The YouTube Direction

Megan Horan is Niall Horan's sister. But she has her own claim to fame. She is a successful YouTuber. She's friends with all the other legends of YouTube like JacksGap, Danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, MarcusButlerTV, PointlessBlog etc. But no one knows that Megan is related to Niall as they agreed not to speak of each other. When Megan reaches 1 million subscribers she asks Niall for a favour. To tell the world they are related. He agrees and together, they make a video announcing the Horan siblings. Little did they know that, that would open up the floodgates. Hate from One Direction fans and her own fans, Trying to keep her relationship with a fellow YouTuber and Keeping her best friends. Can she do it? Read to find out.


7. Chapter 7 - Megan

After dessert, we all thank our waitress and I pull my purse out. Niall must have the same idea as he pulls out his wallet. I hold up my hand to him in protest.

"Nope. I'm paying." I tell him. He shakes his head and replies with,

"Megs, I'm paying."

"No, I'm paying!" I reply, raising my voice louder than before.

"No, I am!" Niall replies, raising his voice like me. We go back and forth like this for about five minutes. I get up in Niall's face, trying in intimidate him but as he's slightly taller than me, it fails.

A cough interrupts our little sibling spat. I turn and see the One Direction boys leaning against each other and the waiting podium while my friends all stand staring at us. I can immediately tell that Dan was the one that coughed.

"What?" I ask.

"Can we go? Alex just texted, asking how long we were gonna be as it's getting late and he and Charlie are getting bored at home." Carrie tells me.

"Sure, we can leave just as soon as this eedjit here lets me pay." I tell them.

"We've already payed, Megan." Dan tells me. I look at them and see some of them slipping their wallets into their jean pockets.

"What?!" I exclaim. "That completely ruined my plan of showing my dear brother that I can look after myself and I don't need him to look after me and tell me what to do." I walk over to Joe and slip under his arm, his hand resting on my shoulder. I lean my head against him as we all walk out. "So do you guys have a car or are you going run after our car like your fans?" I ask Niall, turning to look at him from under Joe's arm.

"Me, Louis and Harry came in Harry's car and Liam and Zayn are in Zayn's." Niall tells me.

"Okay, we're in two cars too. Me, Carrie and Joe are in my car while Marcus, Alfie, Dan and Phil came in Marcus'." I tell them. "So, everyone can follow my car." I retrieve my car keys and walk to my car. I wave to the boys and call "See ya soon!" I climb into the driver's seat of my car while Joe climbs into the passenger seat and Carrie climbs into the backseat.

I slip the keys into the ignition and turn it, the engine coming to life. I reverse out of the car park and drive along the street. Three sets of headlights follow behind the car like ghosts through the dull of the night. Soon, I turn onto mine and Carrie's street and park the car at the side of the road outside the house. Three cars pull in behind me and I turn the engine off. I pull my keys out and slip them into my bag before exiting the car.

The lights behind the curtains are on, letting me know that either Alex and Charlie have set up and are waiting or that there's a burglar in the house. I walk up the path and look behind me, Niall and the boys are leaving their cars, following me up the path. I try the door handle and the door swings open.

"Alex? Charlie?" I call, wanting to make sure I can cross-off the burglar option.

"Yeah?" Alex calls back.

"Okay, just checking you ain't burglars or something." I tell them, walking towards the living room. A stampede of footsteps follow behind me. When I make it through the arch, I spot a few microphones on stands in the middle of the room along with two amps at either side of the room.

"Is this alright?" Charlie asks, getting up from the sofa. I nod.

"Perfect." I tell him.

"Why'd you want mics set up, anyway?" Charlie asks as Carrie walks in and heads straight to Alex. 

"I need to hear One Direction sing together." As if on cue, the boys walk in.

"Can we get a fill-in?" Alex asks.

"Niall's my brother." I tell him. "Oh, boys," I start, realizing they may not know Charlie and Alex. "This is Charlie and Alex, two good friends of mine."

"Nice to meet you." Charlie says, raising his hand in a slight wave greeting to the boys.

"Likewise." Niall says. I look at him and know that in his head he's thinking 'Who the hell are you?'. An awkward silence engulfs the room.

"So, what song are you gonna sing?" I ask, trying to defuse any tension.

"What about 'Live While We're Young'?" Harry asks.

"Okay, Do you need backing music?" Carrie asks them. "Cause I can get it on my laptop." She suggests.

"Nah, we'll be fine." Liam says. 

They all walk to the mics and adjust them to the right heights. The rest of us sit down around the room. Me on Joe's lap and Charlie and Carrie on Alex's lap on one sofa. Marcus, Alfie, Dan and Phil on the other one. Joe wraps his arms around my stomach and hugs me from beneath. Carrie leans against Alex's chest. The boys all huddle, talking and discussing something amongst themselves. Then they all stand behind the microphones; Harry and Louis at one mic, Liam and Niall at another and Zayn at his own mic. 

"Hey girl I'm waiting on ya, waiting on yaCome on and let me sneak you out" Liam begins. The boys continue, singing the song that I've heard on the radio a couple of times.

