The YouTube Direction

Megan Horan is Niall Horan's sister. But she has her own claim to fame. She is a successful YouTuber. She's friends with all the other legends of YouTube like JacksGap, Danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, MarcusButlerTV, PointlessBlog etc. But no one knows that Megan is related to Niall as they agreed not to speak of each other. When Megan reaches 1 million subscribers she asks Niall for a favour. To tell the world they are related. He agrees and together, they make a video announcing the Horan siblings. Little did they know that, that would open up the floodgates. Hate from One Direction fans and her own fans, Trying to keep her relationship with a fellow YouTuber and Keeping her best friends. Can she do it? Read to find out.


5. Chapter 5 - Megan

-Day Of The Dinner-

I walk up to the podium where a waitress stands.

"Excuse me?" I ask, my friends behind me continue their little conversations.

"Yes? How can I help you?" She asks, her honey-coloured hair is tied up in a ponytail.

"I've got a table booked. Under the name, Megan McDonald." I report. She looks at a screen on the podium and taps in the name.

"Of course, Table for 12? Is that right?" I nod and she smiles, collecting 12 menus. "If you'd like to follow me, Miss McDonald." I nod once again and motion to the others to follow.

"Psst." Phil whispers in my ear.

"What?" I ask, turning to look at him as I follow the waitress.

"Is that your last name?" He looks innocent and I simply shake my head.

"Nope. Not McDonald." I tell him. His face falls slightly. "But you'll know it by the end of the night." He smiles quickly and hangs back to walk with Dan.

Joe takes Phil's place and walks alongside me, slipping his arm round my waist. I smile and rest my head against his shoulder. We reach the table and Joe moves ahead, pulling my chair out before the waitress can. I smile and peck his cheek before slipping into the seat. Joe smiles and takes the seat next to mine as the others claim a seat each.

"So, what can I get you to drink?"

"Could I have a blackcurrant squash, please?" I ask, pausing for a moment so she can write before adding, "No ice." 

"Course." As she goes around the table, getting everyone's drink order, I pull my phone out.

I see a text from Niall and quickly open it.

FROM: MyHungryBrother,Nialler

MESSAGE: Nearly there. Cya in a bit.

I smile and see that he sent it a couple minutes ago. I look up and see everyone scanning their menus. I do the same but I keep looking up to check if they're here yet. 

As everyone picks there food and begins to have their own conversations, I hear Niall talking to the waitress. I zone out of my own group's voices and listen to Niall.

"Hi, We're here to meet someone, or someones?" Niall asks the waiter at the podium.

"Name?" He asks, look down at the screen, then back at him. I sneak a glance at the boys and see they're all covered up, dark shades, hoodies and beanies or snapbacks.

"Uh.. Megan?" He tries. I then remember that I didn't tell him what name the table was booked under.

"Last name?" The waiter asks.

"I'm not sure, are there any Megan's at all?" Niall tries. 

"There's a Megan McDonald? Is that it?" The waiter asks.

"Yeah, I think so."

"Alright, follow me." 

I smile and turn back to my friends. "Guys." I gain their attention and I feel all their gazes on me. "I have 5 special guests coming tonight, and I think they're just coming." I look round and see the waiter nearing the table, the 5 boys in tow. The waiter shows the boys to the table and they all take a seat.

"Marcus? Alfie?" I ask, looking to the two boys sitting slightly round the table from me. They look from the boys to me.


"You both like One Direction, don't you?"

The replies come as "Course!" and "Yeah, they're so amazing!".

"Well..." I turn to the 5 boys who just arrived. "You guys gonna stay cooped up like that for the whole dinner or are you gonna show yourselves?" 

The boys look to each other quickly before nodding to each other and pulling the glasses and hoodies off. 

Everyone around the table's mouths fall open at the sight of One Direction at the table. Alfie and Marcus begin fangirling in the corner while the others turn to me with confusion on their faces.

"Okay, before you guys bombard me with questions, let me speak." Just as I finish speaking, Harry hits Louis' shoulder.

"Ow! Haz, What was that for?" Louis asks, turning to Harry.

"Don't you recognise her?" 

"No, should I?" Comes Louis' reply.

"It's NerdyNinja! Megan!" Realization washes over Louis', and the other boys', faces when they see it.

"It is!" Then the four boys turn to Niall, asking question upon question.

"Guys." I say, slightly louder than normal. They don't listen. "Guys!" I say louder still. Again, they don't listen. "GUYS!" I shout at them, gaining their attention along with the attention of the rest of the restaurant.

"Sorry." I apologise to the restaurant. "Okay, listen closely and Niall and I shall explain everything to you." I tell them. "If you interrupt or speak over us, you'll never know and both of us will be out of all of your lives forever." I threaten. Niall's eyes widen as he has no knowledge of this.

Everyone shuts up and looks between me and Niall, waiting patiently for our explanation.

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