The YouTube Direction

Megan Horan is Niall Horan's sister. But she has her own claim to fame. She is a successful YouTuber. She's friends with all the other legends of YouTube like JacksGap, Danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, MarcusButlerTV, PointlessBlog etc. But no one knows that Megan is related to Niall as they agreed not to speak of each other. When Megan reaches 1 million subscribers she asks Niall for a favour. To tell the world they are related. He agrees and together, they make a video announcing the Horan siblings. Little did they know that, that would open up the floodgates. Hate from One Direction fans and her own fans, Trying to keep her relationship with a fellow YouTuber and Keeping her best friends. Can she do it? Read to find out.


12. Chapter 12 - Niall

Once Megan had told us to get lost (That's the gist of what she said), I took Joe out to show him around. It had been at least a year since I'd been back home so it was good to be back. Joe seemed to be interested in what I was telling him but he also seemed kind of distant, like he was trapped in his own thoughts. 
"Are you alright?" I asked him. He snapped out of his thoughts and looked to me.
"Yeah, course. Why?"
"It's nothing, you just seemed kinda distant like your body was here but your mind was somewhere else." 
"Oh, I'm just thinking." I nodded in understanding and looked at where we had ended up. 
A smile crossed my face as I realised where we were. We stood on a slightly cracked bit of pavement that was next to a small patch of grass that had a small round-a-bout, a large oak tree that had a home-made swing attached to a lower branch, a see-saw which didn't quite look safe and concrete skate-ramp area.
"This is the park that me and Megan used to come to as kids." I told Joe. He looked around the run-down park. "Obviously it was in a better state back then but this place does have a lot of good memories." I walked forward towards the round-a-bout. "I once sprained my wrist on here. Megan was pushing me and I kept asking to go faster and Megan, being the good big sister that she was, did so but then I lost my grip on the bar and went flying. Megan took all responsibility when we got home even though I tried to say it was me." Joe chuckled.
"Yep, that sounds like Megan. Stubborn and determined til the end." He stated and I nodded in agreement.
"Of course, they believed Megan over me and she got in a lot of trouble for not looking after me properly and she was grounded for a week. I stayed with her though. Every day, I sat with her in her room and waited out the punishment, knowing that it was really my fault." 
I left the round-a-bout and went to the skate-ramps and sat down, dangling my legs over the edge. Joe soon joined me.
"This was where Megan first broke her arm." I casually mentioned. "Greg was showing off how he could do all these awesome tricks on his skateboard and then when Megan asked for a go on his board to practice he said no, saying that she'd break it." I remembered standing to the side, watching them argue over the board. "Then that night, she took it while Greg was asleep and we both came here with torches. She tried to do a trick and ended up falling and breaking her arm. I think that was the first time I'd ever seen her cry. She was crying out so loud. I ended up running home to get Dad."
"It sounds like your close with Megan." Joe commented.
"Yeah, we were best friends, growing up. Then she went off to University to get her Teaching Degree and I auditioned for the X Factor."
"How often to you get to see her?"
"Not enough." I admit with a sigh.
Joe's about to speak when my phone bleeps. I sigh and pull it out. 
I open the message and see it's from Megan
FROM: Megsie, MyWeeSister
MESSAGE: Hey, where are you guys? Are you coming home for lunch?
"It's Megan asking where we are. I'll tell her that we're just heading back now." I tap out the message before standing up and putting the phone away. 
Joe follows and together, we walk back home in silence.
When we enter the house, a shout immediately rings out, "Niall? Joe? 'S that you?"
"Well, who else would it be?" I retort.
"I dunno, an axe-wielding murderer, maybe?" She calls back before there's the sound of footsteps and then a Megan landing in front of us at the bottom of the stairs.
"And you just thought you'd let them know where you are?" I questioned, walking past her to the kitchen to make myself lunch.
