The YouTube Direction

Megan Horan is Niall Horan's sister. But she has her own claim to fame. She is a successful YouTuber. She's friends with all the other legends of YouTube like JacksGap, Danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, MarcusButlerTV, PointlessBlog etc. But no one knows that Megan is related to Niall as they agreed not to speak of each other. When Megan reaches 1 million subscribers she asks Niall for a favour. To tell the world they are related. He agrees and together, they make a video announcing the Horan siblings. Little did they know that, that would open up the floodgates. Hate from One Direction fans and her own fans, Trying to keep her relationship with a fellow YouTuber and Keeping her best friends. Can she do it? Read to find out.


1. Chapter 1 - Megan

"Yeah, so how are you, Megs?" My brother's Irish accent rings from my laptop speakers.

"I'm great. Been really busy but when am I not? What about yourself?" I reply, pulling the Skype app to the side of my screen so I can log onto YouTube while still speaking with my brother.

"Been busy too. Got the new tour coming up, new album, trying to reign in the boys when they muck about." 

"I thought that was... what's-his-name's job? Liam, is it?" I click onto the YouTube homepage and see what a few of my friends have posted. PJ's got a new one up. So has Dan... and Jack. And Louis. 

"Yeah, he's usually Daddy Direction but when he occasionally likes to act like a five year old like the rest of them, I take his job." Niall reports to me. I subconsciously nod as I click onto my latest video. "Are you even listening to me?" He asks. I ignore him, too busy reading a few of the comments. "MEGS!"

"What?!" I snap, looking to the image of my blonde-haired brother on the screen of my purple laptop. 

"You're not listening to me."

"Sorry, I was reading a few comments on my latest video. I barely have any time to read them and I don't want them to think that I don't care about them."

"Megs, they'd never think that."

"You don't know them Niall." I tell him, staring into the fuzzy-ish image at his eyes.

"But I know you, Megs. No one could ever say that you don't care for your fans." 

"Whatever, Niall." I say as a knock sounds from Niall's room. 

"Niall?" The voice of one of Niall's band mates sounds.

"One minute." Niall calls out. "I'll talk to you later, Megs."

"See ya." I mutter, clicking the end call button. I sigh as I click onto my channel and my eyes jump from their sockets at the sight I see.

1, 031,029


In disbelief, I rub my eyes. Over a million subscribers?! That's impossible. I reload the page multiple times, the number never changes. I keep double-checking that this is my channel, and it is. I have over a million subscribers. 

I don't notice the knock on my door or the tears on my cheeks until the door opens revealing my flatmate, Carrie. 

"Megan! What's wrong?" She shrieks, dashing towards me and perching on the edge of my bed before pulling me into a hug, my face buried in her curly blonde hair. "What's happened?" She pulls away from the hug and holds me at arms length. "Megs, Tell me what's wrong." 

"Nothing's wrong." I stutter out, my brain still in shock at the site. "It's just... Look at my channel." I point lazily to the screen of my laptop which has now gone into sleep mode from not being used. Carrie releases me and moves my wireless mouse, waking the laptop from it's nap. She skims over the web page and as soon as she spots it, she squeals and pulls me into another hug. The only difference is that this hug is a happy, congratulating hug whereas the last one was a comforting hug.

"Well done, Megs!" She says. "You did it. You've become a YouTube legend." I smile and pull away from her tight grip.

"I know, I just can't believe it. I mean I haven't really cared about how many people watch my videos, I just care that my fans are happy but now, it's quite intimidating knowing that over a million people watch the videos I make."

"I know. but just remember that you deserve them." Carrie tells me. "Now, I'm going to go and call all the YouTubers we know so we can throw you a congratulations party." I laugh and nod as she hurries out of the room to begin planning.

I gaze at the number on the screen and think for a minute. I'm going to have to make an amazing video to thank my fans. But what could I do? I wonder if I could tell them about Niall. Or would that just be asking for trouble? Maybe I should speak to Niall. I should probably tell him anyway.

I reach over to my bedside table and unplug my phone from it's charging cord. I unlock it before tapping the  'Messages' button and typing out a new message to Niall.

TO: MyHungryBrother,Nialler

MESSAGE: Hey Niall. Guess what! I got 1,000,000 subscribers on YouTube! 1 of my dreams has finally come true. I was actually crying. I have a favour to ask of you though. Text me ASAP please.

I press send and lie back on my bed. I stare at my plain white ceiling. I think about ideas for the new video and the party Carrie's planning, which will go all out if I know Carrie. I think about how my fans would react to learning about my family. When Jack reached 1,000,000, he filmed a jokey video about his twin brother Finn not being real. Lots of people believed it but a few didn't and figured out it was a joke. I've met the both of them, and I'm good friends with them both, so I know that Finn is definitely real. 

But would they believe that my brother's an international celebrity? Or would they think that I'm making it up, like what Jack did. Even if I had Niall in the video, doesn't mean that they're going to believe me. Will they think it's just a publicity stunt?

These questions fill my head as I mentally plan out the video ideas. 

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