The YouTube Direction

Megan Horan is Niall Horan's sister. But she has her own claim to fame. She is a successful YouTuber. She's friends with all the other legends of YouTube like JacksGap, Danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, MarcusButlerTV, PointlessBlog etc. But no one knows that Megan is related to Niall as they agreed not to speak of each other. When Megan reaches 1 million subscribers she asks Niall for a favour. To tell the world they are related. He agrees and together, they make a video announcing the Horan siblings. Little did they know that, that would open up the floodgates. Hate from One Direction fans and her own fans, Trying to keep her relationship with a fellow YouTuber and Keeping her best friends. Can she do it? Read to find out.


10. Chapter 10 - Niall

"So you're really doing this?" Liam asks me for what feels like the zillionth time.

"Yes, Li. Megan wants to do this, so I'll do it. She's my best friend. She has been ever since we were little. I'd trust her with my life." I explain. I place a few more folded tops into my suitcase.

"I know, but have you ever thought that just maybe, Megan doesn't know what she's doing? She may be older but that doesn't specifically mean that she's smarter or wiser." Liam points out. I whip round, sending a small glare to my friend.

"Don't say anything bad about my sister, Liam." I threaten. I don't want to act like this but I can't stand it if anyone hurts her or insults her or says anything bad about her. 

"I'm not. I'm just saying that maybe she hasn't thought this through thoroughly enough." 

"Liam, just stop it, please." I zip up my suitcase before looking to him. "I don't want to have to kick your ass, Payne." I joke.

"Like you'd be able to." He jokes back.

"Oh yeah?" I lunge at him and tackle him to the ground. I straddle his stomach and sit. "Told ya, I'd kick your ass." I smirk before I hop off of my friend and hold my hand out to him. He grabs it and pulls himself up.

"Yeah, yeah. I let you do that. You do know that right?" 

"Sure." I tell him, disbelievingly. I double check that I have everything before pulling my suitcase off the bed and grab my carry-on bag. Liam grabs my suitcase and carries it downstairs for me. I thank him and say my goodbyes to the boys. I grab my suitcase and carry it outside where Paul is waiting in the van. I can't just wander into an airport myself nowadays because of all the fans that could mob me. I open the door and climb in, pulling my bags with me.

"Hi Paul." I greet. He nods in greeting and starts the car, driving towards the airport. 

We soon arrive and Paul opens the door for me. I thank him and hold my ticket in one hand while I carry my suitcase in the other. Paul walks ahead of me and I keep my head down, my snapback low and my ray bans on. I make it to the desk and hand over my ticket before thanking Paul again and dashing to the waiting room. 

About an hour later, my plane's called and I get onto the plane. I sit in the first class area as it's safer than the other areas. I plug in my earphones and play a bit of The Script as I look out the window. I lean against the window and close my eyes. I then drift off into a peaceful sleep.


A gentle hand shaking my shoulder, wakes me from my sleep. I open my eyes and see an air hostess.

"Sorry to wake you, sir. But we're going to be landing shortly." I nod and shake the sleep from my eyes. I sit up straight and turn my music off, putting my iPod back into my bag. I look out the window and smile, seeing the place that I grew up in. As the plane lands, I pull out my phone and switch of the flight mode. 

I grab my suitcase from the conveyor and call for a taxi. I stand outside, keeping my head down until I see my taxi arrive. I climb in and tell the driver my old address. I sit back and text the boys and Paul that I landed safely. I then sit and watch the Irish scenery as I pass. I smile at the memories that come back as we drive.

Just over an hour later, I see my old house. I thank and pay the driver before climbing out, taking my luggage with me. I walk up the path and push the door open.

"Hello?" I call into the house. I hear movement in the kitchen and I walk in. "Hey Dad." I greet, hugging him.

"Hi Niall, good flight?" He asks.

"Yeah, I slept for most of it so it was all fine." I tell him.

"That's good."

"Is Megan here yet?" I ask.

"No, sorry. Didn't she tell you when she was getting here?" He asks. I shake my head.

"I'm gonna go put my stuff in my room." Dad nods and I pull my suitcase into my old room. I smile at the memories and dump my suitcase in the corner of my room and sit down at the end of the bed. I lie back on the bed and feel something underneath duvet, making a square lump in the centre of the bed. I sit up and slide a hand under the duvet and pull out a blanket. The blanket like Megan's. That grandma made. 

I unfold it and stare at the patches. Each with a story. Each with a memory. Each meaning something special. Each showing a small but important event in my life. I trace my fingers over a few of the recent ones like the one with a large red 'X' with a guitar and a microphone to symbolise my auditioning for the X Factor. And another one with a large '1' and a 'D' to symbolise the band. 

I sigh and wonder when Megan's gonna get here. I pull out my phone and send her a text, asking her. 

To: Megsie, MyWeeSister

MESSAGE: Hey, where are you? When are you planning on getting home?

I press send and fold the blanket up again and place it at the end of my bed. Now to wait for my sister.

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