"Maybe." Megan says. I then hear the quiet sound of a kiss and grimace. Not the thing I want to hear before I eat; my sister making out with someone, even if it is her boyfriend. One they were finished, they followed me into the kitchen.  "Dad's just gone to get lunch. He's firing up the barbecue so it's burgers for lunch." 
I looked at Megan like she was mad. "You're letting Dad near that thing again?" I asked.
"Yeah, There's a new fire extinguisher so we should be fine if anything happens." Megan cuddled into Joe's side.
"Am I missing something?" He asked. 
"Nothing really, just last time we had a barbecue, Dad accidentally set his comedy apron on fire and ended up burning all the food. We had to order in pizza for lunch instead." Megan explained. "But don't worry, I've seen enough people hold barbecues without disaster that I should be able to keep everything safe and edible." 
I still wasn't convinced but I nodded anyway.
"Can't be any worse than that barbecue Dan and Phil had last year." Joe mentioned. Megan nodded and begun laughing madly. 
I quirked an eyebrow and looked to Joe who I hoped could explain.
"Dan took control of the barbecue which was a big mistake and it was lucky that we all survived without any serious injuries. It was at the beach and while the barbecue was being set up, Megan was carrying the food with Dan and Phil. Dan tripped on a pebble and fell into Phil who dropped his food with Dan. So half of the food was ruined but Megan still had hers. Then Dan started up the barbecue. He got distracted and all the food caught on fire."
Megan had begun to calm down now and she nodded along. "Yeah, then Phil had the brainwave of 'Let's put the fire out with the water guns and water balloons'! He began chucking the balloons about and then sprayed everyone with water."
"He did put the fire out though." Joe added in.
"Yeah but may I remind you that someone thought it was a good idea to add a bit of alcohol to the water guns so that they could have a drink while at the beach?"
"Oh yeah, I forgot about that." Joe scratched the back of his neck awkwardly.
"Well I didn't. Phil didn't know and squirted the water guns on the nearly out barbecue which then caused the flame to grow huge." Megan said, looking to me.
"What happened? Was everyone alright?"
"Oh, yeah we were all fine. A bit shocked and shaken but fine." 
"Hello?" Another voice called out. 
"Hi Dad." Megan called back. "Joe and Niall are back." 
Dad then walked in carrying two shopping bags. "I have the food so let's go and get out there and make our lunch." 
The day went on. We made burgers and sausages on the barbecue and as night fell, we lit a small bonfire and toasted marshmallows. We chatted idly until Dad went off to bed and it was just me, Joe and Megan again.
"Did you finish editing?" I asked.
"Yep, it's just waiting to be uploaded which I will do tomorrow when we're all here so you can be the first to see it."
Megan soon yawns and heads inside to bed. Joe hangs back and once he's sure that Megan's gone, he turns to me.
"Niall, I need your help."
"What with?"
Joe takes a moment to compose himself and he takes a few deep breaths. "Okay, this might sound sudden but I've know Megan for years." He closes his eyes and takes a large breath. "I want to propose to her." He gets out after a minute.
"Really?" I asked him, wondering whether he was being completely honest.
"Yes. I love her and I want to marry her." 
"That's great, but why do you need my help?" 
"I don't know how to ask, what kind of ring she'd like or even if she wants to marry me." Joe looks down, a small frown etched on his face.
"Trust me, she does. She loves you." He smiles like his hope's been restored, slightly. 
"Really? She does?"
I nod in response. "And honestly, wouldn't it be better to ask someone like Carrie? She lives with Megan so she must know. I only get to see her every few months and over Skype when I've got a bit of alone time." 
"I don't want Carrie accidentally telling Megan."
"Okay, you're staying for the rest of the week, right?" Joe nods, "Then how about tomorrow we all go to Dublin for the day and you and me can go off and find a jewellery shop?"
Joe nods, "Okay, yeah. That sounds good. Let's do it." 
"Alright, we better head in now. It's getting late." 
We both put out the last of the fire and then head inside, Joe to Megan's room and me to mine. 


Author's Note;

Hello. Long time no update. I apologise for this crap chapter. I feel like there's too much speech and looking back but here you go.

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