They're actually really good. Better than I thought they'd be. I can still clearly hear Niall's voice over the others' when they sing but all in all, they sound pretty amazing. 

When they finish, Alfie and Marcus are close to crying while everyone else claps. I hop up from Joe's lap and run to Niall. I hug him. 

"That was awesome!" I exclaim. I pull away from the hug and say "While the hell did you not come first place? The world must be more insane than me!" 

"Eh," Zayn starts, "I doubt we'd be where we are today if we came first. Coming third gives a bit of a story but it's not like we cared. We were just happy to have made 4 new brothers and have gotten so far in the competition." I nod, understanding. 

"But still, I can see why so many girls adore you." 

"Are you becoming a Directioner, Meg?" Dan asks from the sofa where he's still seated.

"A what, now?" 

"A Directioner? Someone who loves One Direction so much that, that's what their life revolves around." Dan explains.

"Nope. I'll become a fan but my life will not revolve round them. No offence, guys." I tell them. 

"None taken." They all reply in sync, creeping me out a bit.

We all talk for hours and hours until Liam remembers about a meeting to record some new songs the boys have tomorrow or really later on as when he remembers, it's about three in the morning.

"You're welcome to stay here. All of you. It may be a bit of a squeeze but you're welcome to." I tell them. Joe agrees and joins me and Carrie on the other side of the room. It feels like picking teams in P.E. at school. Marcus and Alfie agree to stay too. Alex and Charlie stay as they have to get the mics and amps back to their house. But Dan and Phil head off, saying that it's not too far for them to head home. I turn to my brother and his band. "And you?"

"We might as well stay, no idea who's out at this time." Harry says.

"Yeah, don't want to get kidnapped by a crazed fan-girl who'll shave off Harry's precious curls to sell on eBay." Louis jokes.

"Right so that's Joe, Alex, Charlie, Marcus and Alfie and One Direction staying the night." I count each person off on my fingers. "10 people plus Carrie and myself all staying in a small three-bedroom-ed house." I sigh. "Carrie, help."

She laughs and begins assigning people to rooms. "Alex, Charlie and myself can stay in my room. Megan, you and Joe can stay in your room. But no funny business, okay? Remember there's other people in the house. Marcus and Alfie, are you alright sleeping on the sofas?" They nod. "Great and then, you boys," She points to my brother and his friends. "You can stay in the guest room. There's a double bed in there and there's plenty space surrounding on the floor, if your backs can cope with the low-class sleeping accommodation."

"It's fine." Zayn says.

"Okay, I'll get the blankets from the cupboard and any spares I have in my room. Megan, you got any in your room?" She asks me.

"I might have a few." I reply, thinking whether I have any. 

"Right, get them and return here to hand them out." I mock-salute and jog off to my room. I manage to find 2 blankets that could be used. I walk back to the living room and see that most people have a blanket. Niall, Marcus and Alfie are the only ones without one.

"I managed to find 2 that I'm willing to part with for a while." I report. I pass one to Marcus and one to Niall.

"What about the ones you won't part with?" Niall inquires.

"I've still got Gran's blanket. You know the one she made me?" I tell him. He nods, knowing that no matter what I will never ever trust anyone to hold it let alone use it.

"What if I slept in your room and used it?" I consider it, thinking that I trust Niall enough because he's kept his safe. I know because last time I visited Ireland, I stopped by the old family home and went sneaking through his room like any nosy older sister would do. When I was sneaking, I found the blanket that Gran gave to him. 

"Yeah, I'd trust you with it." I tell him.

"Then it's settled." Carrie says. "Goodnight everyone." Niall passes the blanket I gave him to Alfie and follows me and Joe to my room.

Joe sits on the bed as I dive under it.

"Scared of the cupboard monsters, again?" Niall asks, obviously he just walked in to seeing me half under the bed, half out.

"Cupboard monsters?" Joe asks. 

"Yeah, til she was about 15, she always had me check the cupboard for monsters before bed or she'd hide under the bed." Niall explains.

"Shut up!" I call to him, searching through the darkness under my bed. Eventually I find the box. I pull it out from under the bed and join Joe sitting on it. 

The glossy pine wood is slightly dusty but a quick wipe with my sleeve and it's gleaming again. I flick up the latch and open it. The blanket is on top of everything else, acting like a second barrier. I pull it out, still folded up. I close the box and secure the latch before passing the blanket to Niall who carefully unfolds it. I pass him a spare pillow from my bed and he lies down, resting his head on the pillow and wrapping himself up in the old blanket.

I grab my pajamas and nip into the bathroom which is surprisingly free considering theirs 10 guys and 2 girls here. I strip and change into my pajamas before brushing my teeth and then brushing my hair and putting it into a loose side plait. I return to my room and see Joe under the duvet lying, looking half-asleep.

I switch the light off and climb into the bed with Joe. He wraps his arms around me and I sigh contently, leaning against him. I fall asleep quickly. Feeling safe with Joe behind me and knowing that my brother is on the floor at my feet.

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