The YouTube Direction

Megan Horan is Niall Horan's sister. But she has her own claim to fame. She is a successful YouTuber. She's friends with all the other legends of YouTube like JacksGap, Danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, MarcusButlerTV, PointlessBlog etc. But no one knows that Megan is related to Niall as they agreed not to speak of each other. When Megan reaches 1 million subscribers she asks Niall for a favour. To tell the world they are related. He agrees and together, they make a video announcing the Horan siblings. Little did they know that, that would open up the floodgates. Hate from One Direction fans and her own fans, Trying to keep her relationship with a fellow YouTuber and Keeping her best friends. Can she do it? Read to find out.


4. Chapter 4 - Niall

I walk back into the house and shout out a hello to the boys. I skip up the stairs and pull my hoodie off. I drop it to the floor in the corner of my room where a growing pile lies.

I'm sad that I didn't get to see Megan. It's been years since I've properly seen her without a computer screen between us. Even though she's older than me, she's always been one of my best friends. When Greg teased me and annoyed me, Megan would attack him and lock him in her cupboard til he was sorry which often meant that Greg was locked in her cupboard for hours at a time. 

I once remember going down for dinner with Megan and sitting at the table when we were asked "Where's Greg?". Megan had locked Greg up sometime before lunch and after locking him in, we went outside and kicked a football around. We had completely forgotten about Greg. Megan had never run so fast to her bedroom in her life. She let Greg out and he pounced on her, pinning her to the floor. 

After a telling off, Greg released Megan and we all ate our dinner. Megan quicker than everyone else. Once she was finished she ran away from Greg and sat in her room til I told her when Greg left to go to his friend's house for the night. We then spent the rest of the night watching films and pigging out on the sofa, laughing about Greg.

I sit on my bed and pull my laptop open. I log onto Skype and see the Megan's not online. I sigh and open a new tab where I log onto Twitter. I read a couple of tweets and follow a few fans. The day is rather uneventful. 

-4 Hours Later-

I lazily sweep my finger through my bleached hair and sigh. I've finally run out of things to do. But to my luck, the Skype ring echoes through my room. I see that it's Megan and quickly accept the call.

"Hey Megs." I call through the mic, clicking the 'Camera' button, turning the webcam on. 

Megan's camera comes on and I see her smile at me. "Hey Niall. You alright?"

"Yep." I tell her. "So, Are you 100% sure about telling the world?" 

Megan nods. "Yes. I know that I've got true fans who like me for me and not because of my family and I don't want to keep lying to my friends." 

"Alright, let's do it." I say. "But before we film, could you do me one little favour?" 

"Of course, anything." 

"Could you meet the boys? Before they find out that we're related?"

"Sure. How about we go out for something to eat?"

"Alright. When?"

"How about Friday?" She suggests, meaning in 2 days.

"That's fine. Where?"

"I'll set it all up. And do you mind if I bring a friend or two along? You know, so I'm not completely alone. Also, there's some people I'd like to know the 'secret' first."

I nod, "Sure. Who do you want to tell?"

"Well, I know I want to tell Carrie, Dan, Phil and I have to tell my boyfriend, Joe."

"Your boyfriend?" I ask, slightly taken aback.

"Yeah, I'm dating a YouTuber called Joe. I'm friends with his sister and he's really cool. You can check him out through his videos if you want, his username's ThatcherJoe."

"Okay, I still need to give him my blessing." 

"Whatever, Niall. But there's two other guys I'd like to invite, if that okay? They're fans and I think they'd like to meet you." She explains.

"Okay, cool. Invite whoever you want, so I'll meet you at the restaurant in couple days?" 

She nods and pulls out her phone. She taps the screen a few times before looking back to me. "Okay, I better find a good restaurant and make sure everyone can come so I'll talk to you later?"

"Yep, see ya, Megs." 

"Bye." She smiles and disconnects the call. I get up from my bed and jog downstairs.

"Guys?" I call out.

"In here." Louis replies from the living room. I walk into in the room and see that they're watching Ted on the Blu Ray player. I reach down and pick up the remote from the table and pause the film, much to the protests of my friends around me.

"What was that for?" Zayn whines, looking at me.

"I have to tell you to cancel any plans you have for Friday evening."

"Why?" Harry asks.

"Cause I have someone that you all have to meet." 

"Really? And who's so important that I'll have to cancel meeting up with Perrie?" Zayn asks. I feel slightly bad because Perrie's been away on tour and he hasn't seen her in a while so he must be missing her.

"I can't tell you too much but I will tell you that she's a she. She's close to my heart and she really wants to meet you." I say, trying to be as vague as I can.

"I still don't see why I have to cancel my plans with Perrie for it." Zayn sighs.

"It's just going out for dinner so you can meet her afterwards." I tell him, trying to compromise. "Please?" I practically beg them all.

"Okay, I had no plans." Harry reports.

"Me either, I was probably just going to call Eleanor on Skype and talk for a while." Louis says.

"I'm in." Liam says with a nod.

We all look to Zayn who remains quiet. I silently pleat with my eyes, staring him down.

He sighs loudly and runs a hand through his hair. "Fine."

"Yay! Thanks guys." I start to make my way out the room when Liam calls to me.

"Where we going? Is it formal or...?" He looks to me for the answer.

"Dunno, She's planning it but when I know, I'll tell you." They nod and Louis presses 'Play', starting the film up again.

I dash upstairs, to ask Megan the dress code.

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