sipped throughout the set. Gerard ran ahead of the others to relieve one of venue staff of two bottles and grinned cheekily at the others. Mikey had no problem swerving the others and claimed one for himself while Bob simply had to shove Frank aside to pick up two for him and Ray. Ray gave him a small smile which was quickly covered by Bob’s lips, the sweat from the set still fresh of their faces.

“Gee, gimme!” Frank stepped towards the now white blonde singer but Gerard only moved into the dressing room. The others piled in, ready to free themselves of their uniforms and face paint while all Frank wanted was something to quench his thirst. Gerard lent teasingly against the wall, still high off the adrenalin from playing. He hid Frank’s water behind his back and turned, pretending to watch Mikey at the mirror, apparently oblivious to Frank’s careful steps towards him. Frank didn’t want to cross any of the boundaries that they had put in place but man, he needed that drink.

Gerard suddenly turned and fluttered his dark eyelashes in a way that should have made him look stupid but instead Frank decided, made him look positively fuck-worthy. With his make up all smudged with sweat and his throat glistening, Frank would have to be cautious about what would happen next. After shows, Gerard was always more relaxed but Frank didn’t want to do something they’d both regret later. So Frank gave him a chance, he honestly did. He held out his hand and waited.

“Please can I have my water babe?” Gerard tried to look innocent but couldn’t help the smirk that spread across his face.

“Come and get it … Babe.” He spoke mockingly, biting his lip and pulling his arms further behind his back so that his hips stuck out more in a very attractive way. Frank’s eyes must have glazed over because Gerard smiled wider. Did he not know what he did to Frank?

Frank had given him the chance, now they would both have to face any consequences. Frank slipped his arms around Gerard, watching the other’s face carefully for signs of discomfort but Gerard looked at peace teasing Frank. Frank reached further and brushed his leg up against Gerard’s, by accident, making Gerard moan a little. Frank’s eyebrow rose and before Gerard could do anything, Frank had stuck his thigh between Gerard’s legs, causing the singer to gasp louder. Frank heard the small bang and bent down, flashing Gerard a smile as he took a long gulp of water. He flicked his tongue out before turning to the mirrors.

“Hey,” his voice spoke out silkily, “I wasn’t done!”

Frank didn’t have time to fully turn around before he was pulled into a tight embrace. Gerard’s lips found his and begun to kiss him hotly. Frank didn’t care that they were probably getting some looks and even though it was by no means their first kiss, Gerard had initiated it which made it more meaningful somehow. Frank’s tongue licked at Gerard’s upper lip requesting entrance and Gerard gave in easily. Frank just let the hot sensation of Gerard’s mouth fill him up and nipped at Gerard’s lip hungrily.


The small sound made Frank move away instantly, his eyes looking for signs of pain. Maybe Gerard had been trying to get away and he hadn’t noticed. But Gerard just looked back doe eyed, his make up more fucked up than before and his lips red with the attention Frank’s teeth had been paying to them.

“I’m sorry. I thought you were-“Frank began but Gerard just kissed him lightly on the lips, shutting him up.

“It’s fine. Thank you,” Frank pressed their foreheads together and they breathed, Gerard staring straight into Frank’s eyes and not caring.

“Can we…” Frank moved off of Gerard’s body quickly, knowing the uncomfortable look that Gerard’s face had started to take on.

Frank kept his hand clutching Gerard’s, his tattooed fingers looking amazing against Gerard’s beautifully blank and pale ones; if he did say so himself.

“Is this okay?”

Gerard beamed at him, his white teeth gleaming and he looked so blissfully happy in that moment that Frank’s fingers began to itch for a camera. He wanted to keep this moment for ever.

“This is perfect.” Frank’s fingers were given a small squeeze.

“You’re perfect.” Gerard gushed at that, biting his lip in the way that Frank loved.

“I love you, Frankie.”

“Love you too, Gee.”

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