well its a story about a girl called erin and louis!! might of took some ideas but its cause they are really good!!


3. chap 3

as soon as i went back to zayns i got in the shower and did my usual routine and got out to see zayn lying on the bed crying. i asked him whats wrong
"My sister was in a car crash."
although i have never met her i was still upset cause we had the ocasional talks now and again but this weekend i was gonna meet her but i guess now it will be sooner!

i kissed hum gentally so he will feel better but i knew that it wouldnt make him happy but it made him feel alot better.

"would you like to go tomorrow to see your sister?"
a/n sorry its really short and left it on a cliff hanger but please say what could happen next and anythin i can do better
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