The Letter

The letter was the beginning.


3. Caution

“We’ll find him. I promise you, we’ll find him!”

Frank couldn’t help but flinch under Ray’s sympathetic touch and move away, trying to block out his kind words. Because though they were true (how many places were there to hide in one town?), he was still worried. Mikey and Bob had gone in one direction, he and Ray in another. Though Ray had been sorry to leave Bob, it didn’t take a genius to realise that neither Frank nor Mikey where going to capable of must more than driving their cars over a bridge. The way Frank was feeling, that idea didn’t seem too bad at all. He’d done that to Gerard. He’d broken him, indefinitely.

“We’ll find him.” Ray seemed to be trying to reassure himself more than Frank who could do little more than gaze out into the rain, watching the raindrops swirl idly down the window, meshing together and twirling some long ago forgotten dance, taunting Frank in their couplets.

“We’ll-“Ray began but Frank had had enough.

“Yes, we’ll find him. Lying in some gutter, sick down his shirt. Because don’t lie to me and say that’s not where he’s gone. Because you remember just how bad he got before. Don’t tell me you don’t!”

 His words were pointless; he knew that that’s what Ray had been thinking anyway. His sobs weren’t going to help Gerard now but he needed to let that out. He could be strong for Gerard; at least he’d thought he could. Seeing Gerard shatter into a million pieces, seemed to have broken him too.

“Frankie, I –“Ray was almost glad when his phone sounded, knowing that no words could have made anything any better.

“Okay, we’re coming.”

Ray’s eyes were bright as they found Frank’s in the sudden brightness of the overhead street light. He tried not to get his hopes up, really he did, but Frank noted that Ray swallowed slightly before bearing his usual toothy grin.

“They’ve found him.”

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